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Exploring the Possibilities

Life and business ARE stranger than fiction October 28, 2010

I have just a moment this evening as I’ve been on a tear….probably not uncharacteristic, but a tear for sure.

When I see what needs to be done…with utter clarity, damn if I’m not unstoppable. I feel a bit like a canon in those moments…once shot from my chambers I’m unstoppable. My team knows this, my friends maybe a bit too….it’s just how I work best.

So, when a cold threatened this week to muck up my targeted aim…I had a talk with it.

‘Cold,’ I squarely stated. ‘You need to take a hike. I’m in overdrive and putting a pause on this motor just now ain’t gonna work. Skeedattle please and pick on someone who really WANTS to slow down.’

Because this week I didn’t want to. I consider that I bolted up and down the three flights at Carl House with one mission or another at least 24 times. And it felt good, purposeful…..the physical parts of the week especially good.

As there are things that need to be done. And now, not tomorrow.

So, my cold and it’s threatening, sneezy, sniffly, headache-y, snotty self left me in a speedy day and a half.

(We are all powerful beyond what we might ever realize)!

And as I entered this week my pretty Carl House grounds I was reminded of the choices I have, of the abundance I can tap into moment to moment, the people who support me and rally my various causes. As I network throughout the city, today in Atlanta, then a quick scoot through traffic to a soiree in Athens, I meet people who I’m glad to see, who care about me as I do them. New connections are made and initiatives created as I sort through the many business cards from a week of business play and negotiation.

My options increase and my vision more clear.

And I realize how I enjoy the challenge of a challenge, the mix of emotion in a week, my own energies and vision and the people who come in and out of my life on a daily, monthly, yearly basis.

And most of all, I am thankful to be past a year of disappointment with people, my own choices and the emotional tumult which worked to threaten my resolve and my heart.

I found that I’m so much bigger than that.

And THAT….is a VERY good thing.

I sit tonight in awe of the miracles I’ve experienced and will moving forward. And frankly, it’s all a choice. So, I choose, big, expanded and abundant.

Life IS stranger than fiction, as it should be….because what I can manifest is so much larger and magical than I might ever dream up!!

Here’s to expansion, love, abundance, luck and joy.

BB Webb


Hills, Railroads, New Rooms and Such October 23, 2010

Such a title….but it rings true. The sound of the railroad lulls me in the office at Carl House as the calls come in, as I navigate personalities, work to keep everyone and myself on target, in line, clear of my vision and moving forward with support and clarity. There are hills, there are indeed valleys, and lately, new rooms and such!

I sat last evening at 8:30pm on the third floor of my Carl House, deeply satisfied with the sound of a party below,

(a commitment ceremony)!! We’re all entitled to live as we choose says I.

…the 8th redecorated or vastly reorganized and cleaned room in either my home or Carl House, a glass of Rodney Strong Knotty Vine Red Zinfandel, (a fav of mine) and some brie and bleu cheese with figs, apple slices and grapes prepared by my favorite of chefs, Chef Derek. Debbie, my Operations gal and I reminisced the busy week which I entered with a keen focus and crystal clear intent….I had plans….I could feel my team gasp as they drew close against their respective walls as I issued THIS weeks mission.

Having recently had a resignation and shifting among the ranks, (always the right decision)….I could feel the energies shift and I was ready to move forward….MOVE FORWARD indeed!

When I am clear, I am a whippet, or tasmanian devil, tsunami I’ve been called, though endeavor or have learned, (ummmm, am learning) to be less harsh as my intensity is inborn, it is me, tempered only through living in a world which I must negotiate at every turn, while not splashing frigid water on my flame. I must guard carefully myself from the doom and gloom sayers, the influences which don’t bolster me in positive ways. Similarly, I am picking up new ways of being which work to manage my energies, my direction, this mission I was somehow born to unfold!

