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Love Among the Memories April 29, 2010

Love Among the Memories

I found myself this past weekend in the lush surrounds of Lancaster, PA, Lititz to be exact, home of Wilbur Chocolate and Linden Hall, now the oldest girl’s school in America, founded in 1747, also my former high school. I arrived on no more beautiful day than I can ever remember. Spring was in full bloom, dogwoods with their pink and white blossoms coloring the landscape, rich green grass sprouting fully from the fertile dark soil of this farmland. Everywhere color and abundance, cool air, the perfectness of Pennsylvania in the spring.

I hiccupped in on a small plane from Atlanta this past Friday, eager for a visit with my dear Aunt Sue and Uncle Jack. For 43 years I’ve visited them on a beautiful ‘farm’ which was had been in our family for generations. At one time it boarded many horses and when I was young, a llama named Pepito, one of the Uncle’s strange and wonderful gifts to his wife Sue. Pepito entertained us all for years and the horses as well with his comical antics and random spitting if he was displeased.

We enjoyed many a party on Buch Avenue, the adjoining servants carriage house from the 1800s turned into guest quarters. My family knows how to party and have never been known to hold back. With all varieties of food and the libations flowing for sure, my family works hard and plays hard, each and every member! We’re a family of entrepreneurs, this gene running strongly through our blood from generations before.

Though a large and sprawling house, the dining room was not large enough to house our growing family of new husbands and wives and the many children who came along the way. My Uncle Jack and Sue fashioned one year their three car garage into ‘party quarters’, transforming long workbenches into buffets areas, tables long enough to seat 25 or more. Such events often ended in dancing or games and one year, the boys lining up, raising the garage doors and ‘mooning’ the neighbors for fun. (I can see Sue shaking her head, as the mother of three riotous boys can only do)!

Having joined several family members in marriage on the estate, one year I remember the most glorious weather, June I think. My aunt, a true Martha Stewart type woman, (before the jail incident)….tenacious and exacting, had every detail of the wedding in tact. The ceremony was to be held around a gazebo surrounded by every summer flower you might imagine and rainbow of color. The sky was clear with narry a cloud and we all entered around the gazebo while chamber music played.

My Aunt Sue entered proudly, dressed in her flowing taffeta, the proud Mother of the Groom. She sat down just in front of me. Everything was in order. I remember someone readying a poem, a song being sung and then the ceremony began, vows were being spoken.

And then, as though God were issuing a reminder, one lone grey cloud toodled its small self across the sky and stopped directly above the ceremonial gazebo. The rest of the sky continued its blue display but Mr. Grey Cloud instantly began a downpour as the ‘I dos’ were issued forth.

My most vivid memory is my soon-to-be new cousin, Lesley, laughing with joy in her eyes and then my Aunt Sue’s head falling to her chest, me almost hearing what she was no doubt thinking….’ooooh, for God’s sake’…..and indeed it was, reminding us that life is perfect in all ways, the ups, downs and turn arounds, it is all in divine order.

We all ran for cover under a large tent where the buffet was to be served. Our playful cloud had dissipated, having performed its task for the day, for us all to learn this important lesson should we choose.

With matted hair and extra wrinkled linen, there was no more perfect day or memorable wedding, and I’ve attended quite a few!

Joi de vivre! Live for the day.

BB Webb


The Miracle Worker…Miss S. April 27, 2010

Every so often, a person enters your life and makes a boom of a difference.

Pat Sullivan was one of those women for me, (I’ve only had a few) and I will be forever grateful for her presence in my life. At 83 years old she’s as full of piss and vinegar as I might ever remember.

She’s dedicated her life to helping young women blossom and the affection felt for her runs through many a heart all over the world.

She cast me as Annie Sullivan in ‘The Miracle Worker’ in 11th grade and changed my life forever.

Patricia Sullivan was truly the MIRACLE WORKER and my thanks and gratitude run wider than a Cinemascope Kansas sky.

BB Webb


Forgiveness….oooooh Jesus!

My mom was a winner, in all respects! I spent a long weekend in my hometown of Lancaster, PA, at a highschool reunion, visiting with friends from LOOOOONG ago, relishing the fertile, brown soil (really) of my home turf. Truly one of the most beautiful farmlands anywhere and I’ve seen a few here, there and about.

