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Oooooh la, la….creating space, needed space and spaces filled! September 30, 2010

I wouldn’t say I’m exactly EXPERIMENTING with sleep deprivation and total rest on the other hand….it’s just the way my life seems to go. When fueled with a new idea, passion, interesting project or fully fueled fire…..sleep seems of low priority, (well, until I work to be ‘on point’ the next day). But often, as with this week, a new clarity hits and sleep for the moment is less important.

I this week rearranged ‘spaces’ (all manner of spaces in fact), in my world, starting with some reduction of clutter, not unlike the muck and clutter which gets lodged in between our earlobes! When I get ‘clear’ on things, I am usually quite CLEAR!

I removed an office space which I rarely use on the third floor of my Carl House, turning it instead to a lovely meeting area. I like it. I like especially the part when it is finished, (for now)….I enjoy walking around enjoying this new creation, imagining how the space will be filled, the laughter filling the room, the possible tensions, the plans to be made, the numbers crunched. I like creating spaces and filling them.

My team did a smashingly commendable job of cleaning a long standing mess of a large shed I have out by a small stable on my adjacent property to Carl House. I was amazed what three men (with good direction by their lead man) could do with a disorganized space in the short measure of two and a half hours. I LOVE order! Another new space and my horse renters who use the space are no doubt thrilled as well, (but certainly not so much as I am).

And then at home…slowly, oooooh, as I can eek out time, I was newly inspired to do some organizing in the spare unfinished space above my garage. With an able assistant we also in two and a half hours, (the magic number I’ll venture to say), transformed yet another space, which though I’ve not the monies at present to finish it with dry wall and a ceiling, it is organized, guest beds in place and a large area for my filming….as soon, soon I will begin taping my stories!!

We decided to clean up the garage too and voila, I’m a new woman….gee, that was easy!

And though the photos posted here are not of ‘my’ spaces, they inspire me….they reflect a direction I lean toward somehow.

And I moved my Carl House office to my home office, a space I covet with its high ceilings and spaciousness. I am a woman who needs space, a forest nearby, animals by my side, time to daydream and projects to fill my day, projects I am impassioned by. And the adjacent closet too got some attention late into last evening, bedtime 2:30 yet I arose at 7:30 ready to begin the day as my space is inviting me to create, create new things.

And I must, there is NO other choice. None.

And the two outside sheds behind Carl House are also caught up in this maelstrom of happy activity, one in the process of becoming a new floral department within my business and the other, housing yet another walk-in cooler for flowers, with everything in its surrounds being newly organized.

It was time. As I turn another year older tomorrow, there are new goals, new desires, new ambitions which drive me and to me, there is no greater satisfaction than feeling full and satisfied within ones own spirit and self.

So, stay tuned, there are creations afoot!

BB Webb


BACK DOWN Memory Lane August 15, 2010

With a hint of fall in the air, despite the interminable heat in Georgia, I know when I’m in transition, and I’m not talking the small moving from here to there sort of thing, but the kind when I stop BUYING furniture, and instead find myself moving it around in my house, at my business. Something bigger is afoot and for me, it’s been in the making for several years. And might I add, painstakingly arduous and, time will show, transformative years.

All quite good in the grand scheme, (of course), though while in the midst of such mayhem, it’s hard to see and at times, certainly harder to believe. But I am a woman of great faith, and not the traditional kind as I’m not much of a follower. Things have to make sense to me and frankly, most of what I see in the world DOES NOT.

So, in my own way, I light candles….in the dark.

It takes 9 months to grow a human being, it takes decades to wake one up. It is certainly a process, being on this particular planet. The lifetime journey(s), (‘life’ to ‘life’) I know less about but I imagine the ‘ahas’ are of grandiose size when looking at the ‘big’ picture of that journey.

So where do I find myself today? I spent a good part of yesterday transforming a room I have upstairs in my home….it wasn’t being used often, the office or the workout room….so I changed them, and again, I want to go there. I threw out many old things, (a year or two old, if I have clutter much older than that, shoot me….I’m doomed)! and made it smell good, added new painting and plants, rearranged, made it more a place to sit, read, watch tv, workout should I choose to at home. I like it! So I moved onto the rest of upstairs, as homes NEED our focused energy from time to time and CERTAINLY the clutter moved out….and I have some more work to do today.

