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Oooooh, those 18th Century Writers! August 16, 2010

“Pleasure is very seldom found where it is sought; our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.”

Samuel Johnson, 18th Century English writer

Samuel Johnson knew….he knew about the ‘push me, pull you cycle’ which when released, frees up all manner of ease.

(He was an erudite man indeed, writing not the first dictionary, but one considered the most complete to date.

When I consider the ‘first’ dictionaries known to man…. I’m thinking SURELY there was a tablet in stone somewhere long ago with conjunctions and words worth remembering….or those Philistines’ looking for just the right retort or ardor-filled phrasing in a sparring with their neighbor, the perfect harangue.

Even more interesting is the picture I see of this person practicing their phrase for the heat of battle.

Just considering.

Let it come. Bring it on. The good, the blessings, the unexpected gifts, be they words, gestures, romance, good health, a surprise trip, idea, prosperity or just plain good news when you were poised to manage the worst.

Bring it on I say, bring on the good, bring it on.

And then perhaps, I consider, it is all good.

Some moments just FEEL better than others.

BB Webb


Move Forward! April 26, 2010

I’m considering this past year.

It’s obvious to me how life is a bit like a flowing river….we like floating or swimming debris, caught in little eddies from time to time, or on the sideline, snagged in riverside sticks or waylaid near a beaver’s damn. And other times, swiftly sweeping past the river’s edge, onlookers to the scenery, what we’ve come to pass.

Or, like a thistle seed, carried by our white feathery transport vehicle allowing the wind to take us, up, down, swirling around trees and scenery, past cows and people, buildings and water falls.

And at times, we might hear a voice whispering from the distance, ‘move forward, move forward’. Or sometimes, ‘abort, abort’!

I take that as a kindly reminder to at times disengage, break lose in a new direction as perhaps I’ve become momentarily stuck in an unhelpful pattern, by the river’s edge or, my feathery transporter stuck to the edge of a barn door or window sill…or caught moving in circles which perhaps serve me no longer. My vision skewed.

Life carries us though we all have our own will. And when I hear ‘move forward, move forward’, I know, something, someone bigger and greater than me, (though part of me) is looking out for me, coaxing me to better grounds, different surrounds and new acquaintances no doubt.

And in those moments I know it is time to thank the people and situations from which I’ve come and to be open to the new places I am meant to travel.

And at that moment, when I realize the change in the wind, I feel compelled to express gratitude for all that is and All That Is!

(Isn’t it through the challenges where we grow the most. If only they didn’t ache so).

No doubt, glorious, fulfilling surprises ahead! I’ll intend it, all the way around….for you as well!

BB Webb