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Oh That Junction Where Creativity Meets Vision! January 6, 2011

During my several moons of travail over the last several years….I have for about a year and a half envisioned a new website for my Carl House business. Sadly, I had not only NOT found the right person or business to help unfold the vision inside my head, I wasted money attempting to FIND that right person or business.

It’s all a part of the journey, so they say. (And who IS ‘they’)???

And what women DOESN’T like a new look? We women don’t ‘dye’ our hair, that suggests covering something unwanted…..we instead ‘color’ it….as a fashion statement. Who said anything about GRAY???

I have found though, in Junction Creative, a team of savvy business folks who GET what customer service, creativity and communication is all about. Led by savvy business woman Julie Cropp Gareleck, her team of able bodied men and women have exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

And, this new iteration of the Carl House site, is only the beginning!!

Waiting for the birth of a new website is like waiting for (I’m guessing here), a child to be born. But damn, this incubation (well over a year) seems like foreeever! There are sooo many details that MUST be perfect, representative of who we are as a company, as a team, highlighting the RIGHT details to be effective to our readers and folks interested in our venue!

This wait I’ll say is worth it as (for those who know me), I don’t like doing much of ANYTHING half way. With over 125 photos, easy navigation and descriptions of what we offer that we HOPE will tease and entice you and many others to come visit, we’re giddy with girlish excitement!

And our Carl House blog, (Carl House Unveiled), has an outfit to match. And if you’re not COMPLETELY enthralled, our new corporate site will be making a reappearance again soon, soon!

Life does have its glorious moments, doesn’t it. Oooh, the varied things which bring us pleasure!!

The truth is, I, WE (my team and me), LOVE to put on a party! In fact, it makes us JUMP for joy! Stay tuned. Next week is our due date….and that stork seems to be as excited as we are …..

We're all jumping for joy about our new look! Photo by John Campbell Photography!

Thanks Savvy Web Team, we are most grateful for your hard and smart work!! Thank you one and all!

BB Webb


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