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Your preference… January 2, 2011

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Planning has begun. Camera man (30 years with WSB) Dave Darling, husband to my pal Janice Darling, will begin taping a handful of my favorite stories, (which have appeared on this very blog) to go onto my BB Webb You Tube channel.

If you would like to see one story or another read, performed, shared LIVE-ish, on camera, BB’s words with BB’s voice, face and gestures, do, do let me know.

We’re going to start in the middle with a few of my favorites and work our way out to wherever the wind does take us.

And fun it shall be.

There is a new world just waiting to be drawn and as it draws me forward, a skipping I shall go.

And I do hope you’ll come along.

Stay tuned!

BB Webb


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