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When the Rains Fall. July 21, 2010

Keep looking....listening.

The key, I am finding, is listening. The ‘answers’, if you call them that, the clues, signs, signals, guides, are everywhere. We just need to pay attention, to listen.

I’ve had another test to my own faith in navigating through yet another (what I call), creative ‘funk’. You know what I’m talking about, surely. You wake up with all manner of options in your lovely world but can’t seem to pull yourself from your own morbid spin….colors lack luster, old habits reign, a depression sets in and your energy is zapped.

As a woman you question your hormones, as a man….I haven’t a clue what you all question, or if you do…..but the air is ripe with doubt, frustration, inpatience and clear dissatisfaction.

But you’re not listening in these moments. You’re reacting to what feels dim, not the messages. which like overtones, are so much bigger than your funk. Dis-ease is a signal. Where do you WANT to be…and is it time?

Sometimes waiting and listening is a stronger move than action. I’m a mix of both bull and race horse….this strategy is a supreme challenge and test for me. I fall short of my goal here frequently….though after awhile, even I understand the pain in hitting my head too forcibly against the plexiglass wall put in front of me. It’s there for a reason….put there by the Universe much like a baby barrior….why??….it’s not TIME. If you go too fast you’ll fall down the stairs, reach for poison in the cabinet you should not open. Your parent, the Universe knows….trust here lad, lassie.

It’s for your own good. Though conversely, action, however minute, toward your desires, is powerful. As you coax along your dream, your desire, your passion, just watch, watch what seem like weeds around you begin to curl up with energy and appreciation of your intent. Those same ‘weeds’ turn to opportunity, right people showing up, TRUE love, not the pesky mind-y bullshit that so many in our culture pass off as love….and I’m not just referring to the ‘romantic’ kind, all manner of love….a friend, colleague…someone who can serve your highest good as you can for them.

The kind that brings heart into good measure….where HEALTHY attachments are formed, not the sort that says all the right things with no follow through.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: 1749-1832 German writer and polymath.

I’ve no time for those weak efforts. I’m in agreement with Goethe,

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”

He may look a tentative soul, clearly not….or, he simply worked past his trepidation. He probably started listening!

Love, like whatever passion fuels and amps you forward….they have a vibration that is unstoppable, they are MUCH bigger than your mind, bigger than you and the stuff that makes being on the planet, worth all the heartache, hassle and disappointment at times.

I’m going for big. For passion, for healthy attachment and love. I’ll wade through the dis-ease….it’s all part of what’s necessary and I will remind myself of that, often no doubt.

And why do I choose passion, love, BIG…..because I can. Simply because I prefer to and I can.

BB Webb