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Good to Remember… August 10, 2010

‘Don’t be afraid to be outrageous; the critics will shoot you down anyway.’ Sir Laurence Olivier

It’s true….working to please the world will just get you in one mess a trouble.

Partners in Crime and Manifesting!

My best friend 2Lu, (who has a milestone birthday this very day), tells me often to not have expectations and I’ll never be disappointed.

That’s a tough one for me. Though I am learning to be a bit more ‘here and now’….I’m finding there really is NO where else to be.

So I consider feeling what’s going on, seeing what I can, I taste at every turn and listen, oooooh the listening, of my heart, of my anger, of my fear or delight.

And the critics…they all want to pull you down.

I’ll have none of it.

It’s just not my way.

So rally on, remember the people who love you, believe in you, forgive yourself for errors, they are all part of the process and oooh, rally on, rally on.

Tomorrow is another day. Another day indeed.

And, Happy Birthday my friend, we have worlds to create, vast worlds to travel and create. And, I intend, we are and will! Distractors be gone!

BB Webb