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We Americans…. October 31, 2009

What is happening?

I watched, just this morning, Michael Moore’s film, ‘Sicko’ (from 2007), while just earlier reading Brian Patrick Cork’s Saturday blog about the recent credit card travesty and diabolical ‘adjustment’ meant to further cripple and keep Americans hostage.

flag6_5th_st_nw-300x202Having just reviewed the increase in healthcare costs for me and my employees and having in the same week received this year’s land taxes and increased costs from a variety of service providers, (while balancing internal work having part of my team out sick), all the while working tirelessly to build and grow my company, to make good decisions, spend my money well to increase revenue, quality and service, I am supremely and outrageously, disappointed. I work daily to balance my growing employer costs and to make good decisions which serve my business, my employees, my clients, my community and myself.

For the folks without a ‘fight’ gene, or an ability to strategize their own positive growth around this miasm of self serving change and dour conditions in America, (I’m talking culture and perspective), it all looks sadly hopeless, this coming from a Polly Anna of positivity. I’m pissed.

And wait til I soon share some incredulous happenings within my own community.


My risks are a part of who I am, my personality. I’m an artist and I’m an entrepreneur. Though, as I visit with all sorts of folks throughout my busy weeks, people wanting a quality of life, simple, reasonable, I am most saddened. They fall back into fear which is paralysing. How to take care of a sick child, pay their mortgage, afford a few days away from work. I find myself quietly fuming in my safe home, considering what action the government or my bank might pull as I diligently pay my monthly mortgage.

No matter what our differences, we ultimately rise or fall together. How do we take care of one another, despite our differences? Why can’t we learn from other cultures, France, England, Mexico, models of healthcare which actually CARE for people, promote wellness. How might we blend the ideals of democracy in a framework that allows us achievers and risk takers to rally while creating a system which supports those weaker to do their best, to guide, educate and enable others to thrive within what is possible for them. How do we enable others to do better for themselves. I want to be part of that trolley car initiative.

s2Why the greed, intolerance, judgment? What IS THE PROBLEM? How did our culture in particular become so self centered, greedy? Insurance companies, drug companies, how is it that daycare, banks and school systems have become so entirely ‘schewed’….I can’t find the right word. I feel on the periphery of many of these issues as I focus my energies elsewhere, my ability to keep up with all the change limited as I endeavor to work toward my own passions. How much time do we have as Americans to multitask and seek out answers to all the issues impacting us as we raise families, build our businesses, contribute to causes which matter to us?

Just as our greatest wars are fought within ourselves, so too are the greatest wars for our country within our very own borders.

I am working on an initiative within my very own Carl House business to champion the cause of other service providers in my industry, including facilities like mine. There is enough business for us all. Their success is my success. I am not lessened by their good work or ideas but rather encouraged, inspired to do better.

How might we all become part of fearless solutions instead of limited reasoning on how things can’t or won’t work. I work on the same thinking with my team at Carl House. ‘Bring me a better idea. Share how we might help one another do better, serve our customers better.’ It’s a mindset and a choice.

I’m embarrassed by areas within our government, not just nationally, limited thinkers, greedy marauders within my own community, leading people by selfish means.

This diatribe issued forth on Halloween, a scarier day than I ever imagined. We need a new day in America.

BB Webb