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Animals Rock! August 11, 2010

Come on, they do….mine do….

…but I have proof, solid hard evidence that if you love on a creature, (I’ll submit this might be relevant for human beings as well)…..if you LOVE ON an animal every day of its life, pet it, make sure it has food, water, exercise, clean bedding and temperatures not too hot or cold, they will sprout forth like a rose in bloom and be great company and friends all your live long days.

They entertain, adore you, are loyal like no one I’VE ever met, love routine, don’t mind staying outside all day in the yard or on the shaded porch, they have no problem eating the same food every day and well, car rides are over-the-top excitement for them.

A world without pets to me is unthinkable.

Today I thank all my creatures, Ernie, Bert, Bonnie, my pups and Annie, Wiley Pete and Lester, my four legged felines, along with 2 jumping un-named goldies in the tank….for their friendship and loyalty.

Might more people (me included) follow your example in areas a tad more!

BB Webb


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