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How We Deal With Struggles Defines Us. April 4, 2011

I am thinking of two things this evening…

1. that the way we handle hardship defines us
2. authenticity and the originality and truthfulness of it.

Re-reading the last sounds silly. But hang with me a moment.
Our culture, each of us is so tainted by tv, culture, the media, family, schools, religion.

Cliches rule and I am a cliche terrorist. I abhor them, wondering if folks might boil a thought down to its essence more to produce a thought that BETTER expresses what they want to say. Truly. And yes, I’m victim as well to these rounded, vague, cliche-isms at times, of course.

Example…a marketing poster…’spring into savings during our springtime sale’. *sS&^*RE**-w9(9p../,&&@##!.

We all overuse words and expressions and even copy copies of copies of things said, songs sung, complaints hurled.

An evening by What's new?

My major point here, is that when we experience authenticity,
(not Mariah Carey style thinking sexy is dresses too small or flitting her fingers about because she got applause for it once, or the pause before a punchline in a joke which Dean or Steve Martin did one time or another)
….I mean coming to things organically. Giving conscious thought as to how to EXPRESS what’s happening.

A speech, song, conversation, loving action, piece of writing initiated from this source, the feel is so different than the canned versions.

So, I’m endeavoring to catch myself in truth-isms and to notice my own worn out cliques.

I heard a colleague sharing thoughts on a video recently. The writing was funny, her thoughts, but the delivery was too staged for it to impact me.

Thought working through the fingertips...

So, I’ve not gotten to the struggle part of this sharing, (I was going to say conversation but there’s really only one person talking here, eh?)

I’ll be back later…sleep is pulling at my eyelids and I’m ready to fantasize about things that don’t exist….yet.

Why… know……….because…….because I can.

Sweet dreams and on to the struggle conversation manana. (I’m noticing how easy it is to be predicable with our expression)!!

BB Webb

And a little FYI…not that anyone would really care, but the struggle thought was prompted while watching a trailer for the film ‘The King’s Speech’ with Colin Firth and Geoffery Rush. (Two actors I greatly admire and I film I’m looking forward to seeing. Geoffery rush exudes authenticity and truth)!

And…..Here’s something to put in your pipe….(Damn! THAT’S an original expression)….consider this…you’re involved in a new romance….everything is fresh, exciting, new….what makes those budding, blooming newbie experiences pale in time or NOT pale in time? How do we keep life fresh, awake, interesting….how does one keep a stage performance fresh, as though it’s the first time?? I’m not saying that familiar is not good, but rather, how do we keep our wonderment alive?

I have an idea on that…nurturing curiosity and the desire to create anew. Perhaps coming from a place of compassion with the urge to discover more…more! More heartfulness perhaps??

Defining struggle. Stay tuned.


Dig Deeper… July 19, 2010

for your passion….for your heart….let it rip….and then rip some more.

Thank you Janis.

BB Webb


Awake From A Dream And Back Again April 19, 2010

I awoke, recently….with this paragraph steaming through my head.

‘And so you should… ever greater authenticity.

….and always a connection to heart, which to me, is imagining the walk in another’s shoes while standing solidly in your own. Listening for what you don’t yet realize. Being open to the breath and wisdom between thoughts.

Compassion is strength, mind is the servant to the heart.

Anything less is nearing fraud, certainly misery.

Our nature IS to be loving, but we’ve somehow mucked it up and confused it with the herd mentality of our times.

There are other ways to live.’

And then I fell back asleep. For a long, long, looooong time.

I can feel the ‘coconut’ cracking.

That’s a good thing!

BB Webb