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Your Hungry Ghost…Hope is Dangerous June 12, 2010

News alert to my psyche…hope (the context I know) is dangerous.

I’m sitting with an awareness this morning of what a therapist I used to ‘hang out with’ called, ‘the hungry ghost’. This ghost, to me, is the one that holds on to some belief, some aspiration of change, transformation, illusion, (mostly in others) that a shift will happen to make a situation, person, world view move (change) perhaps in a direction which, to put it bluntly, will satisfy YOU….me.

An example, that my father, now deceased, would somehow emerge as the warm, cuddly, emotionally nurturing father I longed for…

It never happened, nor really should it have. (Frankly, who he was and HOW he was served me in other ways). Shifts and turns can happen in life, but how better to accept what is and be open to receiving what you want, or perhaps need, from a place that can give it. (And often it might be from yourself, or not).

There is a period where we might be open to that ‘something else’ and, if we’ve spent most of our life seeking this something else from a primary care giver, well indeed, that pattern is a prevalent path which we as adults tend to follow, until, and here’s the magic, UNTIL we are conscious of this pattern.

And though much like reaching for unhealthy, fattening, yuck food might be a pattern to a sick or obese person, shifting from a ‘way of being’ can take some discipline. But when we know, we know.

And rather than hoping to change a situation or person, how freeing to know that WE hold the power, always, in attracting otherwise, or settling inside our own bones, nurturing and growing ‘what is’ in our lives, growing the seeds which might create the world we prefer to inhabit. WE HOLD THE POWER….ALWAYS!

Please try not to forget that, nor shall I.

I release my hungry ghosts.

(I’ll mark on my calendar the 12th of each month as a reminder. It will be, rather, IS my World Cup Victory. I rule my world).

There is no hope, there is only possibility, and that holds an entirely different vibration.

Bring in on…surprise me Universe.

With thanks, always…for each opportunity to wake up from my delusions.

BB Webb


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