I rearranged our offices on Monday and on short notice had a room renovated to accomodate our new photo booth. Anticipating a call from the 18 wheeler driver of the company with whom I bought this expensive but valuable addition to my offerings, we were prepared to assemble a ready team to lift it from the large truck. Finding Miguel, the driver with the two gold front teeth, (a lovely chap…from the Bronx)!…with Debbie’s help we assembled in short order our team of hearty and muscled men to move the thing. With Miguel outside my house, stirring the passing cars atop his 18 wheeler…we had no time to waste.

‘I’m here with a 450 pound photo booth….who’s moving it’.

Traffic was intense so quickly….on the phone with the local police to help direct traffic until our movers appeared! Roger, my beloved handyman, along with our newer team member Mike, scurried to finish the renovations of the room to receive this MONSTER of a welcomed ‘profit center’ to my business. Roger suggested pulling my 1984 Ford Truck behind the 18 wheeler to lower it first there, then closer to our back steps to haul this heavy pup inside.

One, two, three, things were flying….flying…..

Then on Tuesday, after giving an 8am talk to the local Chamber of Commerce at my place, ‘Building a Business the Thrives Beyond YOU’….my lessons learned in a talk now….humor and angst both!!!…..the team and I prepped for our Bridal Event with about 20 vendors showcasing their wares….me in my element as hostess, welcoming our 100 or so guests, giving out prizes, assuring each detail was tended and person welcomed.

A late night misunderstanding between and a client and staff member, (normal daily sorting), soon remedied, minimal drama and OOOOOh the food, Chef Derek outdid himself with the FOOD! (My favorite a chicken, lavender something infused sauce with brussel sprouts that made my eyes shut while chewing). I adore culinary treats, the creativity, the textures, tastes, the colors, the way it is presented. I grew up with a father who taught me the love of fine dining and it’s worth every penny when I do decide to indulge. And fortunately, I have a chef who treats me to luscious items on a regular basis to satisfy this passion, for it IS a passion and one I will NOT deny nor sacrifice!

Wednesday, a travesty in trying to find the right workman to assemble a floral cooler, one lame worker after the next, unbelievable quotes and me having to say good-bye to more than one ‘offer’. My favorite ill suited gent the one who asked if I’d give him money for gas and cigarettes! Debbie my operations person stood nearby waiting to hear my response, getting ready to flee if sparks flew. Oooooh, they did, they did and she flew….so did he.

We had some theft last week within the ranks and security measures have been increased. We suspect some new arrivals into our fold. After much hallabaloo, adding soon security cameras, better processes to assure there is no theft….the bottles of missing wine mysteriously reappeared. There is magic happening within my business. I feel it as surely as I know my forward growth and positive solutions are imminent.

I had a good talk, heart to heart really, with a key advisor, someone very close to me and she (that higher part of me) had some good thoughts…things I was gleaning as true. I’m on it. I’m here, I’m on track and ready for all good and the expansions that are afoot. Long in the waiting maybe, but maybe not.

Life is good.

And yesterday, the shed which can’t seem to stay organized….it and my dear Operations person, Debbie, were subject to a loving hurricane of BB organization and new processes.

Stand back’, I alerted, the dust will fly and, you will be so HAPPY it did.

We all were. And the energy within is changing, the right people are appearing and I’m clear, on point!

Of key importance, I AM clear….on MANY things in my world just now.

And that….ooooh, that is good, VERY good.

Love being the singular intent with all that THAT means to me.

BB Webb


Falling in Love October 17, 2010

It’s a choice….falling in love. A choice. We choose.

There has been a lot of underground movement occurring in my world of late…taking me away a bit from my writing, from the me I thought I was to whoever it is I am becoming.

I’m ‘in love’ with arriving to new and better places….of consciousness, awareness, possibility. But like birth, it can in moments be a haul….down that canal, it can be rough, stormy, rocky, uncertain.

And so can this ‘falling in love’ feel uncertain at times, as though you’re a ship bouncing about in the sea, not sure where the turn will take you and if you have your grounding.

