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Life and business ARE stranger than fiction October 28, 2010

I have just a moment this evening as I’ve been on a tear….probably not uncharacteristic, but a tear for sure.

When I see what needs to be done…with utter clarity, damn if I’m not unstoppable. I feel a bit like a canon in those moments…once shot from my chambers I’m unstoppable. My team knows this, my friends maybe a bit too….it’s just how I work best.

So, when a cold threatened this week to muck up my targeted aim…I had a talk with it.

‘Cold,’ I squarely stated. ‘You need to take a hike. I’m in overdrive and putting a pause on this motor just now ain’t gonna work. Skeedattle please and pick on someone who really WANTS to slow down.’

Because this week I didn’t want to. I consider that I bolted up and down the three flights at Carl House with one mission or another at least 24 times. And it felt good, purposeful…..the physical parts of the week especially good.

As there are things that need to be done. And now, not tomorrow.

So, my cold and it’s threatening, sneezy, sniffly, headache-y, snotty self left me in a speedy day and a half.

(We are all powerful beyond what we might ever realize)!

And as I entered this week my pretty Carl House grounds I was reminded of the choices I have, of the abundance I can tap into moment to moment, the people who support me and rally my various causes. As I network throughout the city, today in Atlanta, then a quick scoot through traffic to a soiree in Athens, I meet people who I’m glad to see, who care about me as I do them. New connections are made and initiatives created as I sort through the many business cards from a week of business play and negotiation.

My options increase and my vision more clear.

And I realize how I enjoy the challenge of a challenge, the mix of emotion in a week, my own energies and vision and the people who come in and out of my life on a daily, monthly, yearly basis.

And most of all, I am thankful to be past a year of disappointment with people, my own choices and the emotional tumult which worked to threaten my resolve and my heart.

I found that I’m so much bigger than that.

And THAT….is a VERY good thing.

I sit tonight in awe of the miracles I’ve experienced and will moving forward. And frankly, it’s all a choice. So, I choose, big, expanded and abundant.

Life IS stranger than fiction, as it should be….because what I can manifest is so much larger and magical than I might ever dream up!!

Here’s to expansion, love, abundance, luck and joy.

BB Webb


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