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Create this…moment. January 27, 2011

I’m breaking away from my zip zip duties for a moment to bear witness to my own ‘BB Webb journey’.


I thought of something queer…odd. Of course every moment we experience is NEW, but I’ve been noticing how certain actions seem especially new. (I’ve not taken LSD, I’m merely noticing what has gone perhaps unnoticed or certainly not consciously recognized before).

Now, nothing earth shattering here….just moments seen a bit from the left instead of the right.

I noted that the other night I’d never made a turn in a certain way in my kitchen with my tea preparation just so, with my dogs surrounding me with an unusual glee usually reserved for when I’m preparing food or issuing out a ‘dog treat’. I merely noticed.

I noticed a new way I spoke with a team member and how my body felt in my clothes. I recognized a brief moment where and how I held a defense mechanism within myself back. I was merely noticing.

I noticed a definite fondness flood over me when considering certain possibilities of new work, new connections in my work. I just happened to notice it. Answers to challenging situations, creative ‘ahas’ encouraging me forward.

They are everywhere, these new things. I like noticing them. Moments.

I find that it’s usually around creating something fresh and new or meeting someone who might hold a mirror to myself in a good way or open a thought to a new possibility to a challenge. I’m exhilerated in those moments.

And I am meeting new people…folks to help this vision I am growing for developing the land behind my beautiful Carl House, people who augment the thoughts I have for my writing, speaking, the media work I am chomping at the bit to pursue as I am less in the day to day runnings of Carl House.


And this week, I realized, (as we continue to have a handful of reactive moments in my business as we do some more growth filled moving about), I had misunderstood one of the alternative marketing opportunities with a bridal show we are participating in this weekend, Bridal Extravaganza. I realized on Tuesday that we were lined up to design a table top for 6-8 people…any theme, colors, flatwear, dishes, flowers, design trend….After the shock and working to adjust my already full schedule, (as I was eager to participate), an idea blossomed for a theme in moments and in short order, a trip to 5 stores in 3 hours, I had what I wanted and more.

And I aim for us to win, though that’s hardly the point. I was merely excited to get to create in a new way, different from my current day to day. I can’t divulge our theme or photos yet, but I hope you’ll stay tuned. I hear the competition is tough this year with MANY more participants than last year. Despite so few hours of rest this week, as I continue as ‘BB a go-go’….I am enthralled to have my fingers in so many tasty pies.

I considered…it’s the act of being creative that keeps my fire lit. It’s energizing, real, full, expansive and fun….working to execute the visions which keep knocking inside my head.

Just thinking….

BB Webb


We all need a champion! January 23, 2011

I had a young man working in my organization not so long ago. A tall, good looking, sweet and capable young man. He was caught drinking Carl House alcohol on the job. I had to let him go. In letting him go, I offered that I would not abandon him, but rather walk alongside him IF he reached out to me for help. I would not make it easy for him, but would offer support should he ask for it.

I am happy that he has. I had initially told him that I would not employ him again. Given his efforts, I have reconsidered. I feel it is important to guide people toward their own growth, to empower them through encouraging their positive action. I have learned not so much from my successes, but from what brought me TO those successes, which is most often challenge and adversity.

So, thank you tormentors. Thank you. I may not offer to supper with you, but I thank you nevertheless.

Below is his recent letter to me and my response today to him, his name changed of course to protect his privacy.

I would really appreciate some hours when some become available. I think the carl house could be a very positive atmosphere for me to wrok in. I would really enjoy a chat with you as well. If you would like to set up a meeting if you arent too busy that would be great. I have been continuing my progress of becoming a better person but have hit a few snags along the way and could use some good advice and you have given me some of the best advice i have ever recieved. Its not like i have resorted to drinking, im just kind of lost on a few things. Either email me or call me on either of these subjects.
Thank you,

Thanks for reaching out Joseph. I’ll pass the word to Debbie about scheduling you when we can though this is our slow time. If there is other work available, I’ll let you know. Things though are growing since we launched our new website. Have a look, we’re very proud of it.

You need to consider a group to check in with Joseph and of course, I’ll be here for you as I can be. Consider an AA group. You don’t have to be a fall down drunk to benefit from these groups, in fact, those of us with mild addictions often have the worse situation as it’s easy to justify why we feel we can handle it all ourselves. We are human and we ALL need support. I struggle with my own issues, we ALL do.

Find a group to visit with before we next meet. Bring the names of 3 or 4 options. You’ll be glad you did and begin to realize you are not alone with the struggles you face.

Consider where YOU might be of service to someone. If you are an animal person, consider giving some of your time to an animal rescue through PetSmart or a similar organization. You never know who you’ll meet who makes a difference in your life and you to them.

We ALL want to make a difference and to be recognized for the beautiful people that we are. And, we all want to make a living to support the dreams we have. It’s a process so be patient. You’re doing better than you know Joseph. Even writing to me is a BIG step.

