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Happiness comes from…. March 25, 2010

caring more….not less.

I heard that thought this evening and it made me sit awhile and think. I’m not sure I agree. Caring more?? Caring too much can break your heart. Caring less can surely leave you lonely, yet, to be disengaged separates you from the pain of caring too much which leads to inevitable disappointment…time and again.

A broken heart. Truly there are worse things. If exercised right, the heart is one strong muscle. Mine has had its share of exercise for sure.

With each disappointment I come back, eventually, more fully to myself.

It’s the ‘I am’ principle perhaps.

We are complete within our selves and caring more….ultimately for ourselves, creates strong, able selves.

And strong, able selves can love others better.

So I suppose I’ve come full circle…happiness just might come from caring more, not less.

And round and round the world we go.

>>>>>You just witnessed what happens on average 239 times in the mind of BB Webb in any given day.<<<<<

It’s no wonder I’m so tired at night.

Whewww…so what is ‘carefree’, not caring more, or less????

Oy vey! I think I need a hug!! 🙂

BB Webb