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No, not a meltdown…. June 20, 2011

….maybe I’m in need of a Cool Off at this point in my day.

My dog Ernie woke me by jumping on my bed, (pretty much not allowed) at 5am. I remember seeing a small tick on my sheets the other evening after he did the same thing and POPPED out of bed this morning determined to not awaken with a grey tick engorged on my forehead.

Awwww, that’s gross.

The day has tumbled about in a gray, mired, misery and though I know that IT, like a bloated belly, (damn, I’m full of the fun images today), passes…..I’m just not able to get my arms around things in a matter I prefer today and I’m uneasy.

So, I’ll allow a venting of sorts though will mostly take it out on a loooong evening fast walk up and down hills tonight. I’m sort of pissed.

Pissed when people fall short of expectations, or when I fall short of my own.

Upset when disconnects bring back memories that have NOTHING to do with what might be currently disconnecting.

Weary, perhaps of my mind and her shuffling about periodically with doom and gloom, certainly after rallying for YEARS now on such a different path.

But, I am human, I fall short, I forget and most of all, I’m DOG TIRED.

Well, fitting all that, with the early morning doggie wake up call.

Tomorrow, a new day to appreciate the NEW people I met today, (some terrific ones), the work done, the efforts rallied and that I’m here, on the earth to explore, create, meet neat folks, stumble and get up to try again. And, maybe fall in love.

BB Webb


And if I were a dog… February 20, 2011

Not just any dog…one of MY dogs.

My boy, Ernie.

I’ve begun posts and abandoned them of late…my groove is shifting as am I. Like plates on the earth, my worlds are overlapping. I can’t seem to get enough sleep and am easily distracted, not off my game, but rather, my ‘game’ is changing. This I know for sure.

I find myself looking for comfort but there is none, so I work on being with what is, remembering that things are always shifting and this space in time is only that. I liken it to the clouds building before a rain, pregnant with dense air and anticipation. Nothing satisfies until the rain comes, the next bit of clarity, the new horizon.

In the meantime I endeavor to curb my impatience. Clarity, like a new day, will come…in time.

My reminder this evening came when walking in a nearby field with my dogs. The skies were gray, nearing dusk. I had to pull myself from my comfortable sofa where sleep lately pulls me like waves into the current. I feel drugged lately with a slight inertia and fog. Off for some exercise before dark. It was Bert, my athletic brown and black pup who reminded me that it’s all in the moment. His every move is joyful, heartful, open, loving… in the moment…not worried about tomorrow, concerned, anxious….just there. He sleeps when he’s tired and given the opportunity, runs and plays.

And then Ernie, my blondie, as he sits, just sits near me, watching, breathing, sitting, then sleep, outside with excitement, back in, a thrill, nothing really but being where he is, not off in the future, fretting over the past.

And so it is. Pretty much!

What great reminders of what is possible if one will but allow it.

BB Webb


Animals Rock! August 11, 2010

Come on, they do….mine do….

…but I have proof, solid hard evidence that if you love on a creature, (I’ll submit this might be relevant for human beings as well)…..if you LOVE ON an animal every day of its life, pet it, make sure it has food, water, exercise, clean bedding and temperatures not too hot or cold, they will sprout forth like a rose in bloom and be great company and friends all your live long days.

They entertain, adore you, are loyal like no one I’VE ever met, love routine, don’t mind staying outside all day in the yard or on the shaded porch, they have no problem eating the same food every day and well, car rides are over-the-top excitement for them.

A world without pets to me is unthinkable.

Today I thank all my creatures, Ernie, Bert, Bonnie, my pups and Annie, Wiley Pete and Lester, my four legged felines, along with 2 jumping un-named goldies in the tank….for their friendship and loyalty.

Might more people (me included) follow your example in areas a tad more!

BB Webb


Dog Gone It! August 4, 2010

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It’s truly the LITTLE things that keep me going.

BB Webb


Walking the dogs and mending fences February 22, 2010

I don’t walk my dogs. I open the door and let them run and hope they stay inside my 2 acre fenced in area. They don’t always and then I call and call and in they come.

I’m always repairing fences as they don’t liked to be fenced in any more than I do.

Seems I do a lot of metaphorical mending of fences as well. It’s useful. And I can do it alone in my room, while traveling on a bus, while taking a shower or in a room full of people. I prefer alone.

But, with regard to walking or not walking my dogs, sometimes I walk through the nearby fields with them. Not lately though….it’s so muddy and wet, trees are falling down in my pretty forest. Our drought is certainly over in Georgia. (Noah I heard is on his way here).

So I’m thinking about long walks and I’m thinking about fences tonight and I’m considering how we hold things in our energy fields until I suppose we’re ready to let them go….or until cancer shows up and the Universe perhaps begs us, ‘let go now sweetheart, come on, you can do it, let go.’ And God is patient, should we not hear the first time, well, expect a stronger reminder!

And I’m considering some of the things I’d do best to let go of and how powerful the following statement might be to help in that letting go, ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.’ Or in a simpler sentence perhaps, ‘if there is anything I might have done to cause you grief or pain, I’m sorry, please forgive me.’

I’m learning the power of forgiveness.

We hold energies from generations past, blueprints really. It’s not genes so much as an energetic blueprint. So, if your ancestors were pillaged and made peasants, beaten and berated, your energy field holds some of that blueprint and you might find yourself being a bit reactive to anything that hints at that kind of action taken against you.

