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It Started with A Teal Circle… June 11, 2011

Drape me please in teal

….in the middle of a luscious brown cement floor. I love discovering new spaces which FEEL right to me.

I walked into the Athens Salon and Spa and was immediately inspired, by the colors, the decor, the product line (Bb shampoos and conditioners), the jewelry and the entire business model which each practitioner demonstrated will skillfull savvy and warmth.

I’m in North Carolina…have been all week….I’m on a transformative journey….finding my way, the manner in which I want to spend my days….how I might coax a new feel, a new look, a new body, a shifted outlook. And, it’s been fun. I’ve hired a trainer who’s helping me to season some muscles who really love to stretch and play.

More on this blog later, but for the moment, a teaser….I met some new friends before leaving Georgia….at a hair salon where I was again exploring a new look….away with long tresses, they just aren’t me…..sassy and shorter is me.

Below, one of the lovely hair goddesses, Ami, bedecked in peacock tatoos and so much more, and Elizabeth, in the hat, who coiffed me in new fashion.

More comments to come….sleep beckons this weary body. Enjoy the body art on these new friends of mind, bold, courageous, lovely young women. What a fun afternoon we had last Saturday.

More news to share shortly….

BB Webb


Some times its worth the wait. January 11, 2011

I feel as though I’ve given birth.
Awwww…..that’s not fair. I’ve never given birth and I’m sure this process was MUCH more arduous.

(Okay, I’m being a rascal).

Our new website is live. Our Carl House website.

I especially like the property tour page and the event services link. You might visit our Carl House You Tube link as well….I’ve uploaded some winners.

But everyone likes their children best!

Kristi Odom Photography: Please visit virtually and in person when you can! I've always got a hot pot of great coffee brewing!

i can begin on other projects….this one has taken up oodles and scootles of my time.

But, it’s important as are all the other social media connections.

I popped a Heineken.

And I don’t even drink beer.

But I am.

And I toast the good work of the folks who had my back and made it happen, my team at Carl House and Junction Creative Services.

Thank you.

Damn, I think I have a buzz, light headed from having this huge endeavor off my chest, heart, mind…..wherever it seems to have ‘lain’??? well over a year.

Onward ho….but no driving, one beer and I’m under my soda.

Happy New Year to me!

And to you….to all good things!

BB Webb


Seven Years Ago Today… July 5, 2010

I opened my business….my Carl House business.

Seven years ago there was so much I did not know.

Seven years ago I demonstrated ‘moving forward as if’….as if I could create whatever my mind imagined, and more.

Seven years ago today I was, like today, dreaming up things and seeing what would happen ‘or better’ as I coaxed forward that vision.

Seven years ago today I took a deep breath and sat with a fine bottle of champagne, with my husband at the time, on a fine leather coach and sighed and looked around at a post event and said,

‘Wow….this is really a beautiful room, such a cool place.’

Seven years.

I wonder at what I’ll be sighing at, smiling at as I look back to today in seven years.

Incredible no doubt. I’ll intend that…

and more.

We are free to create and be whoever and whatever we want.

In EVERY moment.

I choose big, brave, bold, brilliant and heartful.

Why not?

With gratitude for the lessons, the journey, the people and where I find myself this morning….looking out on green, surrounded by heartbeats, standing firmly on wood floors, comforted by cool air and a vision which is only growing.

(photos by Eric Delaforce, left and Kristi Odom Photography above)

BB Webb


News Alert…. April 18, 2010

Money was raised, and glasses too, at the Jeanette Rankin High Hat Tea. A sunny day in Athens with hope of more deserving women being awarded seed money to advance their educations!

Lovely really. And oooh….me, well, First Place Winner for the Most Creative Hat award with my ‘The Many Faces of You!’ hat!! (Frankly it was really rather bizarre and silly)!

I’m blushing!! Everyone so sophisticated and in I come with my garish, flashy hat. (See below)!

Here’s to people doing good for others….and this group does VERY good things. If you’re looking for a cause to help women in need….worthy, WORTHY women in need. Check them out. Jeanette Rankin Foundation.

Thank you to Sue Lawrence, Executive Director of the JR Foundation and her entire terrific team. Well done indeed!

