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Exploring the Possibilities

And the world turns. February 25, 2011

I am most definitely aware of my deficiencies. I am also becoming more aware of where I am not so deficient, expecting myself to be good at it all less and less. Oooooh, but I’m a task master to my very own soul.

Oh Popeye….he am what I am what you are. I’m over half a century old and I’m just now getting that. Certainly some shifts and turns one should not work to so ardently pursue, but rather work, I feel, to blossom the areas that need to bloom.

I’d so much rather flower, bloom where I am planted, than work to replant my very nature.

It’s going to be an amazing year. Love, light, abundance and joy.

And so, ooooooh, SO it is. Just watch!

BB Webb


New Year, New Stories, New Intentions….the Works January 1, 2011

If you’ve been reading my blog awhile, you’ll know perhaps that one of MY favorite things, on this earthly planet, is time alone, snugged in my bed in the morning, computer on my lap and a cup of joe by my side. Learning to be by oneself, relish the moments, taking the time to be with yourself, is a gift for sure.

When I was in the ‘midst’ of graduating from high school, my very best friend at the time, (Liz is still one of my dearest), wrote me a lovely letter which though I’m not one to gather and collect such things, I somehow wish I still had. She wrote to me of the importance of learning to enjoy ones own company, the solitude, the peace, learning to live without the entertainment, company, distractions of others.

Brother Johnny!

I grew up the youngest of three children, brothers just older enough to not be a part of their ‘friend crowd’. When my parents divorced (I was 12) and my mother built an A Frame in the forest and my brothers were off to private school living elsewhere….I was the ‘only’ child. I came to love the company of my animals (we always had several and then, 2 dogs, a cat and 2 goats as I recall)! I’d take long treks in the field beyond the forest where we lived to walk in the violet patches, gather forest plants to make terrariums, bring my paints into the field, (followed by all my four footers) and paint what I saw in the distance.

My eldest brother Jeffery, presented with a photo of himself as a wee one!

These were I find later, important times and my dear friend Liz was correct, learning to be alone was an acquired skill and a gift.

I know as well the absolute gift of both friends and family.

I spent last evening in the company of another dear friend, Janice and her family and friends, eating Moroccan food, sipping wine and sharing stories. I consider this morning where I feel I want to spend my time in this new year. I have weathered some emotional, financial and business storms these last few years, enormously grateful for what that time has taught me. I am more certain of my own abilities and strengths and places where I choose not to tarry. I am less triggered by others, their thoughts of me, my choices or how I choose to live my life. And I feel a connection to heart, mine and the hearts of others in new ways.

I am clear of the opportunities presented to us daily to choose, choose to be right or loving, rested or weary, uplifted or defeated….it’s so clearly up to us. I am choosing some exciting movement for this new year, eager to share the fruits of both my creativity and labor. I envision fun, fond creations, love at every turn and enormous prosperity.

It’s a choice. So here we go.

I wish you all good, your hearts desire, the ability for you to listen to your heart and always, always, great love. For without love and the expression of our own innate creativity, however it is manifest, why heavens would we tarry a minute on this earth?!

Passion, peace, joy, creativity, love, fun and the fulfillment of our heart’s desire!

A New Year of the most delectable sorts to one and all. Go for it! Swiiiing it baby….do!!

With love,

BB Webb


Freedom……just another word? December 22, 2010

As I fly off to Montana looking ever higher. Ever higher.

Toward those untraveled roads.

Merry Christmas, or more simply, great peace, love and joy to you.

BB Webb


And so it goes…drip, drip, drip. November 28, 2010

One drip of consciousness into the next….our slow awakenings. Mine come slowly and then periodically, in solid and sudden bursts. BOOM! We see. We hear. We know. We know, on NO uncertain terms we see ourselves, our path anew. And the awkwardness of ambivalence and compromise leaves. The choice to love oneself becomes stronger than our ability to negotiate less.

