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Drove my Chevy to the Levity August 19, 2010

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If I Had My Druthers… June 9, 2010

There would be a big band playing in my ballroom every weekend.

There would be all manner of great friends and acquaintances present having a terrific time, lots of seasoned dance partners and I’d be dancing every song until each muscle in my body burst with joy and utter fatigue.

I miss Glenn Miller. The late 70s…. in Vermont. The keen anticipation of a frosty Friday night after a rehearsal or performance, there we’d go, to the small pub on the hill, turn on the juke box to listen to Glenn Miller, Billy Strayhorn and Gene Krupa….dancing til the wee hours.

Boston in the 80s, seeking out live big bands.

Or earlier, in highschool, the Moose Lodge where my mother’s husband played in a big band, a mean saxophone and clarinet. Dancing, moving, caught in the beat, the rhythm, the happy vibe of it all.

Simple fun. Great fun. Big fun.


Maybe I’d alternate a zydeco band every other week in my ballroom….to use a different set of muscles…oooooh, stay tuned….I may be on to something!

For now, my bathroom is as good a place as any. And, my dogs dig the beat!

Sure they do!

BB Webb


It’s High Hat Tea Time April 17, 2010

Well, it’s Jeanette Rankin Foundation fundraising time at the High Hat Tea tomorrow…this year at the Athens Botanical Gardens. So tonight I find myself fashioning a special hat. A bit difficult to balance on my head, but ahhhh, well.

It’s my ‘The Many Faces of You!’ hat.

Consider, all your parts.

The daring,

The thoughtful,

The alluring, playful….

and oh, the hairstyles,

your outfits, (ok, guys don’t wear outfits),

I like to play.

I’m playing this evening.

Because, because….it’s High Hat Tea time….

and I’ll be wearing one hiiiiigh hat!!

and I’m going for first prize!!

BB Webb


Eggs Smegs April 4, 2010


Every thing, person, experience, incident, episode, story, fantasy…has another side. Take eggs for example, fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, raw..

I spent a luscious Easter Sunday spring cleaning, readying porches for evenings under the stars, for friends and parties. I planted flowers, petunias, coleus, herbs and such….redecorated things a bit, shifting things here and there.

It was merely time to do so. The tipping point and all.

A new phase awaits……to play, invent, forgive, dance, growl, scowl if you choose, (but there’s been enough of that), meet new people, visit with old ones, say you’re sorry, issue a thank you, plan a holiday, pet your pups, engage in commerce, take on a cause, start a new business, (build the old one), devise a plan, eat good food, have a party, write a speech….no end to the possibilities. Truly.

Eggcellent says I! BB Webb


Joy…..Unadulterated Joy…. December 18, 2009

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All there for us, for the taking if we can REMEMBER…..

How I love dogs. They are so IN THE MOMENT and FULL of joy. And how beautifully emphasized, showcased in this delightful Christmas spirited Harry Connick Jr. video and song with Bailey the Reindeer Pup!

And FYI….in Montana, where my family resides, 35 below zero and snow, snow, snow, glorious snow!!

BB Webb


Farhrklempt October 19, 2009

Ever hear yourself talking or writing and a word from SOMEWHERE comes out of your mouth or on the page and you wonder ‘where did THAT come from?’ or you wonder, ‘when did I learn that word?’ but dang if it isn’t ‘right on’. Suddenly a lexicon of mystery words make themselves known.

Today was an odd day for me…a sort of discomfort lined my brow and a feeling as though I was walking in someone else’s shoes…the kind of day when your clothes just didn’t sit right on your frame and you forget simple words like, ‘tiger’ or your best friend’s name, or ‘Twitter’ comes out ‘Tweeter’ and you call your ‘hard drive’ your ‘drive shaft’. Awww, you know….it happens. (I’m hoping you know).

Or worse, you attempt to tell a story, which I do often while attempting to illustrate a point, (no doubt), and none of the details come out and the result is a most unentertaining blotch of a few facts that fall like pitiful little ashes to the ground. You find yourself looking down just wondering what happened to the colorful vision in your noggin.

The sort of day when you listen to a certain song and find yourself entirely choked up as you bustle past intent commuters on the highway. Then suddenly, a momentary euphoria hits and you feel entirely schizophrenic. And you’re SURE everybody can see right through you. (Clearly ‘everyone’ could care less…we’re really so less important than we think we are….well, I’ll speak for myself here).

