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We all need a ‘Caddy’ March 24, 2011

‘Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level’. Eileen Caddy.

We all need reminders, helpmates, support, champions, someone to carry our ‘clubs’ from time to time. And these ‘caddys,’ champions…they come in such varied flavors. We need only open our eyes, listen, feel with our hearts and get out of our own way.

Abundance is our nature. Might we but tune in as the animals do…even my domesticated animals….they know. They are some of my greatest teachers, certainly with regard to listening, love and absolute…..oh did I say ABSOLUTE, oh yes, Absolute JOY!

Spring is here. Here’s to the rebirth of you, me, anyone ready for positive change and the expectation of miracles…but, of COURSE!

Look around and you shall see.

BB Webb


Careful ’bout that wink November 4, 2010

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Almost Friday. Each week like a bourbon splash or flirty fast wink.

With more fodder for stories. This week a topper!

I’ve written, set aside the words, written some more and ooooh, set it aside.

Though in time, another day, without the need to watch my words so much, I’ll encourage the transparent sparrow that whispers in my ear and the fingers which type out the text.

Or merely store away my ‘drafts’ for another day!

BB Webb


Animals Rock! August 11, 2010

Come on, they do….mine do….

…but I have proof, solid hard evidence that if you love on a creature, (I’ll submit this might be relevant for human beings as well)…..if you LOVE ON an animal every day of its life, pet it, make sure it has food, water, exercise, clean bedding and temperatures not too hot or cold, they will sprout forth like a rose in bloom and be great company and friends all your live long days.

They entertain, adore you, are loyal like no one I’VE ever met, love routine, don’t mind staying outside all day in the yard or on the shaded porch, they have no problem eating the same food every day and well, car rides are over-the-top excitement for them.

A world without pets to me is unthinkable.

Today I thank all my creatures, Ernie, Bert, Bonnie, my pups and Annie, Wiley Pete and Lester, my four legged felines, along with 2 jumping un-named goldies in the tank….for their friendship and loyalty.

Might more people (me included) follow your example in areas a tad more!

BB Webb


Cowgirls, Plays and Such! July 22, 2010

I’ve always produced. Always. I was making up skits and plays when I was 4, dressed in plastic high heels, often wore a cape like Mighty Mouse (from the cartoons), and would jump off chairs feeling rather ‘mighty’ myself. At one point I thought it’d be fun to be an elephant when I grew up, (no body image issues then), and I often fixed my hair and positioned whatever hat I was wearing in the door knob as that’s about how tall I was.

I know you have your stories. Who we are and will become is rather evident when we look back. Sally Star, (cowgirl on tv who hosted Saturday morning cartoons in my hometown of Lancaster, PA)…..she wore an outfit I coveted before I knew that ‘coveting’ was apparently something frowned upon.

Well, I still covet that bejeweled gem of an outfit with sequins and fringes, her cowgirl hat had the perfect flare and Sally, to me, was the ideal woman, strong, fun, funny, brave (it seemed, she was afterall a cowgirl) and pretty. And ooooh, those clothes. I just knew if she’d stand up and turn around her skirt would swirl in a way that would mesmerize any smart cowboy around!

Pink Martini Dessert: Photo:

So, I continue to produce, all manner of events, shows, ideas, stage ‘happenings’ in my head, speeches, concerts and dream that one day I’ll have the skillset and nerve to sing in public. I just can’t help it, it’s how I came into the world.

This weekend I’m excited to produce a lovely event at Carl House, replete with bagpipes, fiddlers, vendor partners and their wares, a wine tasting of our best wines with prizes, prizes, prizes as I LOVE to give gifts.

You MIGHT have interest. If so, check out our Carl House blog, Carl House Unveiled.

Life’s such fun when you get to share your passion with others. I might even wear my cowgirl outfit!

BB Webb


Ooooh Mary…..sweet June 9, 2010

The power of YouTube… had Theresa Anderson on their main page this morning…..

a new talent to me.

Ahh the fiddle. Ahh the voice.

Makes me (and clearly), Mary, weep!

BB Webb


Uncertain times? It’s all in how you whistle. January 4, 2010

If we knew, KNEW, in our hearts that each hiccup, bubble and trip in our journey was taking us EXACTLY where we needed to go, why would we fret, mourn or worry?

If I’m spot on sure of my imminent expression in life, that I’ll be surrounded by the folks who matter, if in one second I say that and the next feel worry creeping upon my brow, then do I truly have the faith I say I do?

