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Falling in Love October 17, 2010

It’s a choice….falling in love. A choice. We choose.

There has been a lot of underground movement occurring in my world of late…taking me away a bit from my writing, from the me I thought I was to whoever it is I am becoming.

I’m ‘in love’ with arriving to new and better places….of consciousness, awareness, possibility. But like birth, it can in moments be a haul….down that canal, it can be rough, stormy, rocky, uncertain.

And so can this ‘falling in love’ feel uncertain at times, as though you’re a ship bouncing about in the sea, not sure where the turn will take you and if you have your grounding.

I’ve chosen a man of late, a most lovely one in fact, and in that choosing OH how we get to see ourselves anew….the parts we love, the parts we less than love. Along with the joy and newness of a relationship comes all the rest, the sorting out of who we are, what we want, all this discovery while our heart, (or mine anyway), slowly creaks open, eager to breathe freely despite the trepidation of opening and being let down, disappointed, hurt. Oh the risk of boldly sharing who we are, the emotional nakedness more vexing than any body nakedness could compare!

I can feel the unsettledness in my body, in my sleep or sleeplessness….all the glory of change. All good. And with this I have found myself instead of writing or doing my workouts or other things which I SAY are a priority….(mine are shifting), I am throwing things out, cleaning, cupboards and closets, redesigning entire rooms, creating anew, revising parts of my business, my mind really.

As I must….the woman I was is becoming the women I will be. And this is good, in fact VERY good.

There is more to share, so much more, but sleep hangs heavy on my eyelids and I have some necessary turns happening in my business as well. The energy is shifting everywhere and my mantra is peace….more peace….within, without.

And oh how a new presence in ones life can work to shift things. Always for the better if we remain mindful regardless of where a newfound love might take us or for how long…a month or two, a year, a decade or lifetime. If we are ready to be impacted, we will be. We will be indeed.

Luck, joy and happiness to you, to me, to everyone. And grace, oooooh, grace and an open heart and mind, willing and able to communicate with love and with ease.

More love.

And so it is!

BB Webb