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Sometimes a new hat… April 19, 2011

My Jeannette Rankin 'High Hat' Fly baby's time!

And sometimes a new hairdo will do it too.

sometimes that's all it takes...

And a trip to Italy to just shake things up a bit.

Stay Tuned....


So evolved life fulfilled. January 13, 2010

I was chatting with my pal 2Lu this evening. We were sorting through all manner of events and feelings and goals pronounced from the last few weeks….a time for rich growth for sure.

And, on January 15th, Mercury resumes its forward movement, we will experience a solar eclipse, and there will be a new moon….all on the same day! Our movements forward apparently have all manner of support….skipping lightly if we choose into our new realities. And why not!….research it all if you have the desire.

Take a moment and perhaps you can sense the shifts. I am waking up several times in the middle of the night with great energy, visions, creative musings making it difficult to fall back to sleep.

So, my friend and I were considering a life well lived and on whom we might rely.

We came down to the thought that when all is said and done, it is on ourselves we must rely.

…acknowledging perhaps the divine within us as coach and guide.


How evolved to actually relish our stay and our connection to God while on the planet.

And then we thought we might assign an acronym to help us remember.

S.E.L.F. So Evolved Life Fulfilled.

We must fulfill our lives by ourSELF as it’s up to NO one but me or you to find satisfaction and fulfillment during our sojourn here. Acknowledging our spiritual selves while living within our human bodies we considered was key. The ‘fulfilled’ part, I feel is the part which resonates, connects with the vibration of God, that unexplainable force we sense and know somehow. What else might we need?

Friends and people we love are a bonus! The ones who stick with us and who come and get you when in need, all adding color to our selves fulfilled.

And with that, we got so giddy with our pronouncement and declaration between the two of us, I convinced my friend to come to Italy with me for a brief sojourn, with a 26 hour layover on our way back in Paris, to celebrate. To celebrate our lives, our growing consciousness and the opportunities we see at every turn in the road. (and how fun as she’s never left the United States)!

Joi de Vivra! Viva la difference! Viva la Italy and France!

And so it is! Life fulfilled at every corner….should we choose. And may the ones we most love come join us! Cause ain’t it all about love. I think! Choose well.

And it just doesn’t get much better than Bonnie Raitt and John Lee Hooker singing, ‘I’m In the Mood.’ Lord yes…yes!!! As well we should be…for all good things!

BB Webb