Though my mom died nearly 12 years ago, I feel her presence everywhere when I visit ‘home’.

I was chatting with a friend this afternoon. She was telling me how 23 years ago at 5:05pm, (the very time we were speaking), she was getting married in a little chapel in Las Vegas, ‘The Little Church of the West!’ We were recalling good times with friends, with lovers, husbands. We reminded one another that whether things ended badly or not, the good times were just that and ALWAYS will be….not to be negated one iota with a sour event. Why should they be?

Life is an illusion of sorts. It is. Think about it. You see what you see because you want to see it that way. In time it might change, but, you see it how you see it.

As she was telling me this story, (turns out years later she learned her groom was already married….oops…a technicality). Just as we were sharing our stories, deciding to hold folks we have loved, (and possibly still do), in the light, she passed a church sign which read,

Forgive Everyone, Forgive Everything…Always and Forever!

We broke out in riotous gaffaws!

It reminded me of a story I wrote awhile back…

Mama Loves Jesus
My mother was raised Presbyterian though was more of a spiritual person than a religious one. Not a regular church goer, she instead communed with God while in nature or in the ordinary business of her life. I do remember however her disdain at the proselytizing folks in our community who rather pushed their brand of religion on their kindly neighbors. My favorite memory was when she’d picked me up at my best girlfriends home after a Saturday night sleepover.

My best friend Liz lived in town and I was the country mouse. Unable yet to drive, Mom was my chaffeaur. As we drove out of town toward home one Sunday morning, I remember stopping at a traffic light. Ahead of us was a family, two adults and two children. They were no doubt on their way back from church. We both noticed at the same time that they had a bumper sticker which read, ‘Honk if you love Jesus.’

Before we could comment I saw that devilish spark in her eye. Hang oooon I thought. Without a moments notice, she laaaiiiid on the the horn of her aqua Thunderbird, ‘HOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNK!!!!” Everyone in the car turned and scowled the ugliest of scowls toward my mother and me. She beamed her characteristic BIG smile and waved happily, while it took the family in front of us a good 10 seconds to regain their composure, realizing that she was honking for her love of Jesus. On to the next light, dang if she didn’t do it again. Ohhhh, my mama loved Jesus.

BB Webb


Move Forward! April 26, 2010

I’m considering this past year.

It’s obvious to me how life is a bit like a flowing river….we like floating or swimming debris, caught in little eddies from time to time, or on the sideline, snagged in riverside sticks or waylaid near a beaver’s damn. And other times, swiftly sweeping past the river’s edge, onlookers to the scenery, what we’ve come to pass.

Or, like a thistle seed, carried by our white feathery transport vehicle allowing the wind to take us, up, down, swirling around trees and scenery, past cows and people, buildings and water falls.

And at times, we might hear a voice whispering from the distance, ‘move forward, move forward’. Or sometimes, ‘abort, abort’!

I take that as a kindly reminder to at times disengage, break lose in a new direction as perhaps I’ve become momentarily stuck in an unhelpful pattern, by the river’s edge or, my feathery transporter stuck to the edge of a barn door or window sill…or caught moving in circles which perhaps serve me no longer. My vision skewed.

Life carries us though we all have our own will. And when I hear ‘move forward, move forward’, I know, something, someone bigger and greater than me, (though part of me) is looking out for me, coaxing me to better grounds, different surrounds and new acquaintances no doubt.

And in those moments I know it is time to thank the people and situations from which I’ve come and to be open to the new places I am meant to travel.

And at that moment, when I realize the change in the wind, I feel compelled to express gratitude for all that is and All That Is!

(Isn’t it through the challenges where we grow the most. If only they didn’t ache so).

No doubt, glorious, fulfilling surprises ahead! I’ll intend it, all the way around….for you as well!

BB Webb


The Road Less…Stingy April 22, 2010

I’m pondering abundance this evening. My own, or lack of it…it thought, forgiveness, awareness, understanding, passion, stamina, love.

Again, energy. This thought around what we attract, where we focus our attention is fascinating me. I’m experimenting, both with my habitual tendencies and a practice in doing things differently. I relish the ‘differently’ most of all these days!

