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Oooooh la, la….creating space, needed space and spaces filled! September 30, 2010

I wouldn’t say I’m exactly EXPERIMENTING with sleep deprivation and total rest on the other hand….it’s just the way my life seems to go. When fueled with a new idea, passion, interesting project or fully fueled fire…..sleep seems of low priority, (well, until I work to be ‘on point’ the next day). But often, as with this week, a new clarity hits and sleep for the moment is less important.

I this week rearranged ‘spaces’ (all manner of spaces in fact), in my world, starting with some reduction of clutter, not unlike the muck and clutter which gets lodged in between our earlobes! When I get ‘clear’ on things, I am usually quite CLEAR!

I removed an office space which I rarely use on the third floor of my Carl House, turning it instead to a lovely meeting area. I like it. I like especially the part when it is finished, (for now)….I enjoy walking around enjoying this new creation, imagining how the space will be filled, the laughter filling the room, the possible tensions, the plans to be made, the numbers crunched. I like creating spaces and filling them.

My team did a smashingly commendable job of cleaning a long standing mess of a large shed I have out by a small stable on my adjacent property to Carl House. I was amazed what three men (with good direction by their lead man) could do with a disorganized space in the short measure of two and a half hours. I LOVE order! Another new space and my horse renters who use the space are no doubt thrilled as well, (but certainly not so much as I am).

And then at home…slowly, oooooh, as I can eek out time, I was newly inspired to do some organizing in the spare unfinished space above my garage. With an able assistant we also in two and a half hours, (the magic number I’ll venture to say), transformed yet another space, which though I’ve not the monies at present to finish it with dry wall and a ceiling, it is organized, guest beds in place and a large area for my filming….as soon, soon I will begin taping my stories!!

We decided to clean up the garage too and voila, I’m a new woman….gee, that was easy!

And though the photos posted here are not of ‘my’ spaces, they inspire me….they reflect a direction I lean toward somehow.

And I moved my Carl House office to my home office, a space I covet with its high ceilings and spaciousness. I am a woman who needs space, a forest nearby, animals by my side, time to daydream and projects to fill my day, projects I am impassioned by. And the adjacent closet too got some attention late into last evening, bedtime 2:30 yet I arose at 7:30 ready to begin the day as my space is inviting me to create, create new things.

And I must, there is NO other choice. None.

And the two outside sheds behind Carl House are also caught up in this maelstrom of happy activity, one in the process of becoming a new floral department within my business and the other, housing yet another walk-in cooler for flowers, with everything in its surrounds being newly organized.

It was time. As I turn another year older tomorrow, there are new goals, new desires, new ambitions which drive me and to me, there is no greater satisfaction than feeling full and satisfied within ones own spirit and self.

So, stay tuned, there are creations afoot!

BB Webb