BB Webb as BB Webb!

Exploring the Possibilities

Time to Re-Consider December 28, 2010

I say yes to friends.

Yes to fun.

Yes to family.

Pink Hair….

Yes to travel, adventure, creativity,
dogs, cats, snow…..

Johnny & Zoe show me Montana's best!

Sisters with red hair.

New profit centers.

Getting rid of the clutter.

Good books, new ideas,

New recipes,

Colorful restaurants,

Dinners with friends.



And so, sooo much more.

Time to create new stories.

New stories.

BB Webb


Freedom……just another word? December 22, 2010

As I fly off to Montana looking ever higher. Ever higher.

Toward those untraveled roads.

Merry Christmas, or more simply, great peace, love and joy to you.

BB Webb


Jealously I ask, How high IS the moon? December 18, 2010

Sooo……I spent my day off working 10 hours on our new Carl House website edits. Crazy eh? Working from home is a treat and something I relish and it almost FEELS like a day off.

And I consider, if I weren’t doing THAT, what MIGHT I be doing. I might be rehearsing a story to put on tape, I might be putzing around the house, organizing a few things for the week, visiting with a friend, hiking out in my nearby field with a really warm jacket on, following or surrounded by at least 3 kitties and 3 dogs, bringing applese to the horses, our friends who live in the field. Or I might be getting ready for my trip with family in Montana.

I’m perhaps one of the lucky ones that although these last years have been a real ‘hump’ with challenges and learning curves galore, I like learning, stretching, expanding and I find there is a real ebb and flow with life, with work, with relationships, with timing in our lives.

So today, with movies as a backdrop, oftentimes muted as I worked to gain focus and direction, I’m happy with my choices. I like the direction I’m headed and I’m ready for the epiphanies and good surprises ahead, as I intend such. I’ve learned I’m one HELL of a lot more resilient than I ever thought. I bet you are too.

And I wonder, how high is the moon?

And while stumbling upon Stephane Grappelli, (who I had the distinct pleasure of hearing live in the late 70s in Vermont. I LOVE his music, find the emotion, skill, playfulness, delightful and amazing in so many ways), what will I be up to in my 80s??


And relish the moments…they come and go so quickly. And intend all good and know it’s then definitively on the way. All a matter of perspective!

And consider exercising your RIGHT to be creative. I’ve found it the panacea to all ills. It’s entirely akin to love.

How high IS your moon?

And another treat….for me….Stephane Grappelli & Yehudi Menuhin on BBC Live playing “Jealousy”. Consider living jealously…jealous for all you might imagine and dream of…..go for it says I!!!

BB Webb


It’s all in the timing December 14, 2010

There is SO much to share, so much to write about….and at the moment, as I work toward the end of what has been one HECK of a year….I have little time for my favorite pass time (Interesting expressing that…’pass time’). I wonder with that….if I’m correct with that expression. My sister-in-law told me once that her father, from Poland, thought that folks were referring to the object that fried eggs as a ‘fly pan’, not a ‘fry pan’. Words….I love them.

And with that…little time at the moment for the many words I wish to type here to share the more than many ideas, thoughts, musings vying for attention in my brain.

Finding My Twirl, Photo by Sarah Eubanks Photography

But, I have a plan….an exit and entrance plan to endeavors desired. One key objective is the taping of stories for You Tube and that project starts in January so I hope you’ll stay tuned. There is much to twirl about!

In the meantime, know that stories are mounting, scenes are being written in my head, directed by my soul, manifest through my fingers on my keyboard.

I’m taking it ALL in…..every ounce….not dropping one eyedropper of content firing across my chest, within my heart. It’s all there wanting to be expressed and will be!

For now….sorting, throwing away, shifting, opening, traversing a bit I go. And I look forward to when this horse spirit emerges from the shoot. Oh, such a happy day that will be.

For now, gratitude for all the scenes, all the experiences for my screen play of life. Rich indeed. And thank you, MUCH gratitude for the people, desired or not crossing my path, showing up as folks my soul has called for each and every experience.

And so it is. I’m thankful. And so it is.

With love for all things….even the ones that BITE!

BB Webb


Entrances and Exits…Tender is the Day December 9, 2010

There has been much shifting afoot and ‘things’ seem to be sorting themselves out, though certainly not always with total ease. My friend Karen, (beloved wife of my now deceased and treasured mentor Tony Montanaro) yesterday sent me this quote…..

“I want to do to you what spring does to the cherry trees.” Pablo Neruda

She as a friend and certainly Tony in his ways, did just that….helped me to blossom in a way as Carl Jung shared, ‘guiding someone gently into themselves’. To me, there is the where the blossom occurs….within.

She shared her thought that, ‘The inability to express love, leads to the inability to experience love.’

So, how do we best love….ourselves and others?

Karen and I can in a moment enter hungerly into our own brand of spiritual and metaphysical contemplation. She’s a gift, a jewel of easy connection in my world. Together we find comfort in being able to connect thoughts and ideas with what is important to each of us. Our thinking gravitates most often to our human need to give and receive love, our (universal, I’ll submit) desire to be seen, (all of us), for who we are, (appreciated, respected and valued for that as well) and most of all, our human need to be creative, which certainly drives the two of us.

I’m considering this morning how to live both authentically, in a way which makes sense and feels right within my skin, while allowing others to be who they are WHILE respecting differences in others, endeavoring to not offend ANYone. I clearly am not perfect at this.

Tony Montanaro

This notion leads me to my fascination with entrances and exits, or transitions in life. How do we enter and exit people’s lives, our day, our sorrows, fears and joys.

I had a boyfriend, a most gifted performer. As we worked in the studio in Tony Montanaro’s Maine so many years ago, I remember Robert working on a sketch where he played different characters entering and exiting a room. Some were hysterical, others stunning in how they captured a moment, a secret microscope of sorts on the life of Everyman or Anyman.

I consider with this the awkwardness of many of my mostly exits with people, jobs, chance encounters. Not everyone WILL understand why I or you or anyone does whatEVER they do, but I’ll venture to say, that deep to the core of each of us, here’s my Pollyanna at her best, there is a notion of goodness and outside of all the protective barrier, a simple child of the Universe, wanting to be loved, seen, heard and valued.

I consider this as I enter into my day with the intention of being loving.

Go tender into your day and feel perhaps your own value and know that you are loved.

This is our birthright really.

With love, BB Webb


Yes, Come Together….Right Now! December 4, 2010

Just do it!


BB Webb