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On Truth. December 30, 2009

I’ve learned some key things this past week…..or maybe it’s a lifetime that has brought me here.

Who we are, our truth, how we feel, what we believe, is like a personal elixir, making us full, alive, passionate about things perhaps, allows our soul to flourish within our human skin.

Though, to live in our world, here on this particular planet, certainly in the society to which I was born, a measure of magician-ry need be employed to not extinguish that flame. This I know for sure.

Sharing all of who we are to the varied populace with whom we come in contact, to which we are exposed, is not always wise. People may not understand where we come from, and that’s okay, and I’ve found, in my case, often they don’t. And here is where wizardry comes in. (And, I must remind myself that I DO relish a measure of challenge).

Like a director working with an actor, a General guiding her troupes or a leader working to uplift and inspire her team, new tactics might need be employed to gently relay the message intended and to have it received as intended.

And, just as a fire need have freedom to blaze, a heart and spirit need room to flourish though, just as a plant needs air and water, if polluted, it will not thrive. Similarly, discretion and a measure of laying low, might oft times be a better choice. As we sit and wait, and listen, we might better know when to walk through the curtain, to appear on stage, to walk into the light, as timing is key if we are to be received well to make the impact we desire.

And trust, those souls who want to find you, or need to find you, the ones curious as to what makes you shine or who are curious as to what treasures you possess which might benefit them, they will seek you out, will feel your vibration. It is imminent as are our varied paths. It just is. In this we must trust as in God we trust. (My belief anyway).

For all the others, they have their path, allow them their preferred securities or insecurities, pray for our collective fears to dissolve and intend perhaps a united front to conquer the dark and work to bring forth only light. And in the Ho’oponopono Hawaiian tradition, consider that what you see in front of you is merely a reflection of yourself. Grace others and yourself with the magic prayer to your distractors AND the ones who buoy you forward as well, ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.’ This can change the world.

For, to me, love and light are the only elements of existence and being which I’ll embrace, the rest, illusion, if I chose them to be. All this thinking clearly a work in progress for I am as human and emotive as they come. In knowing this, I can then truly share, as I shift elsewhere, what it is like to be stuck in the dark. I’ll know too, how to lead others somewhere better as that is where I am going….each day, with every challenge and set back I am only bolstered to where I am meant to go.

In earnest can I then truly thank and love my ‘seeming’ distracters.

There is no other choice. I may forget in moments, but when I am quiet and sit, I remember well.

Brian Andreas, one of my favored artists and poets said what I know so very well. He created a sculpture with this short poem, which hangs in my home office. I read it often.

‘For a long time, she only flew when she thought no one else was watching.’ Brian Andreas.

By Brian Andreas, courtesy

2010 may mark the year you take flight and allow all to see. It’s all in the timing, as a trained performer, and mistress of special events, this I know well, though merely forget some days when I impatiently consider my own passions and desires for what I see ahead for myself. Timing.

Blessings to you all.

BB Webb