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The power of now, mooooving and WOW! March 24, 2011

‘To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.’ Pema Chodron

Well yes. Certainly. And of the nesting birds….

I am a night owl…..I resist sleep as something inside me (when I feel my groove), comes alive at night. Mornings too I enjoy, but not to be out and about, PLEASE. It’s MY time. No animals in the room after chow time, just me….usually with computer and hands on my computer keys, stroking them, conjuring up magic if I can, or turning the wheels of industry as I am wont to do.

But tonight, I find myself coming alive to C J Chenier, to the late Beau Jocque, to my old Bonnie Raitt tunes and a bit of Joni, Dave, Asleep at the Wheel and okay, that one Akon song that I love….and I realize how I MUST manifest more dancing in my world. I have one of the prettiest ballrooms in Georgia with acoustics that are perfect and space to swirl, cha cha, swing, zydeco and feel the flow of the music, the step, a partner and yourself.

So….always a mission, a vision, an idea to conceive, make real. And tonight….I’ll put out into the ether waves, that there WILL be dancing at Carl House while I am caretaker and owner.

I remember years ago when creating Carl House, standing on planks of a not yet build ballroom thinking, ‘goodness, like a theatre, oooh, the love and joy that will happen under this roof when it is built’.

And so it has been and so it will be!

Everything starts with a spark, an idea….whooooa….it’s going to be a unforgettable year. Mark my words…please do!

Beau Jocque….vibing, dancing….over the moon joy and Mr. (revered Sir), CJ Chenier…just entirely cool and soooo fun to dance to ya’all!! Now stand up and dance….do it….just do!!

The power of now, mooooving and WOW!…the energy will send you where you’re needing to go. TRUST me on that one!!

BB Webb


SpiDers ACross the SkY… July 21, 2010

A colleague sent me a card today with the following quote…

‘The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace things, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.’ Jack Kerouac

This kept me in an elevated state all day……all day long.

BB Webb


Pan Meets Ganesh July 7, 2010

I am reminded of the Hindu God, Ganesh this evening….the overcomer of obstacles.

And Pan, lusty, randy, playfully serious Pan. Really half man half centaur, though I rather like this depiction of him.

Both embody aspects I admire, Pan with his fertile nature and ability to beckon a crowd and Ganesh, for his knowing…..he knows….nothing is too big for Ganesh.

Nor for me. I can handle it all.

Praise for the comrads who hold a light for us.

BB Webb


If I Had My Druthers… June 9, 2010

There would be a big band playing in my ballroom every weekend.

There would be all manner of great friends and acquaintances present having a terrific time, lots of seasoned dance partners and I’d be dancing every song until each muscle in my body burst with joy and utter fatigue.

I miss Glenn Miller. The late 70s…. in Vermont. The keen anticipation of a frosty Friday night after a rehearsal or performance, there we’d go, to the small pub on the hill, turn on the juke box to listen to Glenn Miller, Billy Strayhorn and Gene Krupa….dancing til the wee hours.

Boston in the 80s, seeking out live big bands.

Or earlier, in highschool, the Moose Lodge where my mother’s husband played in a big band, a mean saxophone and clarinet. Dancing, moving, caught in the beat, the rhythm, the happy vibe of it all.

Simple fun. Great fun. Big fun.


Maybe I’d alternate a zydeco band every other week in my ballroom….to use a different set of muscles…oooooh, stay tuned….I may be on to something!

For now, my bathroom is as good a place as any. And, my dogs dig the beat!

Sure they do!

BB Webb


It’s all in the details, though, maybe not June 7, 2010

I’m considering the importance of details in some matters and then again, not, in others.

In my business, you bet, and accountability measures ARE being put into place at every switch and turn. I’m surveying it all, and finding that just like a bolt can become loose on a bicycle, so can the details in a business and then she (my business is female), just doesn’t ride as well.

So, I’m preparing for a long ride, tightening bolts, visiting all the nooks and crannies to see what can be done better…better I say!!

And I’m finding lots of little things which TO ME, add up to so much.

Without structure, (I’m finding), for myself, my business, in our relationships, things can easily crumble and fall….like gravity. This is a big ‘aha’ for me, creative web spinner that I am. Webb-Spinner might be more appropriate.

I want to serve people well, very well. I consider my former coach’s (Brian Patrick Cork) mantra about finishing well. (I was just this evening catching up on my blog reading and reread this thought). I’d like to elevate also the way I play on the way TO the finish line….and I am.

And then I consider the areas where details matters little. When whitewashing your intention of heart in each moment, I’m considering NOT getting too caught up in how or why or when, but just to impulsively find the rhythm and dance to the pulse you feel. And just let it fly like paint, splattered carelessly on a ready canvas. Greens, blue, yellow, orange, burnt umber, turquoise…

Crazy all that.

I find I am still less settled in the moment but alive in a variety of hemispheres which take me all over the Universe.

And when I return, (in any given moment) to the earth, often needing much discipline, I scan what needs to be done each day, at the office, at home, with friends, family, in caring for myself….

I’ll have no problem dying to this world, entering another….

…though hope I don’t hurt in the passing. I’m so adverse to pain….that’s a detail I’ll gladly miss.

Though, I often find myself missing something. I’m frankly not exactly sure what it is.

Though my eyes are open! I am in training for something indeed. And yes, today my eyes see through the woods clearly.

BB Webb


Quantum Change Over Cheese and Laughter June 2, 2010

I have been sleeping a lot during my eye surgery recovery and dreaming. I dream a lot anyway….while awake and especially when asleep. Maurice Sendak’s characters are tame compared to what show up on my inner HD widescreen. I’ve also had time to stop the normal fast spinning ferris wheel of my life for a moment or two and I find ‘things’ settling in new ways inside my particular soul this week.