I’ve chosen a man of late, a most lovely one in fact, and in that choosing OH how we get to see ourselves anew….the parts we love, the parts we less than love. Along with the joy and newness of a relationship comes all the rest, the sorting out of who we are, what we want, all this discovery while our heart, (or mine anyway), slowly creaks open, eager to breathe freely despite the trepidation of opening and being let down, disappointed, hurt. Oh the risk of boldly sharing who we are, the emotional nakedness more vexing than any body nakedness could compare!

I can feel the unsettledness in my body, in my sleep or sleeplessness….all the glory of change. All good. And with this I have found myself instead of writing or doing my workouts or other things which I SAY are a priority….(mine are shifting), I am throwing things out, cleaning, cupboards and closets, redesigning entire rooms, creating anew, revising parts of my business, my mind really.

As I must….the woman I was is becoming the women I will be. And this is good, in fact VERY good.

There is more to share, so much more, but sleep hangs heavy on my eyelids and I have some necessary turns happening in my business as well. The energy is shifting everywhere and my mantra is peace….more peace….within, without.

And oh how a new presence in ones life can work to shift things. Always for the better if we remain mindful regardless of where a newfound love might take us or for how long…a month or two, a year, a decade or lifetime. If we are ready to be impacted, we will be. We will be indeed.

Luck, joy and happiness to you, to me, to everyone. And grace, oooooh, grace and an open heart and mind, willing and able to communicate with love and with ease.

More love.

And so it is!

BB Webb


Breaking the Shell October 10, 2010

Ever feel as though you’re incubating…..under the warmer like a chick in an egg, waiting for the right time to hatch? I appreciate what Mr. Scptt-Maxwell has to say.

“You have neat, tight expectations of what life ought to give you, but you won’t get it. That isn’t what life does.

Life does not accommodate you, it shatters you. Every seed destroys its container or else there would be no fruition. ”

– Florida Scott-Maxwell, Playwright, Jungian Analyst, Author

It’s up to us to burst from that shell, that egg and to make sense of the world we’re delivered into….of this I know for sure….tempering it with who we seem to be….delivering our actions in a way that satisfies our passions, desires, our heart.

So, I work these days to brush away the broken shell to ready myself for the new work at hand, clearing away all matter that might be in my way.

I’m finding patience helps, breathing is a must, a few key allies to remind me of what I already know, but often forget as I’m sweeping, and of course sleep, renewing sleep is a must. Oh, and having a fire to sit by in the morning, the better to stir my fires within.

Loving the possibilities,

BB Webb


Speechless….BB Speechless???… October 6, 2010

Well, the world MIGHT stop on its axis would that be true….indeed, oooooh indeed, things are a’brewin….

and I take a pause to reflect a moment on it all. I take a deeeep breath and sit awhile. Something which ALSO happens far fewer than I hope it might in time. I’ll intend it so!

For my world is shifting slightly on its axis and frankly, that’s a very good thing.

People continue to surprise me with their ‘people-ness’ good and less than good.

My dogs, (spelled ‘gods’ backwards) continue to delight me with their open hearts and joyfulness and then their open hearts (and did I mention gratitude), again!

Business continues to keep me on the grow, ever stretching, creating, working to keep my fire in a creative, passionate spin, not one where I lose my cool… DOES happen.

And one man in particular is causing my brow to knit slightly, for he’s from an alien nation and has my head slightly atilt.

All the stuff of life for which I am grateful, full of curiosity, spitfire and steam.

So, stay tuned should you care as there is no doubt some rumbling afoot.

And the nights they are cool, fall so beautifully in the air, I turned a new age and I’ll intend a very, VERY good year ahead.

With love, ooooh, always…..always with love.

And from my mother,

‘sweetheart, when you get down sometimes, remember,
pick yourself up,
brush off your knees,
dry your tears,
take a deeeeeeeep breath,
and step forward,
with love, ALWAYS with love.’

She continues to teach me beyond this world. Such a mother she!

BB Webb