BB Webb as BB Webb!

Exploring the Possibilities

It’s not what you’re DOING that matters….. June 3, 2010

…as much as the intention behind your actions.

How ‘Zen’ of me you might say….or not….

I watched a typical Hollywood-esk movie this evening with my ‘caretaking’ friend….we’ve watched a few during my recouping time this week.

I was struck (again) at how narrow our vision of ‘reality’ or ‘truth’, ‘a truth’ or ‘belief’ is at times in our culture.

And again I feel the need to expand….for myself and possibly to act as an example of the possibilities I see (of course for myself) but which might spark that vision within others, should they choose.

Again, variety and intent is pulling at me, judging less but imbibing more…the rich nectar of all that there IS or might be in life.

And with that, my pal and I invented a new amazing homemade frozen dessert this evening….try it if you dare, though you’ll need an ice cream maker…..

Blueberry lowfat keifer (yogurt will do) (FYI…great live cultures for inner ecology health)!
Frozen raspberries (or blueberries…filled with antioxidants should you care)!
A little stevia for sweetness (or a banana is great too, frozen is best)
A splash or so of soymilk or almond milk
Dark chocolate covered cashews…I prefer more over less

and whiiiiirl your way to heaven!

I’ve never made the same recipe twice…it’s just not in me to do so!

See there…an absolute delight which you may NEVER have stumbled upon had you not read it here. Now don’t you feel expanded a bit, and with this recipe, I promise, it won’t be your waistline!

Here’s to creating cool stuff and to ALL things YUMMY! And I mean it!

I return ‘home’ tomorrow. I’ve rested a spell, my eyes are shiny new and seeing quite clearly AND I’m raring to go.

The world HAS been warned!

BB Webb