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The offense of taking offense. November 6, 2010

When I’m stressed out, I can’t breathe. It all makes perfect sense. One of our most basic functions is breathing. We don’t think about it much until it becomes difficult.

I’ve grown tired this week of the human race. I’m finding people to be lacking in grace, forgiveness, understanding and compassion. I’m disappointed to my core. I consider, is there a lesson I’m to be getting?

I had a woman lash out at me earlier this week, busting at the seams with anger and vengeance, threats and unkindness. She felt slighted by one thing after another within my company. The details I suppose don’t matter as much as there were misunderstandings, miscommunications, but never an ill intent by me or my staff.

But, perception is what we make it…it’s subjective and I find it fascinating how one person can interpret a situation….almost as though if you scan for something ugly and unjust, you get just that, and in the same way, if you look to see another side, it is there also.

My heart is heavy knowing that my intent will often be misinterpreted and that people will act miserably and hurtfully. I don’t understand. Truly, I don’t. I’m not made that way.

If I had a daughter, I’d work to teach her how to share her thoughts in a kind and loving way, speak her heart. If she were upset, I’d work with her on how to express that anger. Rage is different than anger. Anger is healthy, rage on the other hand, not. Defense hides our wounds and is a hard weapon. People use it so freely.

Taking offense is perhaps too easy and might lack a level of responsibility, certainly kindness, though I’ll send heart waves to the situation, as that’s what’s needed.

I’m not sure if my disappointment is greater or my hurt. I wish so much that I didn’t care, but I do. I care deeply, perhaps too deeply and that’s maybe not healthy either. People need to be free to be who they are, where they are and do what they’ll do.

But, the Ugly Monsters I’ve felt so much these past two years….they must be here to show me something. I’ll keep looking while protecting within myself and my company what needs protecting. Mother Lioness am I.

BB Webb


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