This is all the stuff of being human. We surround ourselves with certain folks perhaps to help us stay our course until, like a child confident enough to throw off her training wheels, we can then ride free ourselves. Baby birds are thrown out of nests for a reason…..’fly damn it….you can do it….just fly!’ ‘Ouch’ said the little bird who was noooot quite ready. Nonetheless, yes, that bird hit its little head and oooooh, ‘she’ll figure it out, she’s more able than she knows,’ spoke the one who assisted her spirited fall! Apparently someone had to.

This perhaps is the process of becoming, becoming until we arrive. And once having arrived, is there not somewhere new to go.

As the events of last year settle within me, the many changes, and last wind storm that knocked down a few I beams, only last week, (leveling a kind of support inside me), I know I’ll work to rebuild a sturdy foundation which might be built with slightly different materials. It’ll be made from some soul source materials, not so easily collapsable. But a building I shall go. All good, ultimately all good. I’ll see that better once I stand back a bit and better access the view.

News has it, (again, from a reliable source), I’m building a Sherman tank of sorts for myself….and when it’s completed, out of the hanger will I come, and don’t consider stopping me as I plan to relish the view and storm ahead where needed. So I’m told. And I believe. Ultimately, I believe in all manner of things.

Though, in this moment…I feel rather small. And in those moments I don’t see the mountains as well. And isn’t it the moments which construct a life, a life full of all manner of things giving it depth, breadth and beauty really. We need only stand back.

It may all just be weather, but ooooh, how cold the wind can feel from time to time and then again, (19 degrees this morning in Georgia, how appropo), how cozy when I build a fire.

And as always, how might the love inside each one of us buoy our sails so we might reflect and shine that light outward. To me, that is all that ultimately matters. It’s the getting there that takes some figuring or rather, faith. It all depends on the tune you choose to whistle.

BB Webb


Truth or dare….. November 17, 2009

Truth, light, transparency and savvy always wins. And by winning, i am referring to working toward the ‘good’. And might I define good? Perhaps good is taking responsibility, doing well onto others, respecting your limits, encouraging growth.

Truth or dare. I dare you to own up to all that you are….the glorious pieces, the less developed victim-y sides.

Do yourself a favor and blow it all to the wind and see how damn good you can be….on your own, without blaming others, without taking sides, just by being all that you can be and learning from the stuff that shows up that pisses you off, makes you feel little, scares you, turns you into a low ebb-er.

Fill that tank full of YOU and stop giving away your power says I. I know….I’ve been on both sides of the deck. And I like it full. I prefer a full deck.

I’m rambling tonight, full of images, photos, possibilities for how I might sit with satisfaction a spell in my life. What might it feel like to fill MY well and sit a spell?

I might just give it a try. Just look in the mirror at how absolutely beautiful you are…..just as you are…..just as you are….. without having to flaunt, put another down, just by sitting in a chair. Come on, I dare you to see the truth!

I’m a bit full of sap tonight….weary of the dark….it’s time for the light to shine ALL the way through….good GOD we all have SO much to be thankful for each and every day. Celebrate, honestly, celebrate the hell out of life while you are here. I’ll state it hear….I shun the dark….

it’s so…..dark.

How deep is your well?

BB Webb


Priorities are what you spend your time on… August 1, 2009

A busy week leading to a weekend with needed breathing space. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

I’m mesmerized by the thought that:

‘priorities are what we spend our time on.’

I look back at my week and find myself sorting through activities now past, intentions spoken, a pile of seeming priorities laying wait for me to tend to…left like drift wood on the beach. Will I go back and pick them up?

Maybe I’ll just be moving on to new things…remembering that I have this moment, then the next and next, always fresh and always new for what I deem important or NOT, I suppose.

It’s life. Vast, open, unnamed unless we name it.

Breathing space is clearly a priority and I will fill it well this weekend and consider myself focused and fortunate that I did.

And for a moment perhaps, the army of ‘priorities’ which I carefully name and fill my ‘to do’ list with, need just wait like ready soldiers for their time.

Is that thought then an oxymoron to the whole idea of priorities being what we spend our time on…if I am willy nilly about things I say are important, tardy on tending to them as I say?

I found this intriguing video which somehow fits where I am today. Don’t know the artist, what it means, but well…… I like it.

May your priorities hug and kiss you like sweet lovers, never harsh, just present with a smile.

BB Webb


The thoughts that come when sleep won’t…. July 1, 2009

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A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.  – John A. Shedd, Salt from My Attic, 1928.