Here’s how I know, (and I do). Energy medicine again, it’s the real McCoy. I’ve had allergies erased through a reprogramming of sorts to my system. Or with my recent back travesty, (level 8 out of 10 pain), though I uphold and value chiropractic technology, the more helpful and useful to me has been dealing with the distortions and dis-ease in my energy system which pull on the body and consequently misalign your spine, twist things and create VERY tight muscles, and in my case, PAIN!

It took two visits to Dr. Poulin, my energy healing pal, to help release some of the recent patterning with regard to what has felt like some rather yucky (technical term), events of late in my life, (to me), all which finally manifested in my body, mostly my lower back and sacrum…..memories become triggered and all our memories are stored in our body.

So, as Dr. Poulin sees and sets those patterns to a better functioning, I could feel for instance, my lower back release, let go in a sense, thereby allowing my muscles, which have grown everso tight, to release, and the spine comes back into alignment and ultimately my energy returns as my body isn’t fighting so hard to correct what was awry. And hooray, I can stand up straight again!! I’m 5’7″ again, (okay 5′ 6 and three quarter inches).

It’s amazing this practice and I have not only been witness to its impact, but the beneficiary again and again. I had a conversation this past weekend with a chiropractor who asked about my symptoms, the level of pain and was sure I needed adjustments 2 or 3 times a week, no doubt for weeks and weeks and certainly an xray as ‘you might have a slipped or degenerated disc’.

‘No’, I assured him thoughtfully, ‘it’s some stuff in my energy field that needs clearing. A lot has happened in my life lately and I’ll be fine after a visit or two with Dr. Poulin.’

And I am.

I don’t think we have to age as we have in the past. But I do know that without these measures, I’d feel much older than I am and paying a chiropractor more money than needed.

So tonight, I am walking the dogs in my mind….just being with the easy movement and meditation of that simple activity and I’m both mending my fences to keep certain things out and fashioning neat holes where I need to let some influences in and some forgiveness out.

BB Webb


Joy…..Unadulterated Joy…. December 18, 2009

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All there for us, for the taking if we can REMEMBER…..

How I love dogs. They are so IN THE MOMENT and FULL of joy. And how beautifully emphasized, showcased in this delightful Christmas spirited Harry Connick Jr. video and song with Bailey the Reindeer Pup!

And FYI….in Montana, where my family resides, 35 below zero and snow, snow, snow, glorious snow!!

BB Webb


So Tell Me, What Was It Like For You? September 21, 2009

I am considering that I might need to embrace rather than scorn the sleep that won’t come to me. Perhaps I’m supposed to lie awake to hear something which I can’t hear in my sleep. Maybe I’m like a new mother, having just given birth or about to give birth to something new and spectacular in my life….with sleep being temporarily a distant memory.

The storms in Atlanta have been dogged and meaningful of late. I adore weather, all kinds. I miss the smell of snow in the air and the first flakes which always, ALWAYS to me held mystery and delight. They beckoned free days from school as a kid, a lightness of spirit as an adult and certainly awesome ski runs and high flying powder on the slopes. I don’t miss the shoveling in Boston or the interminable winters I’ve weathered in Maine, though I’ve chased a snowstorm or two in my day, to be a part of the mystery, the grandeur of how heavy, white precipitation can in the right setting create a fantasy world fragrant with possibility and certainly fun! And I’m all for that.

So, sleep deprived again, this time from the worried pacing of my dogs and alarmed ‘meows’ from the felines in my house over the rattling of thunder and bright beacons of flashing light through the tall Wuthering Heights-like windows of my home. My animals become frightened with storming. ddc.JPGI become quiet and soak it in like elixir. I love the rumbling that shakes and rattles each of my cells. I like the stirring that I feel, the movement, as though the storm is bringing in new energy, new thought, new consideration. I like movement. I like change…positive change.

With this, I am here in my safe bed just outside of Atlanta, thinking of the many places I’ve visited throughout the world. I recall adding pence to the heater unit in London to keep warm in January. I remember the very small flat I stayed in overnight in Paris where I took a photo of myself in the mirror to show I was there, or the photo of my shadow on the beach in Lanai, a quiet, small Hawaiian island and former pineapple plantation, (before Rupert Murdock overtook it). I’ve danced for hours on end with Dutch people in Normandy, eaten goat head with executives in Monterrey, Mexico and tried mightily to swallow fatty duck in Hong Kong offered to me by my gracious host. I’ve camped in the Wyoming Mountains, swam topless in the Italian surf, slept on floors, buses and small planes which I wasn’t sure were going to make it to the ground. I’ve done most of this as a solo adventurer.

And though I prefer at this point in my life to share a cab, train seat or car with a fellow traveller, I’m glad to have seen the world through my eyes. And though there is more to see, the view inside my head, or heart, is more full than any trip ’round the world might allow.

And so, with all the people and customs, differences and opinions, I still hold my head at a tilt, much as my dog Ernie does when he hears a strange noise, ‘what’s with all the intolerance’ I wonder. Why can’t we all just get along? Why can’t two opinions sit on the same plate, or my friend believe one thing and me another? Can’t I experience one thing and he another and it be okay? I didn’t see green and he didn’t see red. So? So what?

‘So tell me,’ I long to ask, ‘What was it like for you?’ And rather than debate why my vision is right or her sensing impaired, how enthralled I might be with,

‘What BB dear did you sense, feel, see, hear, fathom when you crossed the river, when you tasted the soup, when that stranger admonished you, the kind woman put her arm around you, that man told you he loved you….tell me, I want to know YOUR experience.’

There is more to share….my heart is full, my mind sodden with the falling rain and the sleep that won’t come.

BB Webb