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And then there was a shift… July 14, 2010

Have you ever noticed when something shifts…needn’t be a major life event, nonetheless, it’s a shift of magnitude that takes place somewhere, somewhere within yourself.

You wake with a new view of your world somehow. The greens are greener, the smells, better than you remembered. The house you’ve lived in for several years is more lovely than lovely, your hair falls in such a likeable way and your skin appears brighter, softer really. You feel your legs firmly on the ground, the muscles of your calves apparent and your breathing, it is stronger than you remembered and you appreciate how it carries you from moment to moment.

Then, in a brief relapse, you are catapulted back to how things felt, looked and your sensitivity to noise or harsh words and BOOM, you remember immediately the old vibe. The difference, you know you can take yourself somewhere new, this place where your vision is altered, your sensibilities new, different from what you’ve known. You realize how powerful you are to change your world.

So, you decide you will, in each moment, focus on the good, the better, the best you can imagine and bring to you. You will surround yourself with the love you endeavor to give each moment, friends with similar sensibilities, start businesses which initiate positive change, surround yourself with the very vibration that has newly visited you.

And you find that it’s that easy….it’s just THAT easy.

And so….as ‘they’ say, it is!

BB Webb


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