Oh the pull of patterns is strong, but I venture to say my will, when I am clear, is stronger. In those moments anything is possible.

My goal….as always, to wake up a bit more, find a measure of peace, live within a feeling of heart and passion……but never mind all that.

If we are all indeed connected, (I say that and in bits and spurts really GET it and in others am entirely confounded), if we are indeed all connected, I might consider how everyone in my life is in someway a reflection of me and I to them. Think on that a moment should you dare.

And with that, my heart grows full and I realize that everything is just as it should be….always.

From The Red Shoes, (1948)

When Moira Shearer’s character was asked by Anton Walbrook’s character, ‘Why do you want to dance?’

Her response was, ‘Why do you want to live?’

That probably says it all.

Less stingy is therefore, full. Full of all there is to be full of!

Abundance. Passion. Curiosity. Perhaps ornary-ness at times. No need to judge. It’s just all part of the grand dance.

A bun dance!

Shall we dance?

BB Webb


Comfort has its penalties!

This just in from…..

Dare not wish to change even the slightest thing about a loved one without first understanding how it might change the rest of them.
Keep your eye on the ball,
The Universe

I’d almost forgotten.

Comfort has it’s penalties.

Something about trust.

Keep jumping!

BB Webb


Vibrating at a Higher Frequency… April 20, 2010

Our bodies are energy….electromagnetic. When we operate from good intention and in integrity, truth as we know it, authenticity, (if you will), our health is better, we manifest our desires effortlessly. Heart energy vibrates at a very high energy.

We will be hearing more of this sort of language in upcoming days….I’m beginning to hear and feel it spread like a light fragrance throughout the planet….and I am encouraged.

I have visited many worlds…and some only briefly, but I am here to help others arrive in new spaces as I find myself doing the same….and I am.

Incidents from this very day point that way….a new hire gets another job, allowing another new face to enter the scene creating different and encouraging possibilities. A former student of energy healing and myself reconnected on a business front and have a synergy to expand consciousness in business circles to embrace a new way of being and doing that WILL transform the world in a positive way.

And this just in from Karen Bishop…from her Wings Post.

As we ever so steadily progress with our new arrival into a higher vibrating space, we are “shifting into high gear,” as my star friends describe it…like a vehicle moving into overdrive, into its full capacity, and needing to accommodate a much faster moving energy.

Earthquakes, earthquakes everywhere, strange and unpredictable weather patterns, unusual moods and behaviors for many individuals, and a strange emptiness are but a few of the climates that these massive energy movements are creating.

The cosmic tsunami of new and higher vibrating energy is arriving more steadily now, while at the same time, the earth is moving and adjusting as well, as she prepares herself to more fully accommodate these new energies of our very new space.

As we progress ever onward, we will indeed learn how to navigate with the heart energy. We will know to have it readily accessible to other heart energy, and to keep it closed for those who are not ready and who do not see us.

Now seemingly an almost rare and extinct energy, we will always know when the heart energy is present, as we will feel it immensely. It is the wave and glue that brings everything to us and allows us to manifest almost immediately. It is what connects us if we allow it to override all else. We will come to know and see each other, heart to heart. And we will draw to ourselves what we connect to with our hearts.

As our circles of connection may begin to feel as if they are getting smaller, the connections that remain for those in the higher realms are all about the heart. Yes, we will begin to bond with and come together with those who share this energy. Like the cream of the crop, it will rise to the surface and stay above and beyond what is now occurring at the lower rungs of the ascension ladder.


Much will begin to fall away now, as it can no longer exist in these new and higher vibrations. As the earth changes continue on, we will experience more and more crashing, endings, and closing doors as the old prepares for its impending demise. Like dominoes of extinction, things will begin to fall very rapidly in times to come.

This is where my heart is now taking me…to the hearts of many others out there along the way. And not coincidentally, it is also in true alignment with one of my new endeavors and offerings. If we follow our hearts, if we gravitate to what is at the core of our being and to who and what we are all about, and if we follow the trail of crumbs to a space that is full of our own hearts and that will activate the heart in others as well, we cannot go wrong.

And so….here we go, here we go…arms out wide, be open, breathe in the good, breathe out the bad…..and consider your greatest possibilities, the highest good and zoom, get ready as it’s on its way, its on its way!

BB Webb