BB Webb as BB Webb!

Exploring the Possibilities

Opportunity September 19, 2010

Might we consider the opportunities available to us everyday.

I was considering today how many ways there are to look at any one situation.

How many ways there are to look at a person.

At ourselves.

At the world I suppose.

I’m lately noticing my own perceived limitations. Lovely really, for then I have an opportunity to bound past them.


I’m not a stroller…not much.

But just like an ‘overnight success’….a new perspective seems to take hold immediately.

When it’s time to shift, the shifting happens.

You can’t rush success any more than you can rush a flower to bloom or a mind, body or soul to do much of anything until it’s ready.

September I feel is leap month…I feel people around me, myself, so many things around me….leaping. Not small steps here, no dawdling, but leaping.

Just thinking….

BB Webb


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