So, find an AA group to visit, or several and a place to volunteer your time….if only a few hours a week. What you put out to the world WILL come back to you, in the proper time. Be mindful of who you hang out with and consider if they are helping to support the new directions you are wanting to take or not. They needn’t necessarily be BAD people, but question if they are the support network or a group of folks who inspire your movement forward.

Here’s how you can help me. I am looking for a student in film or marketing who is looking for a project for credit and experience at their school. I am embarking on filming some of my stories and am looking for someone to help film and document some goings on at Carl House to showcase on our blogs and newsletters. We have a new website and I have big plans for our growth, our YouTube and other social media outlets a big part of initiating that growth. So, if you know someone who might spend their time with me, I’d be most appreciative.

If you have time on Friday the 28….toward the end of the day, I can schedule some time around 4pm. Let me know. And just keep breathing, be conscience of where you are, where you want to go, ask for guidance from God, the Universe, whatever you believe and KNOW, know for CERTAIN, things WILL improve. It’s a process and it’s all EXACTLY the way it is supposed to be. Keep the faith Joseph and know you are cared for!



There are so many challenges as we grow and unfold. We all have them, our worlds to negotiate. I want the best for this young man. He needs support as we all do. We all need champions in our lives.

I want to help in a bigger way than I feel I presently am. I consider how I might do so in a bigger way. This young man motivates me to find my next direction as well.

Peace and good things to us all.

BB Webb


Keep the dream alive. January 22, 2011

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I am reminded to create my own ‘story’. My own story. I encourage you to create your own as well. And a reminder, should you choose, to not lose your heart, flexibility or courage despite how the world and people prompt you in doing so. I remind myself this evening, regardless of the fatigue I feel, the chaos that often ensures, all MANNER of things are possible.

Once upon a time… from Capucha on Vimeo.

BB Webb


And then a new idea came blazing in like a fire ball…. January 17, 2011

I don’t like restriction or limits. I’m often my own worst enemy as I’ll jot things on my calendar, some of the things on that dratted ‘should’ list. And if I don’t want to do it, I don’t. Who SAID I need to work out at 5pm. I’m going to make it 6pm or tomorrow.

Sadly in many cases that ridiculous obstinance can get in the way of things I really, REALLY do want to accomplish.

But, as a wise therapist said to me many times, many years ago….’you’ve gotta make things what they ARE before you can change them.’

Right on dude….I agree.

I am enjoying the coming of greater clarity in many areas within my life…..understanding better what I do and don’t have time for or interest in at this point in my life. I like how it feels to be ‘on the grow’. Like a kudzu plant eager to climb a wall, I’m intent on scaling the Matterhorn of my potential in new realms and anything less acts like a scour pad on my soul. ‘Cut it out’ I hear myself say….impatient with anything that doesn’t smell the scent of my passions.

So, I’m not always fun to be around as my myopic-ness sure ain’t for everyone.

But I don’t care to be ‘for everyone’.

And today, I met with a realtor who got and encouraged my vision for the back 30 plus acres I own….(yes, me and the bank)!!….behind my lovely Carl House. The payments to land that has fallen drastically in value, without a bungalow to warrant a rent to defray the cost of my note, can become rather burdensome. I’m a frugal gal, good at hunting down ‘finds’ at thrift stores and managing my frequent flyer points for, (for instance) a trip to Shanghai in the fall, (more on that another day)….because my money right now goes to land. And I STILL feel it can be a worthy investment…..with the proper creativity applied.

And, I like being creative. In fact, when I’m not being so, I tend to wilt and any glow I might have had goes nearly ashen. So, create I must.

And it was this very day that with this realtor, and the lovely woman who sold me my home which I LOVE…hidden near a forest, a rustic a frame sort of abode that is entirely ME…..we came up with the thought of ‘Carl House Estates’ behind my buidling….my vision being the following…..

assisted living facilities, hotel and corporate retreat center, restaurant, shops, music events, doctors offices, a regular community….gee, I’ve even considered a pet cemetery. So, I’m making calls….and I’m beginning to really get somewhere!!

We all laughed together considering my new by line for Carl House…

‘Carl House, for all the IMPORTANT events of your life’ Get married at Carl House, have your business meetings outback, celebrate the kids birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Retirement Parties, shop with us, eat with us, visit Grandma at her assisted living venue, and when Pookey the poodle passes on, we have a resting place for him as well.

You laugh NOW……ha! Every ‘something’ starts with an….an…..AN IDEA!

True, I might be mad, but I’ve considered the alternatives and they interest me NOT!! Mad Hatter, I get you!

Let the fun begin!! Indeed!

