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A Sad and Beautiful World March 8, 2010

I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio), on my way back from a killer Bikram Yoga class which I travel all the way to Alpharetta for, (I drive nearly an hour to be tortured). It’s the closest location to my home.

Having plenty of time to listen to tunes or talk on the phone, I lately find myself listening to NPR, the only programming, aside from perhaps Sirrus Radio options, which I truly enjoy. This evening, and latecomer that I am to some ‘things’ and people, I heard of Mark Linkous aka Sparklehorse for the first time. He apparently was prone to deep depression and took his life last week in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I liked the music they played of his on the radio. I’m sad to just learn of people and then have them gone from the planet. I went home and immediately read all about him and played his many songs. I am especially taken by his song, ‘A Sad and Beautiful World’. I concur.

All these feelings, coming and going. All these souls coming and going and coming and going….it somehow puts some things into perspective.

.His ‘Heart of Darkness’ hit a resonate chord. I like his tone, his style, his voice, the words. I would have liked to have met this artist, this man.

Thank you for leaving this lovely music for us to enjoy Mr. Linkous and may you find a profound and deserved peace.

BB Webb