BB Webb


The Voice and Your Blue Elephant March 19, 2010

Joan of Arc heard them. I hear them. I hear them if I’m listening.

I’m not sure what part of me they are, but similar to my belief that God is part of me, we are not separate, I feel similarly about these voices.

I live alone, (me, 6 mammals and 2 fish), so I’m better able to hear, or at least notice that there are words happening inside my head at ALL times.

I’ve been waking up with terrible headaches of late. Rare, extremely rare for me. I’ve only experienced similar headaches after weaning myself from too much caffeine or during an intended fast or cleanse. So, I’m not sure what’s up, but something….something’s knocking on my head. Something wants attention and I’ve not yet figured what.

I do know that sleep is pulling at me a lot lately, perhaps the recent events of my life taking their toll, encouraging me to lie down a moment, rest. I do know that my next tidal wave of activity will require a lot of myself, albeit in new and more welcomed ways than of late.

I attended yet another networking of terrific women last evening. Several of us made some good business and personal connections which I certainly relish. I like getting out and about, meeting new people, learning what I didn’t know about before.

Janet Kilpatrick owns a terrific Salon and World renown spa in Athens, GA. She was hosting this event. I like her a lot. She’s got a great energy and is easy to laughter.

We were talking about the challenges of owning a business, the ups and the downs. I told her on no uncertain terms that I had little choice but to own my own business, as I was unemployable.

I was a little surprised by the absolute laughter that followed my comment. She guffawed until doubling over.

But it’s true. When you’ve lived alone, steered your own ship, beat your own drum, cast your own rod and done it ‘your way’ for so long, the idea of working for someone else is abhorrent, despite all the nonsense you might go through and mistakes you might make with your own enterprise.

I’m unemployable. And it’s good to know.

And so with this voice that knocks on my head these days….something is afoot, abreast, amuck, ashore, aghast…’s something with an ‘a’ for sure. And despite wanting to trust this knowing, I am still a bit trepidatious. ‘Can I trust it’ I ask, ‘Can I trust my decisions, when I feel doubt, can I trust my judgments?’

And what makes it all worthwhile, I ask? (The Excedrin finally taking hold).

Friendships, connections with others, fulfilling an inner drive, passion and mission within your heart, perhaps. The satisfaction of moving through challenge and meeting new growth, expanded awareness….those things as a start. The opportunity to contribute to a greater good, to have an influence which might matter. Moving through doubt and fear, finding my strength, a power I didn’t know I had.

And the downs, the parts that hurt. Losing myself, losing others I’ve loved, feeling at times adrift and alone, being caught up in my mind, ahead of myself, forgetting to appreciate this journey I’m on, why I’m here, wanting ‘more’ whatever that is.

I’m reminded again of the answers both my brothers and I gave when we were asked as youngsters, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ (I love that expression, ‘grow up’….are we ever done ‘growing up’….I hope not).

Jeffrey, 5 years older than me….’a screw driver’. Johnny, three years older than me, ‘I’ll wait and see what happens.’ (Soooo Johnny). And me, ‘a blue elephant.’ ?????

I perplex myself around every curve.

And so, those voices, that voice, THE voice. I suspect it’s a ‘higher’ part of me, a ‘higher’ self, meaning (to me) a part of me that knows a bit more, perhaps LOTS more than my mere human entity. I know I need probably to listen a bit more as it seems when I do, a calm and confidence moves over me like this Excedrin taking away the awful pain in my head.

I met a lovely woman last evening from the French Canadian part of the world. She had a lovely accent. I’m not sure how we got to this part of the conversation but she told me that she is very happy in her life just now. (We’re about the same age). She had shared being unhappy for so many years in her past. I asked,

‘What changed in you, what did you do to make this shift’.

Her reply, ‘I don’t know, I just decided to be happy, and I am’.

This struck me. I don’t think of myself as a ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ sort of woman, but I do perhaps hold on to some things and forget to trust the process of moving forward and what happens as I allow new gateways to open for my greater good. I become attached I suppose, and am sad in leaving people and things from time to time.

I have such lofty dreams and forget to listen to that voice which is the guide asking me to be brave, to trust, trust that I’ve perhaps got a blue elephant or some other prize ahead, and this path is exactly the one I’m meant to follow!

BB Webb