BB Webb


Some times its worth the wait. January 11, 2011

I feel as though I’ve given birth.
Awwww…..that’s not fair. I’ve never given birth and I’m sure this process was MUCH more arduous.

(Okay, I’m being a rascal).

Our new website is live. Our Carl House website.

I especially like the property tour page and the event services link. You might visit our Carl House You Tube link as well….I’ve uploaded some winners.

But everyone likes their children best!

Kristi Odom Photography: Please visit virtually and in person when you can! I've always got a hot pot of great coffee brewing!

i can begin on other projects….this one has taken up oodles and scootles of my time.

But, it’s important as are all the other social media connections.

I popped a Heineken.

And I don’t even drink beer.

But I am.

And I toast the good work of the folks who had my back and made it happen, my team at Carl House and Junction Creative Services.

Thank you.

Damn, I think I have a buzz, light headed from having this huge endeavor off my chest, heart, mind…..wherever it seems to have ‘lain’??? well over a year.

Onward ho….but no driving, one beer and I’m under my soda.

Happy New Year to me!

And to you….to all good things!

BB Webb


Oh That Junction Where Creativity Meets Vision! January 6, 2011

During my several moons of travail over the last several years….I have for about a year and a half envisioned a new website for my Carl House business. Sadly, I had not only NOT found the right person or business to help unfold the vision inside my head, I wasted money attempting to FIND that right person or business.

It’s all a part of the journey, so they say. (And who IS ‘they’)???

And what women DOESN’T like a new look? We women don’t ‘dye’ our hair, that suggests covering something unwanted…..we instead ‘color’ it….as a fashion statement. Who said anything about GRAY???

I have found though, in Junction Creative, a team of savvy business folks who GET what customer service, creativity and communication is all about. Led by savvy business woman Julie Cropp Gareleck, her team of able bodied men and women have exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

And, this new iteration of the Carl House site, is only the beginning!!

Waiting for the birth of a new website is like waiting for (I’m guessing here), a child to be born. But damn, this incubation (well over a year) seems like foreeever! There are sooo many details that MUST be perfect, representative of who we are as a company, as a team, highlighting the RIGHT details to be effective to our readers and folks interested in our venue!

This wait I’ll say is worth it as (for those who know me), I don’t like doing much of ANYTHING half way. With over 125 photos, easy navigation and descriptions of what we offer that we HOPE will tease and entice you and many others to come visit, we’re giddy with girlish excitement!

And our Carl House blog, (Carl House Unveiled), has an outfit to match. And if you’re not COMPLETELY enthralled, our new corporate site will be making a reappearance again soon, soon!

Life does have its glorious moments, doesn’t it. Oooh, the varied things which bring us pleasure!!

The truth is, I, WE (my team and me), LOVE to put on a party! In fact, it makes us JUMP for joy! Stay tuned. Next week is our due date….and that stork seems to be as excited as we are …..

We're all jumping for joy about our new look! Photo by John Campbell Photography!

Thanks Savvy Web Team, we are most grateful for your hard and smart work!! Thank you one and all!

BB Webb


Woman-kind. A gift doubled and squared! January 4, 2011

Three generations! Lucky me!

Our nuclear family, as we all know, is not what Ozzie and Harriet portrayed in the 50s….not one bit. I own and run a special event venue…..a lovely one in fact. I get teary with each bride I send down the aisle….hopeful that what they are putting out to the Universe, hopes, dreams what-have-you….might blister….bad word, unfold with beauty and ease.

More often than not, the unfolding of any relationship HAS its blisters. Yep, part of the learning curve. Our options though are numerous (as women) compared to the days when Mr. Cleaver, “Beaver’s Dad’, ran the roost.

Last evening I spent my time with a cackle (the words bouncing in my head this evening surprise me)….I meant that in the most affectionate terms, me one of the ‘cacklers’….a cackle of women related through love, chance encounters, marriage, divorce.

Sweet Emily....from 8 years old to 21 in a blink!

Pictured below is my former husband’s other former wife, (we call one another ‘wife in laws’) and his mother, in the pretty bow….and his former wife’s (not me, the other one), mother and my lovely step daughter who will always be my step daughter. A finer group of women I’ve chance to meet.

Oh....the places we've gone, the places we'll go!

We have one man in common who is ‘Dad’, ‘son’, ‘son-in-law’, was ‘husband’ now ‘former husband’ to us separately. He brought us all together. I’m grateful for these big hearts who welcomed me into their fold. I welcome their friendship as my relationship with the father of her children, the son to his mom, the Daddy to one precious child and son-in-law, shifted places and roles in my world. These ladies, their love toward me….I’ve found is not conditional. Wow! Nooooo, really, WOW!

These are women big of heart, loving despite their own trials and to me very, very special indeed.

Hats off to the ladies who lunch, dinner, drink and stay together! You are always and forever welcome, whereever I am.

With love,

BB Webb