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Your Opus? March 14, 2010

The plural of opus, is opera. I just learned that today. I would have thought it was Opi….but what do I know!?

One of my favorite films is ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus’. A man, (Richard Dreyfuss), a musician intent on creating his major musical work, his symphony, his opus to present to the world. Instead, his short tenure as high school music teacher becomes, (much to his chagrin), his lifetime work and the hundreds of people he touches become the fortunate recipients of his many gifts, hence, his opus.

I’ve seen the film, I’m not sure how many times, and I always, ALWAYS break down in solid tears, the underdog appreciated. I drip into a puddle.

So…your opus? Or ‘opera’? It’s not about who notices really, or how it’s received in your eyes, or my contributions in my eyes….our job is to uncover our talent, our purpose perhaps. And once we do, that’s enough. If someone appreciates it, benefits in some way, okay…but it needn’t matter. Our ‘work’ is ultimately not about fulfilling our ego. Conversely if the world at large abhors your contribution, who cares. It’s our job to scratch the itch of why we’ve perhaps arrived on this planet at this particular time.

And just as Monsieur Van Gogh was not acknowledged until his lobe was long cut from his ear, worry not if your opus is not cannonized. You are no doubt making a bigger impact than you realize….and honestly, it’s not about you, it’s about you expressing you. Though it feels terrifically good of course to hear the praise or the applause, an affirmation of sorts, know instead that you really don’t need it….you and I are magnanimous beyond compare, just as we are, bumps, foibles, idiosyncrasies and all. Terrifically so.

There is nothing you need redeem yourself from. You are the perfect you, I the perfect me, constantly arriving at our next place, our next spot, our new ‘aha’ which might catapult us forward more greatly into our purpose. I must remind myself this regularly. Regularly.

I’m smart in moments. Trust me on this one.

And as a reminder, one of my favorite artists, Peter Gabriel….I love the choreography. (with Kate Bush). Listen. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

BB Webb