BB Webb as BB Webb!

Exploring the Possibilities

Now is the time for all good….hmmmmm… March 23, 2011

…for all good men and women, to come to the aid of their soul’s purpose!!

Timing is NEARLY everything, along with a mind, heart and spirit READY to move. And I am ready to move. The drag before the ‘boing’ has felt like forever to me though after a crisis of sorts (how long has it been), and a morning and afternoon by my campfire in my back forest, some prompts from friends old and new…the path is clearing and off I go.

I don’t need much more than that as things will sort themselves out as I ‘intend’ forward. And I am. AND, I’ll mark this evening as the (new) starting gate for a fresh chapter.

I’ve fashioned a new spot in my upstairs office for some disciplined (so fun) writing and creation with a bit of structure, (oooh but not too much for this one or I’ll buck like a bronco and revolt….it’s just me).

And I have some things which have been brewing. Suddenly my body wants to move, I’m seeing the symbols and signs beckoning me on and there is nothing yet to do but put the music on, dance and twirl about awhile, (my readying ritual) and get to creating.

Thank you medicine men and women in my world for your whispers in the wind, your encouragement, your ability to SEE parts of me I cannot at times and for your curiosity. Without my friends, in the spirit realm as well as in my bricks and mortar world, I’d be but a shell of my full and impassioned self.

And when we declare what IS… it is! Onward ho!! (With a passport in hand, etherial and tactile both, JUST in case)!

A reminder to me, to you if you’d like….to jump off that ‘cliff’ with abandon and let the wild wind BLOW! Might we all create with abandon….it’s as much a birthright as is our ability and right to breathe, love, reason…or sleep. Glory be!!

Fearless Love (by Bonnie Raitt)

Come my love
Come bravely to me
Let your heart be still
For our time
Has come my tender one
To be free of will

And fly
Blind on fearless love
Let them wild winds blow
We’ll shine
On all we’re fearful of
Then we’ll let it go
Let it go

Skippin’ stones
Across the great unknown
Safe at water’s edge
Don’t look down, baby
We’re gonna leave this losin’ town
And leap out from the ledge

And fly
Blind on fearless love
Let them wild winds blow
We’ll shine
On all we’re fearful of
Then we’ll let it go
Let it go

BB Webb


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