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And then a new idea came blazing in like a fire ball…. January 17, 2011

I don’t like restriction or limits. I’m often my own worst enemy as I’ll jot things on my calendar, some of the things on that dratted ‘should’ list. And if I don’t want to do it, I don’t. Who SAID I need to work out at 5pm. I’m going to make it 6pm or tomorrow.

Sadly in many cases that ridiculous obstinance can get in the way of things I really, REALLY do want to accomplish.

But, as a wise therapist said to me many times, many years ago….’you’ve gotta make things what they ARE before you can change them.’

Right on dude….I agree.

I am enjoying the coming of greater clarity in many areas within my life…..understanding better what I do and don’t have time for or interest in at this point in my life. I like how it feels to be ‘on the grow’. Like a kudzu plant eager to climb a wall, I’m intent on scaling the Matterhorn of my potential in new realms and anything less acts like a scour pad on my soul. ‘Cut it out’ I hear myself say….impatient with anything that doesn’t smell the scent of my passions.

So, I’m not always fun to be around as my myopic-ness sure ain’t for everyone.

But I don’t care to be ‘for everyone’.

And today, I met with a realtor who got and encouraged my vision for the back 30 plus acres I own….(yes, me and the bank)!!….behind my lovely Carl House. The payments to land that has fallen drastically in value, without a bungalow to warrant a rent to defray the cost of my note, can become rather burdensome. I’m a frugal gal, good at hunting down ‘finds’ at thrift stores and managing my frequent flyer points for, (for instance) a trip to Shanghai in the fall, (more on that another day)….because my money right now goes to land. And I STILL feel it can be a worthy investment…..with the proper creativity applied.

And, I like being creative. In fact, when I’m not being so, I tend to wilt and any glow I might have had goes nearly ashen. So, create I must.

And it was this very day that with this realtor, and the lovely woman who sold me my home which I LOVE…hidden near a forest, a rustic a frame sort of abode that is entirely ME…..we came up with the thought of ‘Carl House Estates’ behind my buidling….my vision being the following…..

assisted living facilities, hotel and corporate retreat center, restaurant, shops, music events, doctors offices, a regular community….gee, I’ve even considered a pet cemetery. So, I’m making calls….and I’m beginning to really get somewhere!!

We all laughed together considering my new by line for Carl House…

‘Carl House, for all the IMPORTANT events of your life’ Get married at Carl House, have your business meetings outback, celebrate the kids birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Retirement Parties, shop with us, eat with us, visit Grandma at her assisted living venue, and when Pookey the poodle passes on, we have a resting place for him as well.

You laugh NOW……ha! Every ‘something’ starts with an….an…..AN IDEA!

True, I might be mad, but I’ve considered the alternatives and they interest me NOT!! Mad Hatter, I get you!

Let the fun begin!! Indeed!

BB Webb


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