And as I came to that realization this week in saying goodbye to one part of myself, I could feel my heart open in a new way…with love, acceptance and a compassion for all the differences I see within me from others, with others from me. There is no right or wrong REALLY, merely preferences. Preferences. We hold our pasts, our wounds so very closely until one day, with any luck, we don’t. And then the great yawn, the taking in of breath we didn’t know we had and suddenly our dance with life changes.

I’m all for expansion and possibility, but that’s an old song….energetically imbued in my soul…..I must merely remind myself from time to time…when I get caught up in my own forgetting, earth bound, when I’m not listening.

Choices and then more choices. And with choices….necessary losses, gain, discovery, always some heartache as we become attached to things we’ve enjoyed and loved. Yet, when the decision to move is correct we know it and despite the heartache that might go with it, we know, we know, anything less is in time intolerable. Still the heart hurts with these times of letting go.

I’ve experienced so many. From time to time I feel myself drawn back to a memory, perhaps it’s the ‘dream’ of what something more…more in terms of peace, fulfillment, ease. I’m beginning to trust myself more wtih each passing year, and these decades are mounting in this life of mine. I am trusting more the reasoning of my heart, if there could be such. It’s more the knowing of this strong and aging heart, what brings my passions to light.

Vigilant Ernie and Wylie Pete stand ready for whatever is next!

We have support around and within us which never leaves. We might forget, but it is ALWAYS there.

As a reminder of that, my earthly guardians protect me outside my window….ever vigilant, full of love. Or maybe they just want inside.

Don’t we all. Want inside. Inside what matters. Inside our own skins, living a personally authentic existence this time through?

I do. How heavenly to have a morning with the sun pouring in my window, strong coffee, the warmth of my furnance and me, just me for now. Time to breathe, to consider, to express gratitude for the people, opportunities and ‘things’ which grace my world. Surely. Surely and indeed.

With thanks and then more of it. Where EVER will this day take me….far and beyond and yet right here at home, inside myself.

Drip, drip, mouth watering drip!

BB Webb


And if you knew you were dying soon… November 16, 2010

How would you conduct your life?

We’ve all considered this, or pondered the thought at least momentarily.

I would fret so much less over the seeming big things which distract me, make me sad, frightened or upset.

I’d say ‘what the hell’. Honestly, ‘what the hell’. Who really cares, I’m gonna die soon anyhow.

How FREEING! And what keeps us from living that way? What stops us?

I am reminded that everything is always coming and going, coming and going.

I’d continue with what feels right, good and true. I’d spend less time thinking how to resolve situations with unreasonable, hurtful people. I’d participate much less with their anger and vintictiveness.

I’d free up oodles of time with so much less worry. I already take risks, but the risks I’d take now would be very different. Very different.

I’d worry not about the long term except in how it might impact those I love.

I’d consider exit strategies to certain parts of my life, tomorrow, instead of ‘a bit later’.

There is much more to say about all this, but for this moment, this will be enough, as I’m headed to my flannel sheets. I have some intentions to throw out into the ether.

You might expect to hear more on this topic…..soon.

For now….time to wake up….to stop giving energy to the dark energies, but embrace more, ‘the light’.

There is a huge difference. HUGE!!

Light it up baby…..light it up!



And then the net lifted. November 11, 2010

I’m enamored (is that the correct word this morning) with the process of being human on this planet. Enamored isn’t the best word, but it’ll have to do for the moment.

I felt a net lift from my myopic view of the world this week. Some things became crystal clear. And if not CRYSTAL clear, my lens was certainly cleared of some significant smudges.

We all react or act according in tandem with our world view and in concert with our past experiences, each of us working to make sense of things and let’s face it, to get what the hell WE want. I suppose it’s human nature.

If you’d been a reader of this blog for a week or a year, you’ll know I’m all about the process of expansion…by that I mean expanding what is possible, our thinking, our consciousness, what the hell we feel might give us (I suppose), happiness or peace.

I’m watchful of late on how people work to get what they feel THEY DESERVE and it’s often not (to me) pretty.

