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Chances Are… June 17, 2010

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We’ll be redeemed.
We’ll be reunited.
We’ll be challenged tomorrow.
We’ll be surprised and delighted this next year.
We’ll wish we’d held back.
We’ll wish we’d bounced forward.
We’ll get more than we want.
We’ll not get enough.
We’ll feel misunderstood.
We’ll feel like a rock star.
We’ll feel heart breaking disappointment.
We’ll be surprised by our power and perserverance.
We’ll sing out of tune.
We’ll be kissed and want more.
We’ll feel happy without cause.
We’ll run a red light.
We’ll catch ourselves texting when we shouldn’t.
We’ll eat too much.
We’ll lose our temper.
We’ll hold our tongue.
We’ll touch someone’s skin.
We’ll be cold and wish for June.
We’ll be hot and wish for December.
We’ll wish someone would have lingered longer.
We’ll wish someone would leave sooner.
We’ll notice something new in the Universe.
We’ll forget to appreciate something grand.
We’ll lose something special to us.
We’ll meet someone new.
We’ll reunite with an old acquaintance.
We’ll get our head wet in the rain.
We’ll cut some part of our body,
We’ll bruise our ego or an elbow.
We’ll wish we’d been kinder and more truthful.
We’ll wish our body were different.
We’ll be glad we ‘went for it’.
We’ll be sad.
We’ll cook something fabulous.
We’ll drink too much.
We’ll be slightly embarrassed by something we did.
We’ll feel shocked by something someone did.
We’ll have a tender moment and feel deeply loved.
We’ll go swimming.
We’ll travel to some place new.
We’ll catch ourselves in judgement.
We’ll wish there were more time.
We’ll fall asleep on the sofa.
We’ll wish our email box were less full.
We’ll remember someone fondly from our past.
We’ll end a sentence with a preposition.
We’ll fantasize about someone we care for.
We’ll miss someone who has died.
We’ll cuddle with our pet.
We’ll get a happy surprise phone call.
We’ll feel sensations new to us.
We’ll buy some clothes which look terrific on us.
We’ll sing along and be happy no one heard.
We’ll feel undone and worn out.
We’ll tap into our reserves.
We’ll understand for a moment, why.

We’ll notice a moment of our very brilliance.

And they’ll be so many, many, many moments in between those.

Like dazzling stars in the sky, each moment unique, each moment yours.

BB Webb


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