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And if you knew you were dying soon… November 16, 2010

How would you conduct your life?

We’ve all considered this, or pondered the thought at least momentarily.

I would fret so much less over the seeming big things which distract me, make me sad, frightened or upset.

I’d say ‘what the hell’. Honestly, ‘what the hell’. Who really cares, I’m gonna die soon anyhow.

How FREEING! And what keeps us from living that way? What stops us?

I am reminded that everything is always coming and going, coming and going.

I’d continue with what feels right, good and true. I’d spend less time thinking how to resolve situations with unreasonable, hurtful people. I’d participate much less with their anger and vintictiveness.

I’d free up oodles of time with so much less worry. I already take risks, but the risks I’d take now would be very different. Very different.

I’d worry not about the long term except in how it might impact those I love.

I’d consider exit strategies to certain parts of my life, tomorrow, instead of ‘a bit later’.

There is much more to say about all this, but for this moment, this will be enough, as I’m headed to my flannel sheets. I have some intentions to throw out into the ether.

You might expect to hear more on this topic…..soon.

For now….time to wake up….to stop giving energy to the dark energies, but embrace more, ‘the light’.

There is a huge difference. HUGE!!

Light it up baby…..light it up!