Oy vey! (I’m channeling Jewish tonight)??

And then tonight in summarizing some things that occurred during my day to my business coach, (trying to be succinct which I NEVER am, I’d clearly give him a heart attack if I were), (FYI….he’s the one who suggested a blog….less space taken in his ‘in box’…..or so he thought)!!! Smart man!

I found myself writing the word ‘farklempt!’ Spelled also ‘Verklempt’. It’s various definitions below….

The Urban Dictionary states:
1. farklempt
Yiddish meaning choked up or not feeling good was often used in Saturday night life by Mike Myers is “Coffee Talk” (See hysterical video below)!
verklempt-swoon -farklempt -choked up -gobsmacked -ferklempt
2. verklempt
Verklempt – choked with emotion (German verklemmt = emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way)
This is not FAKE Yiddish – unless you are one of the linguists who consider Yiddish a “fake”, i.e. non-transformational language.
OY, vey. When that schmuck of a doctor told me I had cancer I got all verklempt.
chocked up -speechless with emotion -in agnst -deeply wounded note: sometimes spelled fehrklempt

Farklempt – choked up; speechless; unable to express one’s feelings/emotions

The sort of day when try as you might, your thoughts just aren’t cascading out of your mouth in the fashion you imagine and synergy is a beat off, your timing a bit lagged and your mental capacity diminished.

And in tribute to those Ferhklempt moments or entire days…..the brilliant Mike Myers, Madonna and Rosanne. (3 minutes is all you’ll need)!

Just sharing. Another few moments in time….

BB Webb


News Alert….it’s fire season! September 27, 2009

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There is nothing so fine as a fire!

There is nothing so fine as a fire!

Ooooooooohh….one of my ALL TIME favorite things to do…in life… to sit on my luscious back porch, in the forest, stars up above, with a few key pals, animals strew about, a glass of rich, robust red wine, frothy banter and an autumn FIRE! A big flaming, hot, embers sparking fire. I’ve found no better place in the world to be….at least I’ve not found a better place yet….(though I’m open to discovering more…)!

Ooooooh, Katy barr the door….I might even break out the cigars. Woodsman of course…aromatic, cheap as dirt and fine by me.

I adore autumn and hope you’re enjoying it too!

BB Webb


I’m in love… September 22, 2009

No, not him….he’s not ready for me yet…..I’m in love with a fish, or rather, mammal. I’m not only in LOVE…..I want to BE a Beluga Whale. Just for a month or so. Well, maybe longer. A summer perhaps.

Beluga whale

There I was, busy with my day, dashing off to work, on the phone, on the computer, chatting here, arranging there, stirring the pot, turning the wheels of industry…(trying in earnest, certainly)….la de da….then as I tidied my desk for another busy day tomorrow, I sped off to Atlanta, through yuk-oid traffic to an industry Food Show, showcasing the newest products and foods. (My new thing to experience for this week). It was at the Atlanta Aquarium which (oops), I’d not been to yet. Well, I’ve been busy.

So, in I went, scores of food stations, people zipping from one to another like droning ants, nothing new really, (though that Thai wrap was yummy). I realized for SURE then that I eat for sustenance most of the time and for the aesthetic experience when the occasion permits. During the week, it’s fuel, THOUGH, out at night with a friend or at a marketing or networking occasion with my chef preparing something scrumptious, that’s another matter. I adore trying new foods, new restaurants, traveling the world to experience new ‘fuel’ prepared beautifully, ‘tastefully’. Yes! I like the aesthetics of beautiful, tasty, healthy food.

(A story for another time…a favorite Colorado fine dining experience atop a veeeery high mountain that we had to get to on two gondolas, in a blizzard which ended in snow angels, well, after a good portion of ‘fine’ wine)!! Priceless.

So, not really wanting any more nibbles of the tables and tables of food…not terribly interesting to me really and I hate to eat standing up trying to balance my purse, a glass of wine, (in a plastic cup, urgh)….and the jazz band was doing, (I swear), a Thelonius Monk rendition of some Norah Jones thingy that had my ears and eyebrows looking like Mr. Spock……I decided to head to the big window with the rocks on the ‘ocean’ floor.

