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Rethink Your Assumptions June 6, 2010

This line of thought came to me today.

It’s a good thought.

Consider your assumptions. I’m looking at mine.

We really don’t know so many things…why people do what they do, who really is watching over us, loving us, in the seen and unseen, why events in our life occur the way they do.

I’m considering this day the perfectness of it all. Life sure doesn’t always feel that way to me. I get stuck on some vision of the way ‘it’s supposed to be’. Rubbish. Clearly. It’s easy to guffaw at my own limited thinking in those moments!! (Not really…I understand a measure of humanness).

We have our ‘stories’ and our ‘stories’. Dangerous I feel to believe our own press too much OR for that matter, to be too attached to our ‘stories’, OUR stories…..whether we think we’re ‘no good’ or ‘all that’.

Funny stuff really. Serious perhaps, but I like to think in a marveling sort of way.

I shared in a recent interview that seriousness can kill a soul….certainly mine, I can think things into dust. It’s in those moments I remember the artist Man Ray’s line in a painting, ‘Abandon of the Safety Valve’…just let it go….onto the next moment.

So, my remedy is, with some sort of regularity, to have a ‘fall off my chair with laughter’ sort of moment….as often as possible.

How delightful to meet the rare person who with a moment of eye contact we might create that reaction in one another….this for sure requiring a measure of openness in each person. Prized friends, acquaintances be they! Truly!

It’s an incredible cure, I find, for all things ponderously human. I love smarts, expanded thinking, courage of spirit, openness and honesty….as close as we might come to those qualities. I also admire muscle, of many sorts! And, humor, oh God please, humor….we are so small in the grand scheme and at the same time, powerful beyond limit. Truly!!

I’m endeavoring to just be with each moment and of course, as someone always with an eye for creating, what might be around each new bend. I love to be outrageously surprised…at the miracles and goodness of feeling which might come my way!

And, that might just be through a shift in my attitude, or in rethinking my assumptions.

I see it, I do!….and it’s good!
BB Webb