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The power of now, mooooving and WOW! March 24, 2011

‘To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.’ Pema Chodron

Well yes. Certainly. And of the nesting birds….

I am a night owl…..I resist sleep as something inside me (when I feel my groove), comes alive at night. Mornings too I enjoy, but not to be out and about, PLEASE. It’s MY time. No animals in the room after chow time, just me….usually with computer and hands on my computer keys, stroking them, conjuring up magic if I can, or turning the wheels of industry as I am wont to do.

But tonight, I find myself coming alive to C J Chenier, to the late Beau Jocque, to my old Bonnie Raitt tunes and a bit of Joni, Dave, Asleep at the Wheel and okay, that one Akon song that I love….and I realize how I MUST manifest more dancing in my world. I have one of the prettiest ballrooms in Georgia with acoustics that are perfect and space to swirl, cha cha, swing, zydeco and feel the flow of the music, the step, a partner and yourself.

So….always a mission, a vision, an idea to conceive, make real. And tonight….I’ll put out into the ether waves, that there WILL be dancing at Carl House while I am caretaker and owner.

I remember years ago when creating Carl House, standing on planks of a not yet build ballroom thinking, ‘goodness, like a theatre, oooh, the love and joy that will happen under this roof when it is built’.

And so it has been and so it will be!

Everything starts with a spark, an idea….whooooa….it’s going to be a unforgettable year. Mark my words…please do!

Beau Jocque….vibing, dancing….over the moon joy and Mr. (revered Sir), CJ Chenier…just entirely cool and soooo fun to dance to ya’all!! Now stand up and dance….do it….just do!!

The power of now, mooooving and WOW!…the energy will send you where you’re needing to go. TRUST me on that one!!

BB Webb


Dig Deeper… July 19, 2010

for your passion….for your heart….let it rip….and then rip some more.

Thank you Janis.

BB Webb


All The Kinds of Alive You Can Be March 24, 2010

Every day, a choice.

Every moment, an opportunity.

And tomorrow, a new start, if you’ll allow that thinking.

And you, golden, should you deem it so.

I say, go for the gold-en.

Little Bird, by the Weepies

Sometimes it’s hard to say
Even one thing true
When all eyes have turned aside
They used to talk to you
And people on the streets seem to disapprove
So you keep moving away
And forget what you wanted to say

Little bird
Little bird
Brush your gray wings on my head
Say what you said
Say it again
They tell me I’m crazy
But you told me
I’m golden

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth from the lies
Nobody knows what’s in the hold of your minds
We are all building and people inside
Never know who walks through the door
Is it someone that you’ve met before

Little bird
Little Bird
Brush your gray wings on my head
Say what you said
Say it again
They tell me I’m crazy
But you told me
I’m golden
Little bird

I know what I know
A wind in the trees and a road
That goes winding ‘onder
From hear I see rain I hear thunder
Somewhere there’s sun
And you don’t need a reason

Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to keep on
Quiet weekends, holidays
You come undone
Open your window and look upon
All the kinds of alive you can be
Be still, be light, believe me

Little bird
Little Bird
Brush your gray wings on my head
Say what you said
Say it again
They tell me I’m crazy
But you told me
I’m golden
I’m golden

Listen to the bird.

BB Webb


Do What You Want….NATALY!!! March 22, 2010

Look who I discovered…..oh-oh-oh-oh-oh….brilliance alert, brilliance alert. One better than the next…..and those eyes…..

Creative people abound!!

Refreshing….truly, truly….go out and do it…..just do what you want!! Please, please, please!!

It’ll help the planet….trust me on this one!

BB Webb


Oh yeeeeees you can, you can do it! March 9, 2010

I’m inspired by brilliance, creativity, talent, heart, openness, honesty…. which often takes uncanny courage….the kind where you REALLY take a look in the mirror, where you work to love yourself despite all the silly stuff you might have done in the past.

I’m also inspired by people’s willingness to shift, turn, grown and love despite their humanness. I always make room to be surprised by people doing a better job of being human. Why not?

And this, 12-year-old Stephen Waarts, Violin Soloist playing with Michael Paul Gibson, Conductor with the Silicon Valley Symphony playing Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35 by Tchaikovsky, well, HE certainly is an inspiring young lad!

I heard of young Stephen on NPR’s ‘From the Top’ this past Sunday….he’s 13 now.

We are all so capable. More than we might allow, courageous if we’ll keep digging, asking questions, moving from the heart. There is so little we can’t do. This I know for SURE.

I choose to hold people in the light. Not everyone does. I certainly appreciate when folks do that for me!

BB Webb


A Sad and Beautiful World March 8, 2010

I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio), on my way back from a killer Bikram Yoga class which I travel all the way to Alpharetta for, (I drive nearly an hour to be tortured). It’s the closest location to my home.

Having plenty of time to listen to tunes or talk on the phone, I lately find myself listening to NPR, the only programming, aside from perhaps Sirrus Radio options, which I truly enjoy. This evening, and latecomer that I am to some ‘things’ and people, I heard of Mark Linkous aka Sparklehorse for the first time. He apparently was prone to deep depression and took his life last week in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I liked the music they played of his on the radio. I’m sad to just learn of people and then have them gone from the planet. I went home and immediately read all about him and played his many songs. I am especially taken by his song, ‘A Sad and Beautiful World’. I concur.

All these feelings, coming and going. All these souls coming and going and coming and going….it somehow puts some things into perspective.

.His ‘Heart of Darkness’ hit a resonate chord. I like his tone, his style, his voice, the words. I would have liked to have met this artist, this man.

Thank you for leaving this lovely music for us to enjoy Mr. Linkous and may you find a profound and deserved peace.

BB Webb


Rock it Ruthie….go on now… November 10, 2009

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missrhythmI’ve gotten to play a few roles in my life…..but damn, how much time to play the ones on this long list I have….

Why do actors want to be singers, and singers actors? Do doctors want to be lawyers, and accountants Queen’s of England?

These are the things I think about when my eyes are shutting, I KNOW I need to go to bed, but am afraid I might MISS something.

When I was quite young, I remember my two older brothers and I being asked what we wanted to be when we ‘grew up’. With no idea what possessed me, I asserted that I wanted to be an elephant. Good God what a thought. I must have had my reasons.

My eldest brother, Jeffery chose to be a screwdriver. Not sure what was happening in his squirrel-y butt world and then Johnny, always the sensitive, indecisive one, wanted to wait and see what happened. Kids! Terrific really!

And with more rain tumbling down all over the ground in Georgia….I just want to sing like Ruthie….from 1955 when I was but a whisper of thought in my mommy’s eyes.

Sorry, couldn’t copy the video here, but treat yourself….THIS is a performer and OH what a band! That mouth, those eyes, those moves….2 minutes….she just might get ja! And oooooh, the power of a sax!!

BB Webb