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New Year, New Stories, New Intentions….the Works January 1, 2011

If you’ve been reading my blog awhile, you’ll know perhaps that one of MY favorite things, on this earthly planet, is time alone, snugged in my bed in the morning, computer on my lap and a cup of joe by my side. Learning to be by oneself, relish the moments, taking the time to be with yourself, is a gift for sure.

When I was in the ‘midst’ of graduating from high school, my very best friend at the time, (Liz is still one of my dearest), wrote me a lovely letter which though I’m not one to gather and collect such things, I somehow wish I still had. She wrote to me of the importance of learning to enjoy ones own company, the solitude, the peace, learning to live without the entertainment, company, distractions of others.

Brother Johnny!

I grew up the youngest of three children, brothers just older enough to not be a part of their ‘friend crowd’. When my parents divorced (I was 12) and my mother built an A Frame in the forest and my brothers were off to private school living elsewhere….I was the ‘only’ child. I came to love the company of my animals (we always had several and then, 2 dogs, a cat and 2 goats as I recall)! I’d take long treks in the field beyond the forest where we lived to walk in the violet patches, gather forest plants to make terrariums, bring my paints into the field, (followed by all my four footers) and paint what I saw in the distance.

My eldest brother Jeffery, presented with a photo of himself as a wee one!

These were I find later, important times and my dear friend Liz was correct, learning to be alone was an acquired skill and a gift.

I know as well the absolute gift of both friends and family.

I spent last evening in the company of another dear friend, Janice and her family and friends, eating Moroccan food, sipping wine and sharing stories. I consider this morning where I feel I want to spend my time in this new year. I have weathered some emotional, financial and business storms these last few years, enormously grateful for what that time has taught me. I am more certain of my own abilities and strengths and places where I choose not to tarry. I am less triggered by others, their thoughts of me, my choices or how I choose to live my life. And I feel a connection to heart, mine and the hearts of others in new ways.

I am clear of the opportunities presented to us daily to choose, choose to be right or loving, rested or weary, uplifted or defeated….it’s so clearly up to us. I am choosing some exciting movement for this new year, eager to share the fruits of both my creativity and labor. I envision fun, fond creations, love at every turn and enormous prosperity.

It’s a choice. So here we go.

I wish you all good, your hearts desire, the ability for you to listen to your heart and always, always, great love. For without love and the expression of our own innate creativity, however it is manifest, why heavens would we tarry a minute on this earth?!

Passion, peace, joy, creativity, love, fun and the fulfillment of our heart’s desire!

A New Year of the most delectable sorts to one and all. Go for it! Swiiiing it baby….do!!

With love,

BB Webb


Freedom……just another word? December 22, 2010

As I fly off to Montana looking ever higher. Ever higher.

Toward those untraveled roads.

Merry Christmas, or more simply, great peace, love and joy to you.

BB Webb


Jealously I ask, How high IS the moon? December 18, 2010

Sooo……I spent my day off working 10 hours on our new Carl House website edits. Crazy eh? Working from home is a treat and something I relish and it almost FEELS like a day off.

And I consider, if I weren’t doing THAT, what MIGHT I be doing. I might be rehearsing a story to put on tape, I might be putzing around the house, organizing a few things for the week, visiting with a friend, hiking out in my nearby field with a really warm jacket on, following or surrounded by at least 3 kitties and 3 dogs, bringing applese to the horses, our friends who live in the field. Or I might be getting ready for my trip with family in Montana.

I’m perhaps one of the lucky ones that although these last years have been a real ‘hump’ with challenges and learning curves galore, I like learning, stretching, expanding and I find there is a real ebb and flow with life, with work, with relationships, with timing in our lives.

So today, with movies as a backdrop, oftentimes muted as I worked to gain focus and direction, I’m happy with my choices. I like the direction I’m headed and I’m ready for the epiphanies and good surprises ahead, as I intend such. I’ve learned I’m one HELL of a lot more resilient than I ever thought. I bet you are too.

And I wonder, how high is the moon?

And while stumbling upon Stephane Grappelli, (who I had the distinct pleasure of hearing live in the late 70s in Vermont. I LOVE his music, find the emotion, skill, playfulness, delightful and amazing in so many ways), what will I be up to in my 80s??


And relish the moments…they come and go so quickly. And intend all good and know it’s then definitively on the way. All a matter of perspective!

And consider exercising your RIGHT to be creative. I’ve found it the panacea to all ills. It’s entirely akin to love.

