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Falling Forward August 24, 2010

I felt it….this morning. Unable to sleep….doing my toss-turn-flop-head churning-dreaming thing I do when I can’t sleep. (it’s the dogs and their incessant licking that woke me…..oooooh, my pups….CLEAN pups)!

Okay, Mercury’s in retrograde (and more specifically, here)….my friend Louise keeps me up to date with such things. I’m never sure what that means though I respect forces beyond my comprehension and have surely been witness to the breakdown of my electronic devices, (lo a week before retrograde, me the early bird over-achiever).

But, my internet is back, phone still quixotic in nature on my home turf and the tv….who cares, it’s been blipping in and out of a clear view for well over a week now.

But this morning…after the t-t-thing, (toss-turn), I got up to start my day….most uncharacteristically at 4:50am. Goodness, am I becoming my best pal 2Lu who rarely sleeps over 4 hours a night? (frankly that will never be me). But up I was and as usual, off to feed incessantly licking dogs (who I had to put out of my bedroom at 2am….)….Ernie jumping like a pogo with each step toward the door and his food. He anticipates his feeding frenzy which last a good 20 seconds, that cup of food gobbled in record speed.

There is a lesson there I feel.

Then there is the belly rubbing ritual with Lester, my kitty who is care taker to the other two. I sit on the floor while my coffee burbles and onto his back for a belly rub and drool. It’s a recent ritual that he’ll now not do without. How animals love ritual and, like all of us, to be loved on.

Waiting on my coffee I decided to boil some eggs for lunch. Out with the pan, water 3/4 up the side and 6 eggs, (some for later) into the water. I noticed they were floating and somewhere in the dark reaches of my noggin, I knew that to be odd. I cracked one to give to my kitties (they love the yolk) and pheeeewwww…..instant stink reigned. A green eggs and ham, grey and fecid looking egg.

The very thing I wrote about in my blog last evening. I opened each one and yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck. Down the garbage disposal with some baking soda to kill the stench. Incense was the only cure.

It was then I thought, hmmmmmm…..the power of my thoughts, will, intention. Okay, coincidence you say, writing about a rotten egg and manifesting one (several) the very next day.

I’ll choose my metaphors in life just as I’ll choose my manifesting beliefs. If I’m truly onto newer, greener, shiner pastures, why not herald it big time and consider all possibilities. Why not says I?

And so it is…..and as I found myself microwaving a small bowl of oatmeal, pecans and fresh blueberries, an homage to summer and the onset of fall, (first oatmeal of the season), I opened my door to let Annie kitty indoors and in waft a hint of fall….autumn in Georgia, in August!

It might have been my air conditioning, but I felt something, and not just in how the cool air felt, but that smell, that intoxicating fall time smell. And I was encouraged. I’m not exactly sure about what, but I felt myself falling, falling for something new and I’m not just referring to a new weather pattern or season…..maybe it is me changing.

We are but mirrors of what we put forth.

I’m all for it. I am all for a new vibe.

‘Rally forth’ I heard me say to myself, ‘let it go….let all that doesn’t server you go,’ as I sipped that first hot, strong sip of brew.

And I found myself singing Bonnie’s song….to myself.

Fearless Love

Come my love
Come bravely to me
Let your heart be still
For our time
Has come my tender one
To be free of will

And fly
Blind on fearless love
Let them wild winds blow
We’ll shine
On all we’re fearful of
Then we’ll let it go
Let it go

Skippin’ stones
Across the great unknown
Safe at water’s edge
Don’t look down, baby
We’re gonna leave this losin’ town
(and) leap out from the ledge

And fly
Blind on fearless love
Let them wild winds blow
We’ll shine
On all we’re fearful of
Then we’ll let it go
Let it go

BB Webb


Seven Years Ago Today… July 5, 2010

I opened my business….my Carl House business.

Seven years ago there was so much I did not know.

Seven years ago I demonstrated ‘moving forward as if’….as if I could create whatever my mind imagined, and more.

Seven years ago today I was, like today, dreaming up things and seeing what would happen ‘or better’ as I coaxed forward that vision.

Seven years ago today I took a deep breath and sat with a fine bottle of champagne, with my husband at the time, on a fine leather coach and sighed and looked around at a post event and said,

‘Wow….this is really a beautiful room, such a cool place.’

Seven years.

I wonder at what I’ll be sighing at, smiling at as I look back to today in seven years.

Incredible no doubt. I’ll intend that…

and more.

We are free to create and be whoever and whatever we want.

In EVERY moment.

I choose big, brave, bold, brilliant and heartful.

Why not?

With gratitude for the lessons, the journey, the people and where I find myself this morning….looking out on green, surrounded by heartbeats, standing firmly on wood floors, comforted by cool air and a vision which is only growing.

(photos by Eric Delaforce, left and Kristi Odom Photography above)

BB Webb


Your Hungry Ghost…Hope is Dangerous June 12, 2010

News alert to my psyche…hope (the context I know) is dangerous.

I’m sitting with an awareness this morning of what a therapist I used to ‘hang out with’ called, ‘the hungry ghost’. This ghost, to me, is the one that holds on to some belief, some aspiration of change, transformation, illusion, (mostly in others) that a shift will happen to make a situation, person, world view move (change) perhaps in a direction which, to put it bluntly, will satisfy YOU….me.

An example, that my father, now deceased, would somehow emerge as the warm, cuddly, emotionally nurturing father I longed for…

It never happened, nor really should it have. (Frankly, who he was and HOW he was served me in other ways). Shifts and turns can happen in life, but how better to accept what is and be open to receiving what you want, or perhaps need, from a place that can give it. (And often it might be from yourself, or not).

There is a period where we might be open to that ‘something else’ and, if we’ve spent most of our life seeking this something else from a primary care giver, well indeed, that pattern is a prevalent path which we as adults tend to follow, until, and here’s the magic, UNTIL we are conscious of this pattern.

And though much like reaching for unhealthy, fattening, yuck food might be a pattern to a sick or obese person, shifting from a ‘way of being’ can take some discipline. But when we know, we know.

And rather than hoping to change a situation or person, how freeing to know that WE hold the power, always, in attracting otherwise, or settling inside our own bones, nurturing and growing ‘what is’ in our lives, growing the seeds which might create the world we prefer to inhabit. WE HOLD THE POWER….ALWAYS!

Please try not to forget that, nor shall I.

I release my hungry ghosts.

(I’ll mark on my calendar the 12th of each month as a reminder. It will be, rather, IS my World Cup Victory. I rule my world).

There is no hope, there is only possibility, and that holds an entirely different vibration.

Bring in on…surprise me Universe.

With thanks, always…for each opportunity to wake up from my delusions.

BB Webb