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All good things… August 15, 2009

Several things today….#1…if you’ve visited my site lately…..weeeelllll….you’ll see that, ‘where’d it go.’ It has been confiscated by a swarthy band of pirates….

B.B.W.E.B.B. Big-Time *Backyard Wrestling* Experience Get offa my lawn!!”


That certainly brought a chuckle my way!

This is what happens when one of the many sites you’ve secured, (the key site in fact), is not renewed. We were remiss and well, perhaps as a friend suggested…it’s a sign…time for something new. By mid next week, my site address will be as after all, I am arriving….always arriving somewhere new!

And that takes me to another curious ‘something’ from this day.

I am interested in many things and not interested in even more.

Suffice it to say, I received an email from a very long time pal who lives in the midwest. We’d spent our younger days In Vermont together. She wrote… ‘Babs, (I have scads of nicknames), Babs….I had this VIVID dream about you, you were…….blah, blah, blah.’ And she was right, I’ve had the same premonitions and I know what she dreamt is on its way…a clear vision of what is coming, what is around my bend. I’ve somehow known it for a loooong time. And well, I know I’ve been preparing for sometime now! Exciting really.

Running2And then, I don’t know what got into me. I went for a run. I’ve had NO interest in running since I finished the NYC marathon almost a dozen years ago, (in the pouring rain). After that, I’d felt as though I’d had enough running. No bad experiences, I’d just had enough.

But today, almost like Forrest Gump, I just got up and ran….up and down hills (with newly purchased iTunes coaxing and encouraging me along)…4 miles…trot, trot, trot, (midday no less)??? Crazy! I don’t know what had gotten into me. I just had to run. And it felt marvelous, I felt like the swift Artemis and could not hold back.

All good things. All good things coming. Letting go of the old, bringing in the new. Wishing us all well.

And the Weepies couldn’t say it better.

Hold onto your hats!

BB Webb


Priorities are what you spend your time on… August 1, 2009

A busy week leading to a weekend with needed breathing space. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

I’m mesmerized by the thought that:

‘priorities are what we spend our time on.’

I look back at my week and find myself sorting through activities now past, intentions spoken, a pile of seeming priorities laying wait for me to tend to…left like drift wood on the beach. Will I go back and pick them up?

Maybe I’ll just be moving on to new things…remembering that I have this moment, then the next and next, always fresh and always new for what I deem important or NOT, I suppose.

It’s life. Vast, open, unnamed unless we name it.

Breathing space is clearly a priority and I will fill it well this weekend and consider myself focused and fortunate that I did.

And for a moment perhaps, the army of ‘priorities’ which I carefully name and fill my ‘to do’ list with, need just wait like ready soldiers for their time.

Is that thought then an oxymoron to the whole idea of priorities being what we spend our time on…if I am willy nilly about things I say are important, tardy on tending to them as I say?

I found this intriguing video which somehow fits where I am today. Don’t know the artist, what it means, but well…… I like it.

May your priorities hug and kiss you like sweet lovers, never harsh, just present with a smile.

BB Webb


Dancing and Technology July 26, 2009

I love dancing…

I love technology.

I love the two combined.

Start em young I say… start em young!!

They got me…I’m buying Evian and if I weren’t locked into Verizon, TMobile might be my pick…based on their dance video…find it…it’s worth a looksie!

BB Webb