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Real Friends. March 29, 2010

Have your back.

Don’t walk away when things get tough.

Take responsibility for their part of an issue.

Tell the truth, even when it’s scary to tell the truth.

Honor you by showing up.

Take a hit for you at times.

Can listen to the truth, even when it”s hard to hear.

They don’t bullshit you.

They wouldn’t THINK of bullshitting you.

A friend is a not-for-profit entity!

A friend will say they’re sorry, if they’ve at times been less than a friend.

And a friend forgives.

A friend forgives another friend, in time.

Even when the other friend has been less than friendly.

A real friend helps to guide a real friend into their very best self.

And they intend ALWAYS, the highest good.


Learning to be a real friend is a process.

To be a real friend takes courage!

Uncanny courage.

How good a friend are you?

BB Webb


And again, I remind myself… March 28, 2010

simply to breathe…



and trust…

trust that somewhere,


I am, (we are), supremely loved,

taken care of and….

that equanimity is mine…ours…


And so it is. It just is.

BB Webb


Girls….Young Women in our Culture

I know the story in this short video.

My friend April introduced me to her friend who performs one of the roles in this piece.

A lovely heartful man.

We all watched it together the other weekend.

I get it. Sincerely, I do and I do and I do.

I’d like to be one of the protectors. I know how it feels to be unprotected.

I do.

If you have girls and women in your life who you care about, you might appreciate this video.

It’s time to look through a glass clearly.

The predators need the healing as well.

We all make a difference…it’s up to us what kind….of difference.

BB Webb


Happiness comes from…. March 25, 2010

caring more….not less.

I heard that thought this evening and it made me sit awhile and think. I’m not sure I agree. Caring more?? Caring too much can break your heart. Caring less can surely leave you lonely, yet, to be disengaged separates you from the pain of caring too much which leads to inevitable disappointment…time and again.

A broken heart. Truly there are worse things. If exercised right, the heart is one strong muscle. Mine has had its share of exercise for sure.

With each disappointment I come back, eventually, more fully to myself.

It’s the ‘I am’ principle perhaps.

We are complete within our selves and caring more….ultimately for ourselves, creates strong, able selves.

And strong, able selves can love others better.

So I suppose I’ve come full circle…happiness just might come from caring more, not less.

And round and round the world we go.

>>>>>You just witnessed what happens on average 239 times in the mind of BB Webb in any given day.<<<<<

It’s no wonder I’m so tired at night.

Whewww…so what is ‘carefree’, not caring more, or less????

Oy vey! I think I need a hug!! 🙂

BB Webb


All The Kinds of Alive You Can Be March 24, 2010

Every day, a choice.

Every moment, an opportunity.

And tomorrow, a new start, if you’ll allow that thinking.

And you, golden, should you deem it so.

I say, go for the gold-en.

Little Bird, by the Weepies

Sometimes it’s hard to say
Even one thing true
When all eyes have turned aside
They used to talk to you
And people on the streets seem to disapprove
So you keep moving away
And forget what you wanted to say

Little bird
Little bird
Brush your gray wings on my head
Say what you said
Say it again
They tell me I’m crazy
But you told me
I’m golden

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth from the lies
Nobody knows what’s in the hold of your minds
We are all building and people inside
Never know who walks through the door
Is it someone that you’ve met before

Little bird
Little Bird
Brush your gray wings on my head
Say what you said
Say it again
They tell me I’m crazy
But you told me
I’m golden
Little bird

I know what I know
A wind in the trees and a road
That goes winding ‘onder
From hear I see rain I hear thunder
Somewhere there’s sun
And you don’t need a reason

Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to keep on
Quiet weekends, holidays
You come undone
Open your window and look upon
All the kinds of alive you can be
Be still, be light, believe me

Little bird
Little Bird
Brush your gray wings on my head
Say what you said
Say it again
They tell me I’m crazy
But you told me
I’m golden
I’m golden

Listen to the bird.

BB Webb


All Structures are Unstable March 23, 2010

Eckhart Tolle is kicking my butt….and I like it. I like to see things with fresh eyes. From his, ‘A New Earth’.

‘The ego always wants something from other people or situations. There is always a hidden agenda, always a sense of ‘not enough yet,’ of insufficiency and lack that needs to be filled. It uses people and situations to get what it wants, and even when it succeeds, it is never satisfied for long. Often it is thwarted in its aims, and for the most part the gap between ‘I want’ and ‘what is’ becomes a constant source of upset and anguish.

The famous and now classic pop song, ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,’ is the song of the ego. The underlying emotion that governs all the activity of the ego is fear. The fear of being nobody, the fear of nonexistence, the fear of death. All its activities are ultimately designed to eliminate this fear, but the most the ego can ever do is to cover it up temporarily with an intimate relationship, a new possession, or winning at this or that. Illusion will never satisfy you. Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.’

Why fear? Because the ego arises by identification with form, and deep down it knows that no forms are permanent, that they are all fleeting. So there is always a sense of insecurity around the ego even if on the outside it appears confident.’

And later on….

‘Once you realize and accept that all structures (forms) are unstable, even the seemingly solid material ones, peace arises within you. This is because the recognition of the impermanence of all forms awakens you to the dimension of the formless within yourself, that which is beyond death. Jesus called it ‘eternal life.’

Back to the need to make things what they ARE, so you might change them. All in an effort for finding home, peace perhaps, an ever changing what is and what is and what is.

Illusion will never satisfy you nor seeking that forever hungry ghost!

If we only, only, only knew our absolute perfection within….we’d no doubt take a breath and vanish as there’d perhaps be no more need to tarry upon the earth.

I (no doubt my ego here….sigh….) aspire to being an angel one day.

Just thinking….

BB Webb


Do What You Want….NATALY!!! March 22, 2010

Look who I discovered…..oh-oh-oh-oh-oh….brilliance alert, brilliance alert. One better than the next…..and those eyes…..

Creative people abound!!

Refreshing….truly, truly….go out and do it…..just do what you want!! Please, please, please!!

It’ll help the planet….trust me on this one!

BB Webb