I believe in good manners, open hearts, graciousness and working to be understanding….though there are firm boundaries that MUST be put in place or as I have found, people will push for WAY beyond what to me is a decent or rather reasonable limit. I’m the first one to want to give a bit extra, it’s maybe how I was raised or just what I prefer…..but that stops abruptly when I feel someone is pushing beyond their due, (not a child, they’re still learning) but of note lately, what would seem like educated, reasonable adults.

I’m finding of late that sense of graciousness and generosity of spirit severely, most severely lacking. It makes me want to shut the door on humanity.

But clearly, that’s not my mission here on earth at this particular time, so I wake each morning considering how I’ll play out the day, handle the latest crisis or negotiate what I felt was VERY CLEAR TERMS with a client.

A friend of mine chides me playfully when I share my wanting to embrace ‘more, more, more’…..I don’t mean ‘more’ as in I want more ‘chips’ or stuff…..but new opportunities, peace, loving kindness, projects which fill my heart….and probably less of the things that are hurtful, stabbing, abrasive.

So two things happened this week….all a part of our perhaps etheric experience, as real to me as any piece of peanut buttered toast I might pick up and chew with coffee in the morning. A net was lifted, (there is so much possible) and a shield of sorts has been placed in my energetic field….I feel it. Those abrasive ‘naughties’ won’t get in….they can try, they can push to penetrate a part of me but they’ll have no luck. For I have my battalion of protectors and guides and I cherish their presence in my physical world here.

My job is simple….to make a solid and profound difference with my presence on the planet. How that is done, each day I wonder, but I know it’s true. And each day, I am encouraged with what good things might show up, how I’ll respond in new ways and the enormity of my creative spirit and what new scene might be created in this movie reel called, ‘BB’s life’.

Here’s encouragement for your own movie trailer….might it be a better story than you had ever hoped.

BB Webb


Falling in Love October 17, 2010

It’s a choice….falling in love. A choice. We choose.

There has been a lot of underground movement occurring in my world of late…taking me away a bit from my writing, from the me I thought I was to whoever it is I am becoming.

I’m ‘in love’ with arriving to new and better places….of consciousness, awareness, possibility. But like birth, it can in moments be a haul….down that canal, it can be rough, stormy, rocky, uncertain.

And so can this ‘falling in love’ feel uncertain at times, as though you’re a ship bouncing about in the sea, not sure where the turn will take you and if you have your grounding.

I’ve chosen a man of late, a most lovely one in fact, and in that choosing OH how we get to see ourselves anew….the parts we love, the parts we less than love. Along with the joy and newness of a relationship comes all the rest, the sorting out of who we are, what we want, all this discovery while our heart, (or mine anyway), slowly creaks open, eager to breathe freely despite the trepidation of opening and being let down, disappointed, hurt. Oh the risk of boldly sharing who we are, the emotional nakedness more vexing than any body nakedness could compare!

I can feel the unsettledness in my body, in my sleep or sleeplessness….all the glory of change. All good. And with this I have found myself instead of writing or doing my workouts or other things which I SAY are a priority….(mine are shifting), I am throwing things out, cleaning, cupboards and closets, redesigning entire rooms, creating anew, revising parts of my business, my mind really.

As I must….the woman I was is becoming the women I will be. And this is good, in fact VERY good.

There is more to share, so much more, but sleep hangs heavy on my eyelids and I have some necessary turns happening in my business as well. The energy is shifting everywhere and my mantra is peace….more peace….within, without.

And oh how a new presence in ones life can work to shift things. Always for the better if we remain mindful regardless of where a newfound love might take us or for how long…a month or two, a year, a decade or lifetime. If we are ready to be impacted, we will be. We will be indeed.

Luck, joy and happiness to you, to me, to everyone. And grace, oooooh, grace and an open heart and mind, willing and able to communicate with love and with ease.

More love.

And so it is!

BB Webb


Speechless….BB Speechless???… October 6, 2010

Well, the world MIGHT stop on its axis would that be true….indeed, oooooh indeed, things are a’brewin….

and I take a pause to reflect a moment on it all. I take a deeeep breath and sit awhile. Something which ALSO happens far fewer than I hope it might in time. I’ll intend it so!