Then, in a milli-second, my life changed… in the distance I saw him. Mr. Beluga. (This is how quickly ‘love’ can take hold. A glance across the room that has a particular vibe….boom, you know you’re in for something…who cares what….something)! He was hanging upside down floating with complete grace and contentment in the salty feaux sea. And I don’t mean, belly up, I mean tail on top, head toward the sea floor, as if someone roped him to a tree to dangle like baloney, set to cure. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! A huge mass of fishiness, weighing around 2500 pounds, his little fins kept him perfectly upside down while he calmly flapped away enjoying his inversion experience.

I was sooooo jealous. My emotion surprised me. Here I was, having raced away from my home turf for my ‘new’ Food Show experience, bored silly with stupid old, same ole-same ole stuff that I’ve tasted a ca-zillion times. Same old linens and people and displays. (Clearly I had a bit of a grump going on). And I know why. There he was, making me never more clear…..

I don’t play enough!!!!!!!!

    I’m busy building empires and there is not enough PLAY involved. I was BORN to play. My formidable career was acting….we play, actors PLAY. We make stuff up, run around, dance, sing, flirt, create cool stuff, go out and celebrate after a formidable performance….for crying out loud, I learned to tumble, cartwheel, walk on my hands and juggle fire….why??? because it seemed fun….and it WAS! I LOVE TO PLAY!!

And here he was, doing what I needed to do. As the hundreds of people munched and sipped bad wine from their plastic cups, I felt myself enter the aquarium with my mind. There I was, naked as a Beluga, upside down, doing the ‘inversion’ thing, just hanging with my pal….Petra, I think was his name. And just as I imagined myself having balancing fins, SWOOOOOOP in swam Mama Beluga from the right, Natasha, the show girl….her huge mass helped me see how far away Petra was in the distance. Good Gawd….she’s enormous, but agile and svelte as Ester Williams in her synchronized Hollywood water shows.

And she was flirting with me, her beady little whale eye looking right into mine. She read me. She knew me. We were kin! She’d twist and turn like a soft tootsie roll in a five year old’s hand, back and forth, breaking the water up top then sliding down like oil in a pan toward me almost brushing the side of the glass where I stood hostage, unable to join my playmates, the REAL new experience that I needed for the week.

Marianne, the aquarium ‘concierge’ (I guess), told me everything about my new pals. I was hungry for it all. Where were they from, did they always live in captivity, what do they eat, does she flirt with EVERYONE?? And each time she’d swoop by I’d smile as big as a Kansas sky and wave like I was six years old, my hand so high, supported by the other to stretch it further so the teacher might see it to ‘pick me, pick me!’.

‘Hi Natasha, hey buddy….remember me….it’s me, it’s BB….remember?’ Remember?

I’m not sure why those words fell from my mouth. But somewhere your soul knows….when you recognize that person, that 2000 pound Beluga across the aquarium, you know, you know, you’ve been friends, comrades, lovers, sisters, in perhaps another lifetime, another stratisphere, another species.

And suddenly, Natasha stopped in front of me, a dead stop with her little bitty fins working overtime, ignoring all the crabcake and spanikopita eaters beside me; she just stopped and pierced me with her polka dot, tiny eyeball. And just as quickly she swooned backwards in another Ester Williams move, graceful, agile, nimble, easy as slicing cheesecake….she had the world at her fin tips. I wanted to be her. Comfortable in her body, her image, her ability to enjoy. What a model of literally ‘going with the flow’.

Stats on my new friends:
A Dancing Beluga Whale:
Type: Mammal
Diet: Carnivore (though I’m sure she’d spare me….as she’d know the value of a great dance partner)
Average lifespan in the wild: 35 to 50 years
Size: 13 to 20 ft (4 to 6.1 m)
Weight: 2,000 to 3,000 pounds (907 to 1,361 kilograms)
Group name: Pod (I’d be a Pod-mate).
Protection status: Threatened 😦
Size relative to a bus:

And on a final underwater note…did you know? Unlike most other whales, the Beluga has a flexible neck that enables it to turn its head in all directions. And Natasha was, she was, making an angled turn in the aquarium while her pretty neck turned slowly, coquettishly to flirt and play with the red headed lady with the knit brow who wondered,

‘how can I get IN THAT AQUARIUM without Marianne the aquarium concierge seeing me’?

Somehow caviar will never be the same.

BB Webb