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Speechless….BB Speechless???… October 6, 2010

Well, the world MIGHT stop on its axis would that be true….indeed, oooooh indeed, things are a’brewin….

and I take a pause to reflect a moment on it all. I take a deeeep breath and sit awhile. Something which ALSO happens far fewer than I hope it might in time. I’ll intend it so!

For my world is shifting slightly on its axis and frankly, that’s a very good thing.

People continue to surprise me with their ‘people-ness’ good and less than good.

My dogs, (spelled ‘gods’ backwards) continue to delight me with their open hearts and joyfulness and then their open hearts (and did I mention gratitude), again!

Business continues to keep me on the grow, ever stretching, creating, working to keep my fire in a creative, passionate spin, not one where I lose my cool… DOES happen.

And one man in particular is causing my brow to knit slightly, for he’s from an alien nation and has my head slightly atilt.

All the stuff of life for which I am grateful, full of curiosity, spitfire and steam.

So, stay tuned should you care as there is no doubt some rumbling afoot.

And the nights they are cool, fall so beautifully in the air, I turned a new age and I’ll intend a very, VERY good year ahead.

With love, ooooh, always…..always with love.

And from my mother,

‘sweetheart, when you get down sometimes, remember,
pick yourself up,
brush off your knees,
dry your tears,
take a deeeeeeeep breath,
and step forward,
with love, ALWAYS with love.’

She continues to teach me beyond this world. Such a mother she!

BB Webb


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