For my world is shifting slightly on its axis and frankly, that’s a very good thing.

People continue to surprise me with their ‘people-ness’ good and less than good.

My dogs, (spelled ‘gods’ backwards) continue to delight me with their open hearts and joyfulness and then their open hearts (and did I mention gratitude), again!

Business continues to keep me on the grow, ever stretching, creating, working to keep my fire in a creative, passionate spin, not one where I lose my cool… DOES happen.

And one man in particular is causing my brow to knit slightly, for he’s from an alien nation and has my head slightly atilt.

All the stuff of life for which I am grateful, full of curiosity, spitfire and steam.

So, stay tuned should you care as there is no doubt some rumbling afoot.

And the nights they are cool, fall so beautifully in the air, I turned a new age and I’ll intend a very, VERY good year ahead.

With love, ooooh, always…..always with love.

And from my mother,

‘sweetheart, when you get down sometimes, remember,
pick yourself up,
brush off your knees,
dry your tears,
take a deeeeeeeep breath,
and step forward,
with love, ALWAYS with love.’

She continues to teach me beyond this world. Such a mother she!

BB Webb


And the lights went out… September 4, 2010

When it’s time, how interesting to feel the lights go out in areas of our house, our hearts, our souls.

Maybe not altogether, but certain things which had a shiny allure, dim, as that’s what happens as we shift to other things calling forth our attention, our passions, our hearts and interest.

And when those lights twinkle to a close, how fun to feel the fires burning with new endeavors, new people, new interests.

Everything is always coming and going, coming and going.

To stay nimble, flexible, is key. To keep your body moving, your mind open, your heart, pulsing, un-corroded. Good food, good thoughts, good energy and fuel….intellectual, from the spirit realm.

I can feel the good stuff. I can feel it as cleanly as I feel the rubbish.

Rubbish be gone says I….and out it eventually goes.

I am becoming a better filter as I experience good, quality, my preferred moxie and heart.

It’s a beautiful day in Georgia in many ways, the cool air arriving, the sun, I can smell the luscious fragrance of my chef’s creations in the kitchen, a wedding on the way and me….

the ideas lining up for attention, cueing up in neat fashion.

Without the ability to create and love, who are we really??

BB Webb


The unmeasured moment September 1, 2010

I’ve been out of my own pocket lately…diverted by a number of keen surprises, epiphanies of late really.

My earlier surrender, post meltdown, catapulting me into new territory which has me both delighted and standing a bit quiet amidst the flurry of ‘little me’s’ scurrying about, running around me in a smidge of a panic, as the fog horn has stopped, there is a peaceful feeling afoot and I’m afforded the luxury of merely building my business and creating time for other creative and fun pursuits.

‘Where is the drama….the turmoil, the hurricane of assaults to which I’ve become accustomed?’

Little me: ‘Holy crapola, where did all this LIGHT come from….? I’m not so sure I know my way….it’s all so shiny….not any territory I’M familiar with’.

Big me:….’My God I’m powerful….look at the many delights I am manifesting, business issues becoming resolved, solutions presenting themselves with ease, little electric can openers making it effortless to unfold whatever it is I am hungry for, loving people appearing when I JUST wasn’t sure there were any true and good ones left, having weathered a two year tsunami of horror show blips.

My momentary skepticism is natural. Though, tonight I realized the need to ‘abandon my own (boring) safety valve’. I’ve grown weary of protective shields and only realized that this evening. Such a powerful wake up call! ‘Leggo Dorothy, leggo’.

So, I am not myself, or rather, am settling back INTO myself….though for the moment, unaccustomed to my own cloth, suit, shoes.

I might get used to this bounty, though never for a moment take it for granted.

….yes, rattled am I, in a very, very good way. Thank you God!!

I will in this moment merely express thanks and remind myself, ‘it’s okay, it’s okay, trust the moment, relax, you deserve all good.’

Don’t we all, really!


Here’s to love, prosperity, abundance and joy!! There just might be angels in the mist!

BB Webb