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What is Art? November 2, 2009

I had an interesting day today. I often prepare during my weekend time, for a new week, along with some rest, certainly a refocusing time; though once off on my week, it’s a mystery as to where any given moment might take me…..and FYI….the moon is FULL, VERY full. I feel it entirely.

The following video will go down in history, no doubt, as one of my favs. It completely resonated with the world I encountered today.

So, I find myself considering a few things…

Why do we do what we do? What drives us one way or another. Why might a certain situation or person capture our interest at any given point in time? How is it one project, encounter or person might make us squirm with uncertain delight, (or trepidation), while another, which you’d think would send us into shock and panic, does not? Who are we in our varying moments and self imposed ‘roles’?

What are these different roles we assume, AND, how lovely that each day we have an opportunity to emerge anew, different, slightly shifting with the people we bring into our lives, the endeavors we choose…

And isn’t it all, ultimately art? Our lives, total art. Certainly, and perfect just as they are.

I am constantly amused by my own reactions to the world put before me. I often don’t recognize myself. I’m ALWAYS curious as to how each scene evolves. And there I say, is the fun. A new spark to ignite our engines at every turn. I everyday fly solo and with no hands, whether accompanied or not. Just me. No script. Oh, how brave are we.

BB Webb


Cancer Stinks! And maybe our thinking is limited. September 29, 2009

My friend has cancer and she’s just not yet jumping in to take care of it. I can’t imagine what’s going on in her mind and heart. She’s so lovely. She’s so dear to me. I’m doing all I know how to do at this point, and I ask for guidance daily about how best to serve her, to help her back to robust health, because her cancer is at a point where she can have that kind of return.

She’s had all manner of friends who have died of cancer….one friend who is about to die, in about 2 months, (of lung cancer, as my mom did), and this friend will be leaving behind a 6 year old little girl. They are telling the little girl next week that her mommy will soon be leaving. I have no children yet can hardly swallow at the thought of having to have such a conversation. How does a 6 year old fathom such a thought? My head becomes numb with the magnitude and import of the task.

I’m a fighter. I’ve fought all my life. I came out of the womb, (early, of course, VERY early), with a mission and knew that there was stuff I needed to do and even in the midst of total confusion over what that might be, I’ve never doubted there was a mission. It’s why I’m here!

HOWEVER……I’m learning, (albiet slooooowly), to not FIGHT so much now as (oooooh, am I really saying this), to listen, and move more slowly.

Oh Lord….I feel friends and colleagues with their jaws dropping to their travertine floors.

I think this cancer nonsense needs not so much a ‘fight’ as a shift in how we do things, a look at the REAL cause behind the ‘cancer.’

I’ll rally around emotional, physical and spiritual well being as I always do. When ‘stuff’ goes wrong, there is a reason. I have all manner of notions about why ‘stuff’ appears to us and was especially prone to a major ‘aha’ in that regard after reading Caroline Myss’ book, Anatomy of the Spirit. And, I don’t believe so much in genes influenced by heredity as much as by energetic imprint, which can be altered. (I’m out on a limb here, I know….).

And for the record, I’ll note it here, (cause I can)….I feel the future of wellness lies in a big…. a BIG way, in the area of energy medicine or energy healing. Look it up. I’m serious as a………..healthy heart. Yes, look it up, it’s real, I’ve experienced the benefits, I’ve seen it serve people with cancer and all manner of dis-eases. Miracles are to me expanded consciousness, of what is possible and ooooh nelly, it’s WAY bigger than our human minds, even the REALLY sharp, savvy minds I’ve had the pleasure, distinct pleasure, to meet. This is bigger than helium smoking pot!

I could go on and on….but I won’t. Though later, you are warned, I will. I have some real ideas and BB theories around this entire area of thought. And how I love expanded thinking and what it can manifest. And no, I have no scientific proof, just have experienced some things, read a lot and met LOTS and LOTS of people who have their own miraculous healing stories. I’ve met healers who just sing a different tune, and I like their song.

In the meantime, Lewis Black DOES make a point! I mean come on….come on….let’s do something new. Or I’m reminded when Mother Teresa was asked if she would march against war – she said NO but I will walk for peace. It’s all in how you look, how you view something. A SHIFT in how you do things. Oooooh, God bless us everyone!

BB Webb


Imagination, Energy and Focus September 28, 2009

I have a dear friend who lives in Maine; I’ve spoken of her before, the lovely and talented Karen Montanaro, wife of my beloved late teacher Tony Montanaro. She is a seeker like myself. Our conversations would drive most anyone mad as we stay up late into the night bug-eyed considering thoughts in the realms of self actualization, possibility, metaphysics, the arts, we tear apart poetic stories, nibble food, drink wine bought only because of the compelling or ‘pretty’ labels, and then after gaffaws of laughter, end up in her studio, listening to music, dancing the night away. It’s magical.

Karen Montanaro

Karen Montanaro

We then sleep exhausted for hours to begin again the next day where she’ll take me to a draining and exhilerating Bikram Yoga class, we shop the streets of Portland drinking expensive coffees, visit dress shops and twirl and plie, kick our feet high to see how we might move in gorgeous dresses with yet no event in mind for ‘it’ to adorn us, (but we’ll find one), and we might end up at Whole Foods in the make-up aisle trying on all variety of eye shadow shades and lipsticks, followed by an overpriced but scrumptious something or other from the store deli. An indulgent ‘treat’ at a nearby boutique dessert store is the only fitting end to a day of play.

I love my trips to Maine and may travel there over Christmas just to wear my fur coat and make a few snow angels after a rousing day in her studio and to rest my mind after we’ve torn apart quantum physics and the origins of tantra, created soup (after she declared having ‘nothing in her kitchen’), (I’m the ‘stone soup’ queen and I LOVE to cook for her), and after having written a dance/theatre piece based on the hilarious and possibly angst ridden mishaps or exhilarating tristes we’ve had relating to men and ‘falling in love’ over the past year. She’s a friend of the rarest kind!

Karen, like Tony, is an artist and moreover, a teacher relentless in her journey to raise children (the world) to a new level of functioning and possibility. Her drive is inspiring (as is her heart). She is a gorgeous dancer with long flowing red hair, her body trained for decades in menus of movement that the rest of us only dream we might accomplish. Her body, agile and light, is precise and fluid, her variety of turns, jumps, twists and swallows, a veritable chapter book of movement recipes, though none written down.

Tony was the master of improvisation and more than anything else, taught us (me) to respond, shift and move in a moment. More importantly, to endeavor to LIVE in the moment. I need him still. Trained at a young age to ‘go with the flow’, it serves me at times when I can feel my own rigidity (fear) set in.

So today, I am reminded of the work she does with her school kids as she travels throughout the planet, opening doors in young minds, lifting hearts and creating smiles of personal possibility with the people who experience her….I am reminded of the importance of coaxing and nurturing our energy reserve, finding ways to daily unleash our imaginations and something which my own business coach, Brian Patrick Cork, harangued me about at our coaching session only last week, the importance of focus.


Powerful all. Powerful.

BB Webb


Health Insurance……Reform…..???….Huh??? September 22, 2009

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