How high IS your moon?

And another treat….for me….Stephane Grappelli & Yehudi Menuhin on BBC Live playing “Jealousy”. Consider living jealously…jealous for all you might imagine and dream of…..go for it says I!!!

BB Webb


Cowgirls, Plays and Such! July 22, 2010

I’ve always produced. Always. I was making up skits and plays when I was 4, dressed in plastic high heels, often wore a cape like Mighty Mouse (from the cartoons), and would jump off chairs feeling rather ‘mighty’ myself. At one point I thought it’d be fun to be an elephant when I grew up, (no body image issues then), and I often fixed my hair and positioned whatever hat I was wearing in the door knob as that’s about how tall I was.

I know you have your stories. Who we are and will become is rather evident when we look back. Sally Star, (cowgirl on tv who hosted Saturday morning cartoons in my hometown of Lancaster, PA)…..she wore an outfit I coveted before I knew that ‘coveting’ was apparently something frowned upon.

Well, I still covet that bejeweled gem of an outfit with sequins and fringes, her cowgirl hat had the perfect flare and Sally, to me, was the ideal woman, strong, fun, funny, brave (it seemed, she was afterall a cowgirl) and pretty. And ooooh, those clothes. I just knew if she’d stand up and turn around her skirt would swirl in a way that would mesmerize any smart cowboy around!

Pink Martini Dessert: Photo:

So, I continue to produce, all manner of events, shows, ideas, stage ‘happenings’ in my head, speeches, concerts and dream that one day I’ll have the skillset and nerve to sing in public. I just can’t help it, it’s how I came into the world.

This weekend I’m excited to produce a lovely event at Carl House, replete with bagpipes, fiddlers, vendor partners and their wares, a wine tasting of our best wines with prizes, prizes, prizes as I LOVE to give gifts.

You MIGHT have interest. If so, check out our Carl House blog, Carl House Unveiled.

Life’s such fun when you get to share your passion with others. I might even wear my cowgirl outfit!

BB Webb


Dig Deeper… July 19, 2010

for your passion….for your heart….let it rip….and then rip some more.

Thank you Janis.

BB Webb


Do What You Want….NATALY!!! March 22, 2010

Look who I discovered…..oh-oh-oh-oh-oh….brilliance alert, brilliance alert. One better than the next…..and those eyes…..

Creative people abound!!

Refreshing….truly, truly….go out and do it…..just do what you want!! Please, please, please!!

It’ll help the planet….trust me on this one!

BB Webb


Your Opus? March 14, 2010

The plural of opus, is opera. I just learned that today. I would have thought it was Opi….but what do I know!?

One of my favorite films is ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus’. A man, (Richard Dreyfuss), a musician intent on creating his major musical work, his symphony, his opus to present to the world. Instead, his short tenure as high school music teacher becomes, (much to his chagrin), his lifetime work and the hundreds of people he touches become the fortunate recipients of his many gifts, hence, his opus.

I’ve seen the film, I’m not sure how many times, and I always, ALWAYS break down in solid tears, the underdog appreciated. I drip into a puddle.

So…your opus? Or ‘opera’? It’s not about who notices really, or how it’s received in your eyes, or my contributions in my eyes….our job is to uncover our talent, our purpose perhaps. And once we do, that’s enough. If someone appreciates it, benefits in some way, okay…but it needn’t matter. Our ‘work’ is ultimately not about fulfilling our ego. Conversely if the world at large abhors your contribution, who cares. It’s our job to scratch the itch of why we’ve perhaps arrived on this planet at this particular time.

And just as Monsieur Van Gogh was not acknowledged until his lobe was long cut from his ear, worry not if your opus is not cannonized. You are no doubt making a bigger impact than you realize….and honestly, it’s not about you, it’s about you expressing you. Though it feels terrifically good of course to hear the praise or the applause, an affirmation of sorts, know instead that you really don’t need it….you and I are magnanimous beyond compare, just as we are, bumps, foibles, idiosyncrasies and all. Terrifically so.

There is nothing you need redeem yourself from. You are the perfect you, I the perfect me, constantly arriving at our next place, our next spot, our new ‘aha’ which might catapult us forward more greatly into our purpose. I must remind myself this regularly. Regularly.

I’m smart in moments. Trust me on this one.

And as a reminder, one of my favorite artists, Peter Gabriel….I love the choreography. (with Kate Bush). Listen. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

BB Webb