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What Does it Mean to Turn a Corner? June 28, 2010

It might mean your heart changes.

Or that you let go of an old way of being.

That you finally did what you’ve been intending for so long but didn’t quite know how.

Or that God, the Universe, that awesome essence, light, power, jump-started an initiative for you.

Or maybe you just decided to stop feeling bad.

Or took a try at feeling good.

Or that you stopped sweating the big AND the small stuff.

Maybe you lost a few pounds, fit into your favorite jeans and those panties you kept in the back of the drawer (which are so cute) and you smiled because you knew it had so little to do with food.

Or maybe you stopped worrying about how people see you, if they ‘get’ you or how the chapter ends or when a new one will begin.

Perhaps a new person or experience catapulted you like a strong wind into a greater sense of possibility.

Maybe you realized that it’s not a corner you turned at all, but rather, your dance swirled you around to another view from the dance floor.

A better suited view giving you a fuller sense of ‘Wow, my Dad was right…it is going to be different for me than it was for him, it’s going to be easy!

…because I’m going to allow it to be.’

And this shift you know, because you weren’t hatched from your eggshell yesterday.

You know, it all has something or other to do with loving yourself differently.

And…..and, allowing yourself to receive, to receive that horn of plenty just eager to give you all those yummy goodies that you enjoy so very much. You know it’s true. And, it seems so obvious.

And you ‘get it’ just a bit better today.

And the word ‘forgiveness’ hits your forehead like a movie marquee.

And gratitude effuses from your pours like perfume from an atomizer.

And hoorah, a new day to breathe it all in.

And to say ‘thank you’ for all that is.

BB Webb


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