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Exploring the Possibilities

Breaking the Shell October 10, 2010

Ever feel as though you’re incubating…..under the warmer like a chick in an egg, waiting for the right time to hatch? I appreciate what Mr. Scptt-Maxwell has to say.

“You have neat, tight expectations of what life ought to give you, but you won’t get it. That isn’t what life does.

Life does not accommodate you, it shatters you. Every seed destroys its container or else there would be no fruition. ”

– Florida Scott-Maxwell, Playwright, Jungian Analyst, Author

It’s up to us to burst from that shell, that egg and to make sense of the world we’re delivered into….of this I know for sure….tempering it with who we seem to be….delivering our actions in a way that satisfies our passions, desires, our heart.

So, I work these days to brush away the broken shell to ready myself for the new work at hand, clearing away all matter that might be in my way.

I’m finding patience helps, breathing is a must, a few key allies to remind me of what I already know, but often forget as I’m sweeping, and of course sleep, renewing sleep is a must. Oh, and having a fire to sit by in the morning, the better to stir my fires within.

Loving the possibilities,

BB Webb


Eggs Smegs April 4, 2010


Every thing, person, experience, incident, episode, story, fantasy…has another side. Take eggs for example, fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, raw..

I spent a luscious Easter Sunday spring cleaning, readying porches for evenings under the stars, for friends and parties. I planted flowers, petunias, coleus, herbs and such….redecorated things a bit, shifting things here and there.

It was merely time to do so. The tipping point and all.

A new phase awaits……to play, invent, forgive, dance, growl, scowl if you choose, (but there’s been enough of that), meet new people, visit with old ones, say you’re sorry, issue a thank you, plan a holiday, pet your pups, engage in commerce, take on a cause, start a new business, (build the old one), devise a plan, eat good food, have a party, write a speech….no end to the possibilities. Truly.

Eggcellent says I! BB Webb


Art, Religion and the Search… January 19, 2010

I feel perhaps I’m in a most pensive stage of late….I’ve got some serious questions and some serious discerning to do. It’s almost like looking at a photo from the backside if there were such a thing. My choice is always to support the highest within whatever situation or thought I encounter. I’m finding that this thinking serves me and others well and supports the best within everyone, including myself. And to me, it’s the most loving choice and I’ve never regretted making that choice ever!

I’m reading actress Ellen Burstyn’s autobiography entitled, ‘Lessons in Becoming Myself.’ I’m thoroughly engaged in her journey which I find a bit unsettling in areas, as perhaps I relate to it in so many ways, a journey peppered with the necessary highs and lows of growth much like my own.

She asserts,

‘It was during The Trip to Bountiful that my creative energies returned to me in a flood and I had my first experience of transcendence through the creative process. By then I’d answered my own question of why, as Kazan said, ‘talent, like beauty, faces.’ It came to me in a quote from Ouspensky: ‘Art is the search for beauty, as religion is the search for truth.’ The operative word here is search. It is not in the finding; it is the search. That’s why, after an artist has won awards and received the world’s acclaim, she can make the mistake of believing that she ‘knows.’ It is not in ‘the knowing’ that the search occurs. It is a living process where creativity thrives. It is standing in the space of ‘I don’t know’ with dissatisfaction with what has already been achieved, and eagerness to open up to the unknown.’

Ellen Burstyn created a new path for women through the work she created and by way of being an example. She speaks of key areas which interest me, a universality around religious thoughts, the feminine spirit and heart, the difference between judging and discernment, our ‘mistakes’ as part of our growth primer, the power of giving from the heart, being an example of the truths to which you speak, and the necessity of going ‘within’ to find the answers we seek.

She spent time with the renowned Rosalyn Bruyere, an energy healer with whom my own mentor, Dr. Fernand Poulin has studied. Her journey into herself took many forms and she certainly traveled many miles to arrive in a place, or where she continues to arrive, evermore awake as to her purpose perhaps for being on the planet. She melds esoteric and metaphysical thought into her day to day in a way I find inspiring and thoughtful and I appreciate the questions she has asked on her journey and the transparency of her story.

I so appreciate women I learn about who might be models on my own path. My intent is to celebrate women in our world today who demonstrate and reflect a similar curiosity and heart, thereby being an example to other women (and men), on their way to ‘becoming’.

BB Webb