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A morning in my office June 29, 2010

Freedom of choice is a good thing….a VERY good thing when you can manage it.

We’re all responsible for our choices, eh!

I’m liking mine today. Me and Ernie ‘at the office’….(you will see my computer screen in the distance).

I am filled with gratitude.

BB Webb


What Does it Mean to Turn a Corner? June 28, 2010

It might mean your heart changes.

Or that you let go of an old way of being.

That you finally did what you’ve been intending for so long but didn’t quite know how.

Or that God, the Universe, that awesome essence, light, power, jump-started an initiative for you.

Or maybe you just decided to stop feeling bad.

Or took a try at feeling good.

Or that you stopped sweating the big AND the small stuff.

Maybe you lost a few pounds, fit into your favorite jeans and those panties you kept in the back of the drawer (which are so cute) and you smiled because you knew it had so little to do with food.

Or maybe you stopped worrying about how people see you, if they ‘get’ you or how the chapter ends or when a new one will begin.

Perhaps a new person or experience catapulted you like a strong wind into a greater sense of possibility.

Maybe you realized that it’s not a corner you turned at all, but rather, your dance swirled you around to another view from the dance floor.

A better suited view giving you a fuller sense of ‘Wow, my Dad was right…it is going to be different for me than it was for him, it’s going to be easy!

…because I’m going to allow it to be.’

And this shift you know, because you weren’t hatched from your eggshell yesterday.

You know, it all has something or other to do with loving yourself differently.

And…..and, allowing yourself to receive, to receive that horn of plenty just eager to give you all those yummy goodies that you enjoy so very much. You know it’s true. And, it seems so obvious.

And you ‘get it’ just a bit better today.

And the word ‘forgiveness’ hits your forehead like a movie marquee.

And gratitude effuses from your pours like perfume from an atomizer.

And hoorah, a new day to breathe it all in.

And to say ‘thank you’ for all that is.

BB Webb


Ironies to somehow digest… June 25, 2010

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should you choose.

LIfe IS stranger than fiction, unless you’re reading Tom Robbins, which I recommend you DO!

BB Webb


I Feel the Earth Move… June 24, 2010

….under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down,
tumbling down….

Those words were in my head soon after I awoke this morning. That and the memory that I’d dreamt I tattooed some emblematic design all over my face, a big blotch of blue on the right side, which I was happy I could cover with my hair. I remember there being a meaning behind it all….something with regard to Man Ray’s line in one of his paintings, ‘abandon of the safety valve’.

Dreams blow me away…mine do anyway….I wonder WHERE these images and thoughts COME from. I like it.

But, I’m not a tattoo kind of person…I prefer being more a chameleon, my colors changing as I do….clothing, jewelry, body shape and whatever attitude suits me best are better for me.

But this tumbling, not a bad sort of tumbling, but a rather good one. There is a shift occurring in my life just now….it reminds me of a chasm. Perhaps you are feeling one in your life as well. You may have to sit quietly to really notice, take some time by yourself.

I felt the need to look up all the meanings of chasm, (my mother taught me the love of both the dictionary and more importantly the thesaurus, both which I am delighted that I can now access speedily online).

chasm   [kaz-uhm] Show IPA
1. a yawning fissure or deep cleft in the earth’s surface; gorge.
2. a breach or wide fissure in a wall or other structure.
3. a marked interruption of continuity; gap: a chasm in time.
4. a sundering breach in relations, as a divergence of opinions, beliefs, etc., between persons or groups.

I resonate with the ‘a marked interruption of continuity; gap: a chasm in time’ definition. There is an air, a breeze bringing in a new way perhaps of viewing the world. Epiphanies are always, in my estimation, accompanied by a lovely breeze, IF we’ll but notice.

And so, and so, much like Carol King’s word, there is a tumbling down occurring. We are only as bold, aware, intelligent, loving, forthright, clever, compassionate as we’ll imagine we can be.

I am finding my groove, and that’s something for me to determine, move into and establish. And, it has something to do with the thinking I will or won’t allow in my life.

The Grand Canyon is a worthy example of design, space and creation. A soul (I’m talking all our lifetimes) takes time to establish itself, to orient, shift and create who it is meant to become.

And with that thought I wonder also, with that new discerning space, how I might begin to shift the very things which work to move me outside this new groove….when I become frustrated, overwhelmed, so very disappointed or sad?

A new groove is like having corrective lenses and I know about that. Each day I’ll need to apply my ‘contact lens’ no doubt.

For, when the earth moves, I move too and everyone around me. We may soon be looking in one another’s eyes…the shift can be that grand.

Hold on. Yes, hold on!

Nickelcreek MIGHT know. Only the curious have something to find!

BB Webb


How much? June 21, 2010

How much is too much….of anything?

Work, worry, ‘down’ time, wine time, control, fun, perfume, tv, talking, animals living in your home, family, sadness, alone time, being with people time, indifference, concern, defense, blame, ego, heart, hurt, caffeine, pressure, anger, flapjacks, Coco Krispies, disappointment, scheming, flying, creating, dreaming…

Just thinking.

Things are brewing. Keepin it big….expansive.

BB Webb


We’ve a little rule at my house…. June 20, 2010

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everyone must do their best to get along.

Ernie and Lester...gettin along

BB Webb


Chances Are… June 17, 2010

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We’ll be redeemed.
We’ll be reunited.
We’ll be challenged tomorrow.
We’ll be surprised and delighted this next year.
We’ll wish we’d held back.
We’ll wish we’d bounced forward.
We’ll get more than we want.
We’ll not get enough.
We’ll feel misunderstood.
We’ll feel like a rock star.
We’ll feel heart breaking disappointment.
We’ll be surprised by our power and perserverance.
We’ll sing out of tune.
We’ll be kissed and want more.
We’ll feel happy without cause.
We’ll run a red light.
We’ll catch ourselves texting when we shouldn’t.
We’ll eat too much.
We’ll lose our temper.
We’ll hold our tongue.
We’ll touch someone’s skin.
We’ll be cold and wish for June.
We’ll be hot and wish for December.
We’ll wish someone would have lingered longer.
We’ll wish someone would leave sooner.
We’ll notice something new in the Universe.
We’ll forget to appreciate something grand.
We’ll lose something special to us.
We’ll meet someone new.
We’ll reunite with an old acquaintance.
We’ll get our head wet in the rain.
We’ll cut some part of our body,
We’ll bruise our ego or an elbow.
We’ll wish we’d been kinder and more truthful.
We’ll wish our body were different.
We’ll be glad we ‘went for it’.
We’ll be sad.
We’ll cook something fabulous.
We’ll drink too much.
We’ll be slightly embarrassed by something we did.
We’ll feel shocked by something someone did.
We’ll have a tender moment and feel deeply loved.
We’ll go swimming.
We’ll travel to some place new.
We’ll catch ourselves in judgement.
We’ll wish there were more time.
We’ll fall asleep on the sofa.
We’ll wish our email box were less full.
We’ll remember someone fondly from our past.
We’ll end a sentence with a preposition.
We’ll fantasize about someone we care for.
We’ll miss someone who has died.
We’ll cuddle with our pet.
We’ll get a happy surprise phone call.
We’ll feel sensations new to us.
We’ll buy some clothes which look terrific on us.
We’ll sing along and be happy no one heard.
We’ll feel undone and worn out.
We’ll tap into our reserves.
We’ll understand for a moment, why.

We’ll notice a moment of our very brilliance.

And they’ll be so many, many, many moments in between those.

Like dazzling stars in the sky, each moment unique, each moment yours.

BB Webb