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Exploring the Possibilities

When crashing comes… September 9, 2010

It’s usually a sign.

Something needs to go.


‘But what’ you ask. ‘But what? Won’t my world come crashing down if I let go one leggo stick?


Or maybe you’ll find a new supporting beam.

‘Leggo my leggo’ you protest!

And boom, boom, boom…..a tumble goes that neat little world you kept yourself within, isolated, paralysed in ways.

‘It’s safe’, she muttered. For she knew muttering was appropriate for such a weak stand.

Explorers move through safety, all the while being vigilant and aware.

Birthing a baby I hear is painful, (me happy to have avoided that mess… needing numbing agent to have my teeth cleaned).

Birthing a soul, freeing it from it’s confines, that too can be messy and hurt.

All in a days unfolding….

Too much ‘neatness’ can inappropriately confine a spirit, a soul. Though, the right mix of jumble and crash, can shake things up just enough to rally metamorphosis.

Ain’t that keen.

And how fortunate should we have champions holding strongly nearby in support of such brave expansion of heart. Indeed, ooooh, indeed!

BB Webb


Add a Green Screen to Your World and….oh boy! September 5, 2010

I’m adding a Green Screen (ChromaKey) to MY world and I’m as excited as I’ve been in quite some time…

If you are not familiar with the attributes of a Green Screen, allow me please to share. A Green Screen is used in filming, giving the advantage of adding whatever backdrop you choose to the scene you are filming.

I’m in the process of putting my stories in 3D….fun, fun, over-the-top fun for me! My pal, Dave Darling, who has been a camera guy for Channel 2 for decades, has agreed to help. Dave is one of my dearest friend’s husbands and together, we have a ball yucking it up over all manner of things, so between this project and occasional visits with their two funny little girls, I think this fall and winter will be full of all manner of spice missing over the last little while.

So, do, do, do, do, DO stay tuned for the live version of this blog….replete with fascinating and fantasy filled backdrops helped me to portray the mood, flow, feel and resonance of what I’m attempting to communicate.

And maybe you’ll tune in and better yet, let me know what pieces grab your interest, suit your fancy, what backdrops were really fun.

I’ve some learning to do, but that’s what makes me want to get up in the morning….that, and lately this fall cool in the air in Georgia. I’m encouraged beyond compare……as my curled up yellow doggie does his duty by sleeping outside my window-door in my bedroom as I type.

We really are protected, in more ways than we know.

Here’s to Green Screen and the ability to create whatever life backdrop we choose, be it an ocean scene, an urban landscape or the image of a precious yellow dog, loving and protecting me just outside my door.

Happy Fall!

BB Webb


And the lights went out… September 4, 2010

When it’s time, how interesting to feel the lights go out in areas of our house, our hearts, our souls.

Maybe not altogether, but certain things which had a shiny allure, dim, as that’s what happens as we shift to other things calling forth our attention, our passions, our hearts and interest.

And when those lights twinkle to a close, how fun to feel the fires burning with new endeavors, new people, new interests.

Everything is always coming and going, coming and going.

To stay nimble, flexible, is key. To keep your body moving, your mind open, your heart, pulsing, un-corroded. Good food, good thoughts, good energy and fuel….intellectual, from the spirit realm.

I can feel the good stuff. I can feel it as cleanly as I feel the rubbish.

Rubbish be gone says I….and out it eventually goes.

I am becoming a better filter as I experience good, quality, my preferred moxie and heart.

It’s a beautiful day in Georgia in many ways, the cool air arriving, the sun, I can smell the luscious fragrance of my chef’s creations in the kitchen, a wedding on the way and me….

the ideas lining up for attention, cueing up in neat fashion.

Without the ability to create and love, who are we really??

BB Webb


The unmeasured moment September 1, 2010

I’ve been out of my own pocket lately…diverted by a number of keen surprises, epiphanies of late really.

My earlier surrender, post meltdown, catapulting me into new territory which has me both delighted and standing a bit quiet amidst the flurry of ‘little me’s’ scurrying about, running around me in a smidge of a panic, as the fog horn has stopped, there is a peaceful feeling afoot and I’m afforded the luxury of merely building my business and creating time for other creative and fun pursuits.

‘Where is the drama….the turmoil, the hurricane of assaults to which I’ve become accustomed?’

Little me: ‘Holy crapola, where did all this LIGHT come from….? I’m not so sure I know my way….it’s all so shiny….not any territory I’M familiar with’.

Big me:….’My God I’m powerful….look at the many delights I am manifesting, business issues becoming resolved, solutions presenting themselves with ease, little electric can openers making it effortless to unfold whatever it is I am hungry for, loving people appearing when I JUST wasn’t sure there were any true and good ones left, having weathered a two year tsunami of horror show blips.

My momentary skepticism is natural. Though, tonight I realized the need to ‘abandon my own (boring) safety valve’. I’ve grown weary of protective shields and only realized that this evening. Such a powerful wake up call! ‘Leggo Dorothy, leggo’.

So, I am not myself, or rather, am settling back INTO myself….though for the moment, unaccustomed to my own cloth, suit, shoes.

I might get used to this bounty, though never for a moment take it for granted.

….yes, rattled am I, in a very, very good way. Thank you God!!

I will in this moment merely express thanks and remind myself, ‘it’s okay, it’s okay, trust the moment, relax, you deserve all good.’

Don’t we all, really!


Here’s to love, prosperity, abundance and joy!! There just might be angels in the mist!

BB Webb