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Letter to the Editor… July 9, 2010

Sometimes you just have to speak out…..

Carl House under construction 7 years ago!

Letter to the Editor:

I’m writing in response to the letter written by Bob Richardson to the editor regarding the house under construction on 16 Homer Street, the house currently with a blue tarp on the roof in Maysville. As a citizen also concerned with assuring that our towns and cities are well kept, I encourage Mr. Richardson, or other citizens who are upset with the aforementioned property ‘in transition’ to consider another perspective. Seven years ago, I restored an antebellum style home in the small town of Carl, Georgia. As with any creative project, chaos ensues before the completion of ANY vision. As a business owner I know this as well. My surrounding little town is far from beautiful yet, but I have a vision for what it will look like in time.

Back Property Disrepair

Seven years ago my property too was in major disrepair. I know what it’s like to have stalled bank funding, (and in this economy it’s even more challenging). I know what it’s like to have unreliable workers that can halt a construction project. I also know what it’s like to risk all that you have in an effort to restore, rebuild and beautify a property and a town. My project turned into what is now an award winning event venue of which I am proud, but getting there was not easy nor inexpensive. My community has benefited from my vision and tenacity to see a very challenging project to completion.

Consider please, concerned citizen, the risks taken by the person whose property is currently in disrepair. Kindly consider his or her situation before you rally your complaints and judgments. I suggest finding who this person is, who has bravely taken it upon themselves to improve your community. Instead, consider seeing how you might assist them in their efforts. The bank may be the culprit in stalling a loan, the owner of the house may have fallen ill.

A vision conceived.

I know how quick we all are to judge from time to time, though how different our communities might be if we instead pull together, rally in support of others. The possibilities when changing our perspective and attitudes might literally, change the world. I say, go for it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what your changed thinking might create.

And, my hat’s off to the owner of that property. Should you read this, please feel free to contact me at should you need assistance in seeing your project through to completion. How brave of you to in this economy have taken on such a noble undertaking.

(Bottom photo by Yeakle Photography)

By BB Webb