I need room for what is coming.

I feel as though I am preparing for the birth of a child. ‘When will she be here’? Yes, long in the coming, but I know she’s due for arrival soon. And oooooh, will she be a welcomed presence in my world!

So I cleaned out my freezer too, and plan to tackle the cupboards where sauce pots and baking pans are kept, as I can barely open a cupboard without something falling out. (No, not as much entertaining going on at my home as I prefer, but that is changing as well. New people will be showing up in my life. It’s time).

Intention is powerful and though I keep my dreaming open to a visit or determined residence, from something better than I might imagine, open it is. And not uplike memory lane, I’m allowing past images to either bolster me forward, or to BACK DOWN, out they go with the other garbage I am tossing so triumphantly in the trash can.

Good God! My will astounds me.

Joi de Vivre!

BB Webb


Feng Shui Your Way to A Better Life….. February 9, 2010

You can, you can… will at least support your intention. I was reminded today about what I experienced and learned after visiting Hong Kong years ago. The art and placement of objects within a home is most seriously considered in the Chinese culture. And the horror stories related to not following the principles are incredible. Conversely, the stories shared when aspects in a home or business were shifted was quite interesting as well.

It’s all a part of constructing the life you want, or as I like to say, ‘or better, or better God, better!’

I’ve put together many, many living and work spaces, some with just bricks and wood boards for book shelves, colorful Indian blankets as wall art, makeshift homes or temporary living spaces while I traveled all the way to ‘getting to’ design my current home and spaces like my very own Carl House home and business. It’s so much fun and I clearly, CLEARLY have my preferences! Indeed I do.

Every action, every choice matters, makes a difference. I am adamant about my team at work tending to those details, the lights, the music, the smell, the FEEL of the space within Carl House. We are afterall selling the experience WITHIN this home and I know how important those details are whether anyone directly NOTICES them or not. THEY MATTER.

Lester and Annie, adding to the good Chi in my home!

The fabric on the wall, the use of water elements, pets, burning REAL logs in a fireplace, the use of mirrors, things which reflect light, how corners are handled, the placement of furniture, smells, textures, COLORS! I don’t go wild with charting every inch of my house but I do know that when I keep moving things around, something needs to change.

I don’t like how my bedroom currently feels. Burnt orange on the walls is not right. I’m thinking more a shade of green, a heart color.

It is in the ‘love/marriage’ corner of my home and well, in that it’s mostly me and my resident animals filling the room most evenings, maybe I do need to consider THAT fact and shift a few things should I want varied results!

My headboard for one is all wrong. The fabric I brought home from Bali helps and my bathroom is perfect, I can feel it, but I may need to repaint my bedroom, shift the bed to a new position, bring in some different furniture perhaps. It’ll be fun….with all my spare time. (I’m laughing). And I LOVE buying furniture, in fact, excel at it, old furniture at unbelievable prices. The right pieces just find me.

Consider the areas in your life which aren’t working well. Then look at your home with relation to a good feng shui guide. Just get curious. If the foundation in your home is cracked, how are your relationships, if your finances are in grave jeopardy, what’s happening in those designated feng shui areas of your home.

Happy Marriage? Hmmmmmm?

I brought a painting home from a trip to Hong Kong years ago. I was married then. The writing spelled out in Chinese, ‘Happy Marriage’. I later learned after my marriage failed, that I had the damn thing upside down.

Well, certainly there were other factors, but you get my point.

I live in a very happy house with lots of big tall windows, paintings and photographs throughout of places where I’ve traveled, of people I love, candles, crystals which reflect light, a fish tank with a very plump goldfish named Fritz, (who’s really a girl), (see ‘A Room of One’s Own’). I buy flowers or pick them from my garden in the summer every week. It makes a difference. I avoid too much clutter and honestly, express gratitude for this space EVERY morning when I awake. I LOVE it here….(and yeah, I’ll work on that dang bedroom soon)!

My 10 year old psychic buddy says that ‘happy people live in Ms. BB’s house’ And, indeed they do.

And I thank God for their presence each and every day.

Fun link here….. now go play….it’s SO much fun!

BB Webb