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Your preference… January 2, 2011

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Planning has begun. Camera man (30 years with WSB) Dave Darling, husband to my pal Janice Darling, will begin taping a handful of my favorite stories, (which have appeared on this very blog) to go onto my BB Webb You Tube channel.

If you would like to see one story or another read, performed, shared LIVE-ish, on camera, BB’s words with BB’s voice, face and gestures, do, do let me know.

We’re going to start in the middle with a few of my favorites and work our way out to wherever the wind does take us.

And fun it shall be.

There is a new world just waiting to be drawn and as it draws me forward, a skipping I shall go.

And I do hope you’ll come along.

Stay tuned!

BB Webb


It’s all in the timing December 14, 2010

There is SO much to share, so much to write about….and at the moment, as I work toward the end of what has been one HECK of a year….I have little time for my favorite pass time (Interesting expressing that…’pass time’). I wonder with that….if I’m correct with that expression. My sister-in-law told me once that her father, from Poland, thought that folks were referring to the object that fried eggs as a ‘fly pan’, not a ‘fry pan’. Words….I love them.

And with that…little time at the moment for the many words I wish to type here to share the more than many ideas, thoughts, musings vying for attention in my brain.

Finding My Twirl, Photo by Sarah Eubanks Photography

But, I have a plan….an exit and entrance plan to endeavors desired. One key objective is the taping of stories for You Tube and that project starts in January so I hope you’ll stay tuned. There is much to twirl about!

In the meantime, know that stories are mounting, scenes are being written in my head, directed by my soul, manifest through my fingers on my keyboard.

I’m taking it ALL in…..every ounce….not dropping one eyedropper of content firing across my chest, within my heart. It’s all there wanting to be expressed and will be!

For now….sorting, throwing away, shifting, opening, traversing a bit I go. And I look forward to when this horse spirit emerges from the shoot. Oh, such a happy day that will be.

For now, gratitude for all the scenes, all the experiences for my screen play of life. Rich indeed. And thank you, MUCH gratitude for the people, desired or not crossing my path, showing up as folks my soul has called for each and every experience.

And so it is. I’m thankful. And so it is.

With love for all things….even the ones that BITE!

BB Webb