I’m also in the company of a fellow spiritual warrior-ess….she’s smart, is on an evolutionary hunt, as am I, and enjoys many of the earthbound pleasures which I do, wine and cheese, travel and more travel, learning, surprising discoveries, soul expanding workshops and adventures, books and thinking, films, very high heels and clothes, and coloring our hair shades of red….ooooh and did I mention pretty earrings and bracelets, things that shine and shimmer. We’re perhaps a manner of soul sisters. And ironically, despite not meeting until we were both almost 50, we grew up 5 miles away in the same town in Pennsylvania.

We met in a tantra workshop. Good Lord, when I write or say that word, ‘tantra’ the reactions I’ve received from people are as varied as there are cheeses aging in dusty cellars. Our explorations in the realm of tantra and her sister arts lean toward a heightened awareness of conscious loving, not just the pleasurable, sexual aspects, but the art of caring, paying attention, serving one another through loving care, effective communication, listening, kindness, attentiveness and yes, pleasure being a part of it all. I don’t know which culture or church or political state first tainted healthy loving and sexuality with anything but a natural, splendid part of existence, (remember how we got here folks), but having spent a good part of my life traveling hither and thither around the planet, Westerners tend to be rather uptight around pleasure and sex….or why would every brand of pornography be so rampant…..???

Regardless, (I could rant and rave for pages but will spare you today), my friend and I enjoy journeying to new places within and outside ourselves to perhaps live a more fully realized and expressed existence. That’s just us, and funny, we are in many ways as different as night and day….she more a mathematical sort, me a writer and creative non-linear thinker. We don’t tend to be satisfied with status quo. Well, for me, not one bit, but I never have been….I rather enjoy the hunt and tumble. It’s only my heart that needs soothing time and again as I suffer those famous slings and arrows.

But I’m a strong one.

My friend leads a monthly group called, ‘Consciousness Cafe’, a rather zesty group of soul searchers who come together in this town only three or so hours from my area in Atlanta, to discuss all things expansive, quantum physics, the likes of Eckhart Tolle and today someone who I discovered a Dr. William Miller.

I discovered his book today called, ‘Quantum change: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives’. A zingy subject making my toes want to bend and catapult me upward in a leap, despite being told by my doc to ‘lay low BB, let your eyes and body heal’….I’m all for transformations which take me to new places. I find it fulfilling.

This laying low IS good for me, a new pace for a moment or two, though I did at first feel a bit tied to my bedpost and snarled a spell.

I particularly like this description of Mr. Miller’s book:

‘The authors successfully assert that as a person is guided to a new place of authentic truth within himself or herself, peacefulness and inner strength ensue, and a positive shift in core values results. Unfortunately, the authors do not effectively address the other side that is, quantum changes that bring negative outcomes for the examples they give do not exhibit most of the characteristics of quantum change. Still, this work is valuable because it teaches ordinary people not to fear sudden spiritual encounters.’

So, it may not be a perfect book to everyone, but one, I feel with some potential merit having read a few reviews, for whatever they might be worth. I did however read an excerpt that discussed ‘Twelve Highly Valued Personal Characteristics of Men’, ranked from among 50, BEFORE big life changes, and AFTER.

Important BEFORE: More Important AFTER:
Wealth———- Spirituality
Adventure———- Personal Peace
Achievement———- Family
Pleasure———- God’s Will
Being Respected———- Honesty
Family———- Growth
Fun———- Humility
Self-Esteem———- Faithfulness
Freedom———- Forgiveness
Attractiveness———- Self-Esteem
Popularity———- Loving
Power——— Intimacy

I thought of a few men I’ve known….brothers, friends, lovers, colleagues, acquaintances, mentors, my Dad, his friends. I keep my eyes open, I watch people….often quite closely.

And I thought of some of the tantra teachings I’ve experienced or things I’ve read and my consideration of what a more evolved, manly, loving, in his power, gorgeous, bright, smart and growing man might be to me, what he represents, the healthy placement of his ego, his heart….and that second row of qualities seemed to highlight many of the qualities in such a man.

I’ll work on my own evolution so like might attract like….in all manner of things, business, creativity, heartfulness, play, dancing, loving kindness….there is a lot to enjoy in life, we need not hold back.

I am reminded this week to have a healthy dose of variety on my plate during any given day, week or month…..sugar peas, (I love the ones from Lancaster County, PA best), that lovely seaweed salad I love at sushi restaurants, oooooh, a great filet, Pittsburgh style and medium rate, homemade frozen yogurt, coconut perhaps, and of course a dark chocolate covered almond now and again. Oh, did I mention that rich, aged, robust, BIG glass of red wine. Variety for me please.

The world is a brighter place than we remember most days. My vision is changing. My choices are too. (Is it my doctor or perhaps he merely unleashed some things already inside me helping me to see better)?

I’m all for the light….still lighting candles, one by one, by one……by one. There is no victory in the dark.

I might need to rephrase that.

BB Webb


An adventure beckons… May 27, 2010

I’m off on an adventure for the next little while.

I hopped (I did, a hop…in red high heels), into my Blue speed racer car around 5:30 this evening and headed north….after a looooong week of the normal ups, downs and arounds.

I felt as though I’d emerged from a tightly knit cocoon!

The wheels of industry have been turned, turned, turned with many good things put directly into action. Bold strokes for sure, some grand leaps, a chugalug or two.

And now, some new experiences call….and I will return once I’ve successfully moved through an interesting new turning point.

And I predict, you heard it here, I predict all manner of grand things upon my return, business growth, travel, romance, the creation of new and OH so lovely things, surprise and fulfillment beyond compare.

Why not? I am (as are you), a creator.

I say it’s so.

Til soon, for sure, til soon!

BB Webb